Randy X [Randyworks]

My photographic roots began twenty-five-plus years ago in the darkroom, with film-developing and process-camera photography, as well as some silk-screen printing and graphic design. This of course was all back when the photographic end of graphic design was still known as 'paste-up', wherein the applicable images were literally pasted up and then photographed. I always had an interest in images and pictures. While a musician by trade -- songwriter, guitarist, and singer -- working in genres as diverse as jazz, rock, blues, and reggae, photography is a supplemental creative outlet. As I’m not generally enamored of ‘post-production’ -- too much ‘tweaking’ brings one into the realm of graphic design and out of photography altogether -- only the bare minimum of adjustments are made to my photographs. Despite having to bathe in environmentally unsound darkroom chemicals, to me the darkroom was a bit more interesting than sitting in front of a computer monitor - the idea should be to get it right ‘in- camera’ at the time of exposure anyway. My works focus on nature, the abstract, portraits, landscapes, architecture, and close-up/macro exposures that generally make use of natural lighting in lieu of flash. I use Pentax and Hoya gear almost exclusively, and now work entirely within the digital domain. Some of my favorite/influential photographers include Robert Frank, Andre Kertesz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ralph Gibson, Jan Saudek, Duane Michals, Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Lynn Goldsmith, Walker Evans, Annie Leibovitz, and Andy Summers. Other interests include art, film, music history, dogs and bears. -- R “The goal of art is the vital expression of self.” – Alfred Stieglitz

Country: US