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About me .. i'm 23 and live in estonia. I'm a co- founder of an advertising agency where i currently work as a CD and i am a Psychology major at the local university. that about covers every aspect of my personality:)

About style .. i believe that black & white photo is a nice way to go .. and defiantly do everything on film (I do not seem to be able to enjoy the controlled environment of a digital camera, but this, as everything else, can be learned).

About Hi-Tech .. i believe that a nice old manual camera is the best learning device for beginning photographers. the do-it-all-by-hand system allows you to understand the complex details of photography.

About photography .. i believe that it is absurd to expect a picture to tell a story that everyone will understand .. 'cos basically .. you had to be there to see the whole picture. but a story hinted is worth 10 stories told, as it will trigger all sorts of creative urges and these urges are the driving force of the world.

About believing .. different people believe in different things .. and that is extremely good.

About what other people have said .. William Buckey .. people are kinda like flowers and it is such fun walking in your garden ..

thank you for finding the time to take a look at my work.. feel free to comment on it and please do not hesitate to criticize .. thanks again!

yours truly,
Lee Do


Viitna (B&W)

Trips and Tricks


a moment

messy situation


The street to the planetary dome in Porto



ironman from downstairs

The gang .. caching up on some reading

the ferry to sweden (from tallinn)

a lonely boat

an expensive-looking toilet


an island


not alone at sea