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I studied photography for three to four years in college. Did some portraits as you can see by my class assignments uploaded here. But mostly I fell into infrared. Specifically, Kodak HIE. Something about the B&W, grain and halation just really excites me. Of course to contradict myself I find I have been doing more standard B&W. HIE is such a hassle sometimes. I'm not really into color photography with the exception of some street events.

I've been on a sort of hiatus for the past several years but suddenly have gotten the fire back. I was asked to show some work here in San Francisco this coming December. So that's most likely what started it all up again.

I personally prefer to take the pictures and print them without any digital manipulation. Though I find I'm very good at that particular thing I just don't feel right about it. I find that I just can't take as much pride in it as if I did it the conventional way.


B&W Infrared


Color Infrared

Night Photography



San Francisco


Self Portrait #1

What David Sees

Drag It!

Eclipse Over San Francisco (CIR)

Tree & Moon #1

Tree and Moon #1 (This B&W one or keep it as the original color one?).

Joseph's Dream (IR HIE Film) - (Written critiques only please)

Having Fun

Metal & Sky #1B (IR) / (This is the same shot but I used a different frame. More aesthically pleasing to me than the original. See info on portfolio page).

Metal & Sky #2 (IR)

Erector Set Godzilla (IR)

Metal & Sky #5 (IR)

Metal & Sky #6 (IR)

Man Vs. Nature (IR)

Saguaro By Day

Behind The Facades • San Francisco Backyards (94114) #1 - (IR) / (This is a planned series. Looking for feedback on the idea itself.)

Memories of Main Street Balboa

Saguaro By Night

Circular Walkway

Urban Bridge

Lily Pond Bamboo, Golden Gate Park

AIDS Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park


Wisdom (Please read the photo's story <i<instead</i< of rating.)

Old Murphy Windmill, Golden Gate Park

Dutch Windmill, Golden Gate Park (Tourists beware :).

Dutch Windmill #2, Golden Gate Park

Catalina Island Boat

Murphy Cottage Door, Golden Gate Park

Roosevelt Chimney (please critique in lieu of rating)

Heavenly Angel

Wagon Wheel #1

Cow Skull #1

Oak Barrel

Wagnerware Teapot

Civic Center Building 2003 #1