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Keen photographer for a long long time, started with a Minolta something autofocus SLR, then went onto a Nikon FM2. Have ended up using a Leica M6 for most of my fun photography. I've also played with a lot of others over the years too :-) Fuji 670, a lot of Zorki / Fed and others and a lot of pre 1930 120 film folding cameras.


Single Photos


West Pier, Brighton, England. Sunrise in October 2002, shortly before wave damage (and later fire) destroyed it.

Brighton West Pier Sunrise - this was January 2003, shortly after wave damage. (Fire later destroyed it even more.) Went down early but nothing seemed to be happening so turned I was walking home saw reflection of this in a runner's sunglasses. So quickly snapped a few before rushing to work!

Sunset over a mountain in Chile's Atacama desert, August 2003.

A flower (sorry, don't know what kind!)

Llama, taken in the Atacama Desert in Chile, towards the Bolivian border.

A groyne in Brighton (well...Hove actually ;-) ), sunset.

original from camera