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Hello, welcome to my page and a big thanks for stopping by. I started photography early on in grade school. I was inspired by my grandfather who was a keen Kodak box and movie camera enthusiast with great skill. Later I was further inspired by several other local photographers who taught me many essential skills. I worked for many years as a freelance photographer doing editorial, commercial and industrial jobs. While most of my work was on 6X6 format, now I almost exclusively stay with the Nikons. I use Nikkor 20, 35, 50, 85mm f1.8 lenses and 18-55, 18-140, 180, 300 and 400mm as well. All the best, Dave

Country: US


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Spider in Sheetweb and Funnel

Spider in Sheet Web (Click again to see web detail)

Sheetweb with Funnel (Click again to enlarge detail)

Garden Spider Web in Environment (Click again to enlarge and examine detail)

My son Rob on Saxophone and Pablo at jazz gig in NJ

My son Rob on flute with Pablo at Jazz gig NJ





Duck on a Mission through storm debris

Swimming Duck, D200, Nikkor 300 4.5 Ais, 200 ISO, Tripod


Fall Colors in Water

Fall Geese, D200 Nikkor 300 4.5 Ais, ISO 800 NR max handheld, 81B


Backlit foliage at Rahway River Park

Brownie, 4 yrs old, youngest one of my 3 Shelties, super smart, hyper

Bandit RIP May 21, 2013 (11 yrs.)

Buddy, 8 yrs old? Doesn't like new things or strangers, very protective, very smart brainiac type,...

My beloved 3rd hand Ford 4x4, sadly in the boneyard awaiting demise 255,000mi

David Jr. Headshot, Nikon D200 85mm 1.8

#2 son David Jr. practicing in his studio area

1970s vintage Berkley rod used for Carp at my local fising hole

Carp fishing setup

1924 Ornaments on my parents XMAS tree

NJ Common Carp, returned to water unharmed after chat and photo-op

Lily Detail, D200 with older Tamron SP

Grandma (Passed On) with Robbie 1987 Nikon F3 50mm 1.4 TriX

Sunlight through Woods, Canon F1 50mm f1.4, TriX Kodak Polyfiber Toned

July 1986 freelance press assignment, Nikon N2000 Tokina 70-200 mini-zoom

Christmas 1987 Dessert Table including Nan's Crown Jewel Jello (Nikon F3)

Hasselblad 80mm w/16 ext Kodak Portra VC 1998 (didn't scan well)

Pool Hose and Handle, Hasselblad 80mm w/ 16 ext

Annual Report WXYZ Chemical Co. (undisclosed for security) Bronica SQa

Annual Report WXYZ Chemical Co. (undisclosed for security) Bronica SQa

Industrial Haz-mat Train Drill (undisclosed) Nikon N90 50mm 1.4

Haz-mat Drill Petro Chemical Plant (undisclosed) Nikon N90 50mm 1.4

Haz-mat Drill Chemical Plant (undisclosed) Nikon N90 50mm 1.4

Cutting Wedge Tile add for Stereo Review and Musician mags Sept 89' Bronica ETRS TMAX and Polaroid

Racing engines on Dyno, one of many for use in Hot Rod and other mags + add brochures

Haz Mat train drill, Petro Chemical Plant (undisclosed) Nikon N90 50mm 1.4

Annual Report Images Liquid Transport Corp. Nikon F3, 35mm lens K64

Annual Report GATX Corp. Bronica SQam 150mm S Lens

Annual Report Photos GATX Corp Bronica SQa 150mm lens

1939 Martin Committee II Alto Sax, Hasselblad 80mm Portra VC

Accessories for 1939 Martin Saxophone Hasselblad 80mm 16ext

2000 Snowscape Design, Hasselblad 50mm Cf-fle

2000 Snowscapes, Hasselblad 50mm CF-fle

Press Assignment, Pulaski Day 1986? Nikon 105mm 2.5 TriX

Press Assignment, Pulaski Day 1986?, Nikon 105mm 2.5, TriX

Beethoven, 1st Beagle, Passed on, Love Ya Always!

Buster the Christmas Beagle, Passed on, Miss you always fellow!

Drummer Pat O'Donnell for Modern Drummer Mag layout

Pat O'Donnell "For My Friends" album cover and layout

GATX Staten Island NYC Land Preservation Project (for wild birds)

GATX Staten Island NYC Land Preservation (for rare birds)

GATX Staten Island NYC Land Preservation Project (for rare birds)

Haunted Tree, Feb 1987 Olympus 2s, 50mm 1.8 TriX

Joe and Willy, D200 old Nikkor 50mm 1.8

Rob with Joe and Willy, D200 old 50mm

"I answer to Kitty" aka Sasha, Sweetie

Singer's Portfolio 1980s

Morning Dove Feb 2010

D200 not sure of lens

Red Bud Tree Detail Nikon D200, Tamron SP 28-80 @ 80

D200, ISO 800, 85mm AF, f1.8 @ 1/80

PSE 8, Watercolor brushwork

Old Firetruck Siren

D200, 50mm 1.8 Ais, ISO 200

Deisel Truck Show Detail

Truck Show Raceway Park

Jazz at Espresso Joe's Sept 2010

Spring Reflections 2011 034v2

Rotten Fire Hose 50mm Ais f1.8 @ 5.6

Wow cool world ma! 400mm 3.5 ED-IF

D200, 400mm f3.5 ED-IF @ f5.6

Willy Woodchuck D200, 300mm f4.5 @ 5.6

Mid Atl.Truck Show Mechanicsville PA

Mid Atl. Truck Show Mechanicsville PA

Very End of Hurricane Irene

Hibiscus by Creek after Hurricane

Creek Stalks after Hurricane

Garden Spider (180mm, some flash @ -2/3 to freeze, too windy)

Garden Spider (From second set, 180mm w/ -2/3 flash to help freeze, too windy though)

Garden Spider (From first series w/85mm zoom, mild flash, windy)

WTC 1992 at sunset, Nikon FM2 85mm from workshop I was teaching

"Two Carp in the Shallow" after Hurricane Irene

Hibiscus at creek after Hurricane Irene

1939 Saxophone 1959 Thumb

"Almost Touching"


Woodbridge Creek Gallery

85mm Nikkor f1.8 + 5T

D5100 85mm f1.8 + 5T

Sheet Web Early Morning

D200 300mm Nikkor Ais @ f5.6

D200 300mm Ais @ 5.6

Tamron SP 28-80mm f3.5/4.2

Tamron 28-80mm SP 27A

Megasaurus Lunch Tamron 28-80 SP 27A

Tamron 28-80mm SP 27A

Nikkor 300mm Ais @ f5.6

D5100, 85mm f1.8 @ f4

D5100, 85mm f1.8@ f4

The Red Shovel, D200 Tamron SP 28-80

Fence Pieces, D200 Tamron SP 28-80

Yard Detail, D200 old Tamron SP 28-80

Rose Hips on Red Cedar

Dried Roses on Red Cedar

Miniature Orb Web

Sweet Truck

"Chevy Time" Carlisle 2013

"Chevy Fronts" Carlisle 2013

"Hooked" Carlisle 2013

"Stone Crusher" Carlisle 2013

"Stone Crusher" rear profile detail

Consider the Source (lead guitar) 2013

Panzerballet Live in NJ (c.2013 D.Wilson)

Panzerballet Live in NJ (c.2013 D.Wilson)

Purple Deadnettle

Purple Deadnettle Pair



Rose Test D7100

Fence Pieces and Snow

Fence Pieces and Snow

Red Tail D7100 Nikkor 400mm f3.5 AiS

Red Tail D7100 Nikkor 400mm f3.5 AiS

Nikon D200 Sigma 70-300 AF

Nikon D200 Sigma 70-300 AF

Nikon D200 Sigma 70-300 AF

NikonD200 Sigma 70-300 AF

Carp Top Feeding D7100 400mm f3.5 AiS

D7100 Nikkor 400mm f3.5 AiS

Nikon D200 Sigma 70-300 AF











Ground Hog

Autumn in NJ

Kitchen Counter Abstract 2012

Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Clutter 2

Rob Espresso Joe's Jam Nite

Master Pete Photog

Kitchen Clutter 3

Blue Retro