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I've spent most of my life in South Devon, in the South West of England, much of it in a very rural environment. Although the population and cities are growing, and nowadays I work in town, the county remains largely agricultural. Its popular for holidays and retirement. There are good outdoors opportunities for scenery around the countryside, on the moors, and by the sea. Also wildlife and free range livestock (mainly sheep cattle and ponies) Indoors I mainly use natural light, for the garden flowers, and anything that will make a still life. I started photography with a folding brownie in about 1958. I did very little for a long time, but it came back to me as an increasingly absorbing hobby, or obsession, in the later eighties. Most of my work now is digital, although I still do some film in various formats. I'm interested in large format work and contact printing, and have done a little with film and plates, and POP. My portrait photo here is by an old aquaintance, John Fisher, and is used with permission.