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PBBorn, raised, and lived in New Orleans until hurricane Katrina,/B I'm now living in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. I studied fine art and painting at the John McCrady Shool of Fine and Applied Art, and photography at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. My paintings were displayed and sold in the New Orleans French Quarter for about 30 years.BRBR Since the early 1990's, I've turned more to photography lets me spend more time outdoors and out of the studio, and have been shooting and selling photographs for stock as well as for pleasure. At first, this was mostly of New Orleans, but since I'm no longer living there, the scope of my work has expanded./P PMy photographs have been used in corporate brochures and annual reports, hotel brochures, CD covers, posters, websites, magazines and in books and book covers, including:/P PBBeginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts/BBR Iby Keith Knight, Mat Schwarzman/IBR New Village Press, California, ISBN0-9766054-3-0/P PBA World of His Own/BBR IBy Arlette Gaffery/IBR Outskirts Press, Colorado, ISBN0-9788891-0-X/P PBNew Orleans Food/BBR IBy Tom Fitzmorris/IBR Stewart, Tabori Chang, New York, ISBN 1-58479-524-7/P PBNew Orleans In Photographs/BBR IBy Sharon Keating/IBR PRC Publishing, LondonBR Random House, New York, ISBN 0-517-22660-X/P PBMy Kind of Transit/BBR Rethinking Public Transportation in AmericaBR IBy Darrin Nordahl/IBR University of Chicago Press, ISBN 1-930066-88-0/P PBMy images can also be found at:/B/P PA HREF"http://stanleybeck.photography.com"http://stanleybeck.photography.com/Abr A HREF"http://www.neworleansphotographs.com"http://www.neworleansphotographs.com/Abr /NewOrleans/AbrbrA HREF"http://www.facebook.com/StanleyBeckPhotography"Stanley Beck Photography/A on Facebookbrbr a href"http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2328012ceblurb_ewutm_sourcewidget"uPhoto Book: bFrench Quarter/bi by Stanley Beck/i/u/abrbr

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