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A fine art photographer since 1989. Wedding photography since 1990. Retail Photographic Store Manager, 1989-1996. Judge, Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art Awards, 1991-1995. Photographic (Hand) restoration, Custom Photography, & Darkroom service, 1989-1992. Owner, Sauerwine Photographic Services ( I enjoy technique-based photography, specifically: the art of expression based on experimentation, new techniques and materials, and forcing ones self to see things either in their pure or altered states. I am an opponent of steadfast, accepted rules; and believe, rather, in extreme, unbalanced images which FORCE the viewer to pay attention. To think for themselves, and to find obvious meanings amongst chaos.


Single Photos


My Son's FIRST smile!

Vision Quest

Rickett's Glen State Park


Before the wedding

Swimming Bengal Tiger

"I want my picture taken, too!" he said, as the client left the parking lot.

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Redbuds and RJ