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Cory Sine is a 35-year-old photographer living in Squamish, BC, Canada. He has been taking pictures since childhood. He currently shoots with a Canon 60D. His primary areas of interest are landscape (especially mountains and high-alpine regions), travel and wildlife (with a focus on Africa as well as closer locales), black and white, and candid human-interest work. He is the sole proprietor of "Panoptikon Photography". For information concerning purchases or more company information (such as upcoming displays and vendor locations) please search for "Panoptikon Photography" on Facebook and follow @PhotoPanoptikon on Twitter.

Country: CA


People: Portraits and Candid

African Wildlife

Human Interest: Travel, Architecture, and Documentary

The Alpine Collection

Local Mountains in Colour

Premier Collection

African Landscapes

Premier Black and White Collection

Birdlife: Local and Exotic

The Mercato Collection

Sea to Sky: A Study in Contrast




Langa Witch Doctor

Lalibella heights

Lalibella Saturday market, Ethiopia

Sky and Water, Haida Gwaii

African Oryx in Etosha, Namibia


Waterhole, Etosha Park, Namibia

Ethiopian Priest with Processional Cross

Sesriem Canyon #1

Walia Ibex, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Etosha Vista, northern Namibia

Sesriem Canyon #2

Man and daughter, Illegal Settlements, Langa Township, South Africa

African Leopard, Etosha, Namibia

Castles of Gonder, Ethiopia #1

Howe Sound #2

Inside the Stone Church, Lalibella, Ethiopia

Zebras in Etosha, Namibia

Etosha Jackal

Simien Mountain Peaks, Ethiopia

Etosha birdlife, Namibia

Tsaris Mountains, Namibia

Quiver Tree

Etosha Birdlife #2

Stormy weather on the Namibian coastline

Castle of Gonder

The Etosha Pan, Namibia

"Moonland", Namibia

The Red Highways of Namibia

Limestone Cliffs of the Tsaris Mountains, Namibia

Ethiopian Monk with Parasol and Processional Cross

Mutton Cook, Langa Township, South Africa

Tsaris Canyons, Namibia

Tsaris Mountains viewpoint

Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Castle Courtyard, Cape Town, South Africa

Oryx in the Grass

The Mercato, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Egyptian Hawk, Etosha, Namibia

The "Illegal Settlements" of Langa Township, South Africa

Sesriem Dunescape, Namibia

The Simien Lowlands, Ethiopia

Sankara Camp, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Haida Totem, Masset, Haida Gwaii

Lava Stone Beach, Haida Gwaii

Beach Stone, Haida Gwaii

"Downtown Reflections in Blue", Ottawa, Canada

"Market Maize", Ottawa, Canada

"Fall's Bounty", Ottawa, Canada

Canadian House of Parliament

"Autumn's Bounty"

Ancient rock etchings, Twyfelfontein, Namibia

"Bet Giyorgis", Lalibella, Ethiopia

"Bet Giyorgis", Lalibella, Ethiopia

Gulf Islands Vista, BC, Canada

Ice Three

Chief with Fog blanket




Heart of Squamish #11

Mount Garibaldi - Shadow profile

Crane and Tug-boat


Blue Glass City

Above Alexander Falls

Looking South to the Tantalus Range

Purple Crystal


Brohm Lake Morning

Aspen Poplar Lichen

Marsh Crane

Alpha Prime

Mamquam Mountain

Tunnel Vision

Autumn's Rail

Quoth the Raven

Rainbow over Mount Alpha

The Tantalus Saddle


Peaks South of the Tantalus Range

Lion's Gate Bridge at Night

Moon sets over the Tantalus

Mamquam Mountain

Ice Current

Shannon's Cascade

Bald Eagle in the Cheakamus River

Ocean of Silver and Emerald

The Second Summit

Lalibela Carving

Mount Garibaldi at Sunset

Twin Peaks at Dawn

Across from Porteau Cove

Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Afternoon Swim

Night in the Mountains

Mount Arrowsmith

Alpha Summit

South Tantalus

Mount Alpha


In the Squamish Estuary

Shannon Falls in Spring

Twilight in the Old-Growth Forest

The Gates

Angel in the Mist

Mount Alpha

Sky-Pilot Mountain in the Storm

Light and Stillness

Squamish Heritage Mural

Remembering Squamish Miners

Gelada baboon

Simien Sunset

Twyfelfontein Agama

Chakma Baboons of Namibia

Namibian Agama Lizard

Ethiopian Monk with 900-year-old Book


Walia Ibex

The Flamingos of Swakopmund

Having a drink

Oryx and Springboks

A Pair of Springboks

Etosha's Lions at Sunset

Ostriches of Etosha, Namibia

Simien Sunset

Rock Fortresses

Ras Dejen and other Simien Peaks

Moonland, Namibia

Sesriem Sunset

Simien Valley, Ethiopia

In the Namibian Desert

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Primary Colours in the Desert

Sesriem Canyon, Namibia

Simien Mountain Peaks, Ethiopia

The Dead Vlei

Colour, Shape, and Shadow

Near Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Springboks on the Run

Twyfelfontein lizard

Mountain Zebras of Namibia

Haida Gwaii Shipwreck

Gondar Tower

Lalibela Carved Wall

The Holy of Holies

Langa Township street

Sunrise behind Mount Garibaldi

In the Tantalus Range

Driftwood at Sunset

Mamquam Peaks and Glaciers

Shores beneath the Mallamute

Howe Sound Evening

Britannia Beach Sunset

Paddle-Boarder in Howe Sound

Mamquam Mountain in August at Sundown

Squamish by Night

Foreboding Skies

In Flight


In the Tantalus Range

In the Tantalus Range

Mount Alpha at Dawn

Howe Sound Crane

Mount Alpha Blues

Mount Alpha Blues



Shannon Falls in mid-November

Chance Creeek

The Black Tusk



Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Britannia Beach Sunset

Murrin Lake

Tantalus Panorama

Morning in the Tantalus Range

Nest of Time

Vancouver Island Bucolic

Winter's Fire

Avian Elemental

China Beach II

Imprint with Shells

French Beach

Juan de Fuca Seagull

Seaweed Study with Stone

Botany Bay

Botany Bay Afternoon in December

Tidal Pool in Blue Relief

Forest Wings of Light


Gull's Perch

Love's Trace

The Black Tusk in Winter

Riverbed Ripples

Sunset and Safe Passage

Winter Sunset in Howe Sound


Winter Sunrise in the Tantalus Range

Captured Time of Rock and Mist














Chance Creek Rapids


Sky-Pilot Mountain

Winter Dawn in the Tantalus Range

Blue Ascension

Freeze and Flow III

Brohm Winter

Cat Creek Winter

Through the Spanish Moss

Through the Trees

Arrowhead and Buttress


Nature's Buttress

Star-light in Sea-to-Sky country

Tantalus Panorama

North End of the Tantalus Range


Forest Trio

Mist's Embrace

The Brohm Lake Marshes

Brohm Lake Colours in Winter

Peach Massif

Tantlus by Night

Cold Peach


The Shores of Brohm Lake

Tantlus Night


The Dome

Above Howe Sound

Above Howe Sound

Mamquam Mountain behind the Estuary


The Pair

Trumpeter Swans in the Estuary

In The Estuary

Sky-Pilot at Dusk

Trumpeter Swans in the Estuary

The Chief at Twilight

Bald Eagle

Squamish Estuary II

Squamish Estuary I

Trumpeter Swans

In the Estuary

Sky-Pilot Mountain at Dusk

Ice, Wind, and Fire



Chutes and Bumps

Spiral of Light and Snow