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Born in Den Haag (Netherlands) 1936; photographic activities more or less since my youth; after a break during the seventies and eighties I got new interest in photographic and with the membership in a German association for photography I take part in competitions with remarkable results. I use the analogous and the digital camera-versions as well. I live since about 40 years in a lovely countryside in western Germany.


dance and events


landscapes + townscapes

architecture+industrial subjects


landscapes monochrome (B+W)

My visit to Ireland


pets, birds and other animals

flowers and plants

at the seaside

Shots from a visit to Prague (Czechia)



tree with wayside cross

Children's ballet


organ pipes

Dancingscene - Soul of Dance

country-side in the vicinity of Nideggen

in Paris


furrows in colour

Rust with schadow

Helmut Newton

a pinky coloured rose on a special background

a slag heap in the evening sun

Claudia - a little abstractly arrenged

After the rain

fotsam and jetsam

After harvesting

childrens ballett - "Frederick"

The Jump - Pascal from "Energy extra"

Sabrina in glow

Sunrise with kestrel

Regina van Berkel - Choreography and Dance

illuminated ruin of the castle of Nideggen with visitors

A cluster of birch trees with cross

steamdriven engine

Metal wall with wodden hatch

A young lady in profile

Working excavator in the evening hour

Tankard with autumnal bush

Winter landscape

Scenery to "Volumina"

Chronological table

An old bridge in Switzerland

Morning hour in autumn

Like a mask

A successful jump

Coast of Normandy


Before sundown in the area of Nideggen

Harvest in the "Eifel"


A winter landscape in the "Eifel"


The Mask (during carnival)

Slag heap in the evening sun

Walking in the evening

Winter scenery 04

Pinnacles with glow of fire

vault of a wine cellar

Sundown infernal

cicle racing

Springtime in the fields

Countryside by a river

Birch trees in springtime

Lough Melvin

Angler on the Lake Melvin

Landscape - Ireland No. 03

Conney Island

Achill Island with sheep

Young ballet dancer



Isabell on the "rocks"

Spiral staircase

flower with raindrop

block and tackle

Harvest 2004

landscape with dead tree

vein of a leaf

Spiral Staircase II

A misty morning

autumn morning

impression of the Atlantic coast

A light misty morning

Shortly - on a frosty morning...

hoar-frost in birch trees (Version II)

ballet dancer's jump

Onset of winter

stag with winter coat

hungry bluetit

shower weather

Steffi 01

Simone 03

"on a wintry afternoon"

thaw - down by the lake the falconer

Uhu - Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo)

Free Dance - Anne Jung 007

Latin Dancer

Moto Cross

Moto Cross 02

April weather in May

Sarahs Solo

landscape with rain cloud

Blend Eagle "Bora"

Tina 03


humble-bee on cranesbill

last poopy

harvest 2005

hunting hawk - detail of pic 03

detail of a hunting hawk II

landscape with rainbow

angry blend eagle "Bora"


Spanish stallion



Nadine II

Sylt 01


Sign and Lighthouse

climbing trip

Hunting-Hawk 04

Nideggen at night

bluetit being well placed



rime on oak tree

the solitude of a misty morning

park with winter dress

An old fruit-tree, forlorn in a wintry scenery

Wintry scenery


dancing pose


a powerful jump


krestel after landing

late afternoon in the mountains

Lake White-Fountain

disturbed midday

cheetah couple around midday 02

On a rainy day

double rainbow

In stormy weather 02

In stormy weather 03



sense of family


portrait of an eagle

Maren with rose in B+W

landing bumble-bees

Bumble-bees storming poppy-flower

pinky rose in evening light

Sommertime I

Summertime II


Summertime III-Harvest

At the seaside_sundown

Summertime 0V

Summertime 0V_B&W


Gaetano braaking into a galopp

Summertime VI (Hay-bales)

Butterfly (weiße Baumnymphe)

Butterfly 04

Prague - The Music City 0I

Early Jazz on Charles Bridge

waiting for customers

the portraitist

the zither-player

nice view - need for a rest

devils stream

detail of Charles-Bridge


Katca 05

Eva 02

Red dragnfly (Blutrote Heidelibelle - Sympetrum sanguineum)


at the seaside 010

deserted boat

Zees-boat with cranes




Elena Borodina


Duo Dinh Anh - Asiatic acrobatics

landscape in autumn (fall) 01

landscape in autumn (fall) 02

Castle of Gymnich (01)

Castle of Gymnich (02)

Castle of Gymnich

Children's ballett in chorister

Rehearsel in church

rehearsel of ballett

historical Christmas fair 01

historical Christmas fair

Portrait during a break

Portrait in vignette

The dancers sketch Nr. 01

On Stage

the song-writer from Pop to Jazz (Anne-Hartkamp)

reflection of Castle Burgau

Stephanie 02

Stephanie 06

Stephanie 08

Stephanie 08

Stephanie 014

a raíny day - and suddenly sunshine

Anne Hartkamp in concert


Swetlana 08