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"I Feel Pretty, Tra La La La. . ."

Sawmill Detail - Dolores, CO

House in fog

Jesus Is Watching You - West Farmington, NM

Boiler Door

Church Near Pagosa Jct, Colorado

St. Francis Asisi - Rancho De Taos, NM

Mining Gears

Composite of Death Valley & Chaco Cyn

Navajo Hogan - Monument Valley

Irrigation Wheels

Thanksgiving Dinner

Homestead Near Pagosa Jct, CO

Silver Bean - Cortez, CO

Storage Tanks, New Mexico

Church In Nucla, CO

Oak Thicket

Still Life 1002

Wigwam Burner - Rollei Infrared Film

Cow's Head

Denise's Duck

Jazz Quartet - Durango, CO

Bent's Fort & Chickens

Colorado Drought - 2002

Neighborhood Watch

Lightning Over McElmo Cyn, Colorado

San Jose Mission, Colorado

Moonrise Over Shiprock, NM

Vintage Fuse Box

Dog Poop

Harvey House/Railroad Depot - Barstow, CA (Originally opened in 1911)

Memorial Cemetery, Santa Fe, NM

Power Lines And Cattle

Dust Filters, Bean Elevator - Dove Creek, CO

Irrigation Dragon

Sawmill Detail 3022

Don't Steal

Agnes's 18th Birthday Celebration

Lily Pads, Colorado

Infrared Barn

Dead Horse

Sculpture (?) In Cahone, Colorado

Church - Hesperus, CO


Coyote In Hayfield

Ismay Doorway

Methodist Church - Mancos,CO


Sunflower Stubs

Inside Wigwam Burner

Grain Planter - McElmo Cyn, CO

Hunters Welcome

Defunct Cafe - Interstate 40/Rt66

Robert Ismay & Ismay Trading Post, CO

Galloping Goose No.5, Dolores, CO

Wigwam Burner In Snow

Vineyard In Snow

Wasp Nest 1

Wasp Nest 2

Wasp Nest 3

My Favorite Cat

Wasp Nests 4

Street Lamps - L.A. County Art Museum

Road To Abajo Mountains


David Sipe and Wiley Coyote - Mancos, CO

The old - Route 66 Kingman, AZ

The New - Route 66, Kingman,AZ

Whistle Stop Market - Cahone, CO

John Willis And Lady Friend

Jesus Is Watching - East Farmington, NM

Detail - Combine

Detail - Road Grader

Bean/Wheat Elevator - Dove Creek, CO

Junk Car - Monument Valley, AZ

Still Life 3876

Dave Sipe Getting What He Deserves!

High Country Bean Elevators - Dove Creek, CO

Burned Out Church, Colorado

Upstairs Apartment For Rent

What's For Dinner?

Ship Rock - New Mexico

Dinner Time At Bent's Fort - La Junta, CO

Eyesore at Ship Rock - New Mexico

Macho Canyon Church - New Mexico

Manti Temple, Utah

Marcel Breuer/Thonet Metal Chair

Thonet Bent Wood Stool & 800 Year Old Anasazi Pot

Thonet Bent Wood Stool & Herman Miller Table

Thonet Bentwood Stools

Brigham City Temple, Utah

Herman Miller (Eames) Rocker

Kohn Bent Wood Chair

Sunflowers For Biofuel - Dove Creek, CO

Yellow Jacket Post Office, CO

Hay Field - McElmo Cyn, CO

Jackson Lake,CO

Bean/Wheat Storage Tanks - Dove Creek, CO

Bean Elevator - Dove Creek, CO

Alto & Tenor Saxophones

Llamas Loving It! - McElmo Cyn, CO

Modern Apartments - Colorado Springs, CO

Church Ruin - Near Trinidad, CO

Rock Art 001

Rock Art 002

Pregnant Highland Cow - Pleasant View, CO

Great Gallery (Holy Ghost) - Barrier Cyn, Utah

Duck Head Rock Art - Colorado


Gary Rheney

Barn Windows - Colorado

25 Miles To God

Rock Art - Thompson Wash, Utah

Silverton, Colorado - 2002

Special Guest - Hesperus, CO

Old Hogs Are Beautiful - La Plata County, CO

Smoke On Road

Pig In Or Pig Out

Cesspouch Road - White Mesa, Utah

Rough On Rats

Carl's Jr.

Get Gas

Ice On Dolores River - Dolores, CO

Vintage School Bus - Buena Vista, CO

Rock Art - Montezuma Cyn, Utah

Abandoned Dwelling - Montecello, Utah

Bean Field - Dolores County, CO

House? Barn?. . .Montezuma County, CO

Outhouse - Montezuma County, CO

Shadows On Gas Tanks - Montezuma County, CO

Sunflower Fields For Bio-Fuel Usage - Dove Creek, CO (Infrared Film)

John McCain Supporter

Dormant Valve Tree

Whittle & Hood Digging The Music!

Acoma Pottery No.3

Praise The Lord - Windhorst, KS

The Late Paul Whitted

Navajo Cemetery - Farmington, NM

Mining Gears - Victor, Colorado

Pueblo Ruin - Hovenweep, CO

Galloping Goose No. 5 Headed For Chama, NM

Scale & Eggs

Design 42114

Hidden House - Rico, Colorado

Walt Disney Concert Hall - L.A., CA

Fire & Brimstone - Bluff, Utah

Farmers Telephone Museum - Pleasant View, CO

Tiller Blade

Inside Of Abandoned Farm House

Trish Admiring Herself

Bean Elevator - Dove Creek, CO

Window To Window

Ismay Trading Post - McElmo Cyn, CO

Gourmet Dining In New Mexico

Ismay Trading Post - Colorado

Morgan & Max

Yellow Jacket, CO In Snow

Ice On Recapture Reservoir, Utah


Chicken Feet

Cow Canyon Trading Post - Bluff, Utah

Burned Out Cafe - Ludlow, CA

Suspension Bridge Cables & Toyota Tundra

Crop Duster - Dove Creek, CO

Cow Canyon Trading Post - Bluff, Utah

Balls of Oxnard, CA (Esplanade Mall)

Combine Detail 1

Combine Detail 2

Ventura Pier

Summer Cabin - Trout Lake, CO

Telluride Mill, Colorado

Navajo Graffiti, Near Hovenweep, Utah

Used Boots For Sale - Cortez, CO

Still Life 2/3rds

Giant Pine Cone Sculpture - Edgemont Ranch, CO

Memorial Day Tribute - Blanding, Utah

First Presbyterian Church - Bayfield, CO

First Presbyterian Church - Bayfield, CO

Barn Near Dove Creek, CO

McElmo Cyn Vinyard, CO

Wheat Field - Dolores County, Colorado

Community Church - Paradox, UT

Defunct Store - Paradox, Utah

Keep Yermo Clean

Yuma, AZ Jail Cell - Seligman, AZ

Cottage Hotel - Seligman, AZ

Coal Conveyer

Ski Lodge Roof House - Daggett, CA

Desert Market - Daggett, CA

Navajo Cafe (Anasazi Inn) West of Kayenta

Funky Catholic Church Next Door To Tattoo Shop - Kingman, AZ

Decaying Barn - Cherry Creek, CO

Defunct Motel, Naturita, CO


Washeteria, Dove Creek, CO

Hard Times For Religion

Church in Kline, CO

We're Getting Closer!


Street Lamps, Los Angeles County Art Museum

Dormant Biofuel Plant, Dove Creek, CO

Smoking Area - Mercy Hospital - Durango, CO

Train Station - Fillmore, CA

Lose Your Car Door? Near Cahone, CO

Wigwam Burner - Paradox, UT

Defunct Church - Hesperus, CO

Plastic Church, Montezuma County, CO

Deserted Farm/Ranch House, La Plata County, CO

Catholic Church - Dolores, CO

Cowboy Graffiti, Uravan, CO

Presbyterian Church - Towoac, CO (Ute Mtn Ute Res.)

Ismay Trading Post - Colorado

Lazy Bones