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I have been an avid photographer for a good portion of my life. In 1997 I turned my passion for photography into a full-time profession, specializing in nature and travel photography. With an emphasis toward health care and Evidence Based Design, I provide restorative images of nature, with calming palettes of blues and greens for hospital settings and medical facilities throughout the west and southwest. My fine-art prints are also displayed in many corporate and private collections. My images are marketed by leading stock agencies and are regularly reproduced in a variety of media. Teaching photography is an enjoyable and important aspect to my photo business. I teach workshops, lead photographic tours, and give individual tutoring sessions. I have especially enjoyed leading boat-based photographic tours in S.E. Alaska, the Inside Passage and the San Juan Islands. Please visit my website for details and schedule. I live in Washington State in the tiny community of Seabeck on the shore of Hood Canal.

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Shock and Odd (Mostly Odd)





Alsek River

Don's Glacier Bay, Photo Tours

South Georgia Island

Human Interest

Concepts and Symbolism


Redwoods National Park

Celebrating Water

Don's Alaska Photo Tours

Don's Photo Tour - Great Bear Rainforest, B.C.

Silverfalls State Park, Oregon

Collages & Fine Art

Don's San Juan Island Photo Tours


California Wildflowers

Mesa Arch at Sunrise

Peggy's Pond

Lighting over Hood Canal

Unspoiled Alpine Lake

Rialto Beach Sunset

Emerald Wave

Japanese Garden ~ Royal Roads University

Make A Wish

Calla Lily

Majestic Closure

Rope Swing Memories

Avalanche Lilies ~ Olympic National Park


Washer Woman

Double O Arch

Polyphemus Moth

Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

Snowy Trees, Crater Lake National Park

Japanese Forest Grass

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

"Up Periscope"

Reflection of a Surfer

Sand dunes at Stove Pipe Wells, Death Valley National Park

Early Morning ~ Mt. Diablo

Mesa Arch at Sunrise

Wheat Fields of the Palouse

Magnolia Blossom

Kanji Mist

Olympic Mountain Panorama

Soaring Seagull

Playing Polar Bears

Tulips in the Rain

Desert Sunset

Jumbo Rocks


Rainbow - Anza Borrego

"Oaks over the Columbia"

Petroglyph, Horse Thief Lake State Park, WA

Yellow Toad Lily


Bearded Iris

Tulips and Sky


Pink Poppy

Gerbera Daisy

Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas

Dew Drops on a Passion Vine

Gladiola Blossom

Columbia Lilies

Tamanawas Falls, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

Sunrise, Oregon Coast

Tracks in the Sand - Oregon Coast

Predawn Moon - Haystack Rock, Oregon

Surfer at Sunset - Oregon Coast

Ecola Point State Park, Oregon

Sunset - California Coast

Point Reyes, California

Bird Tracks in the Sand - Oregon

Still Creek, Mt. Hood National Forest

Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood Wilderness

Tillamook State Forest

Comet Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park

Comet Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park

Peace Rose

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Wildflowers, Anza Borrego State Park

XXOO Rocks

Dew Drops on a Vine Maple Leaf

Dragon fly on a Cone Flower

Water dripping in a pool

Sunflower Sunset

Vine Maple Leaf

Rapid River, Cascade Mountains, Washington

Burning Leaves

Fall Color - Newhalem, Washington

Nason Creek, Cascade Mountains, Washington

A Father's Love

Color Combustion

Autumn Yield

Levi Love

Kayaks on Hood Canal

Moon Setting over Mount Constance

A Fall Stroll

Cherry Tree and Park Bench

Fall Color in the Spring

Rainbow over Painted Hills, Oregon

Sunrise, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon

Lomatium Lined Trail, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Leslie Gulch, Oregon

Into the Mist, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Poplar Trees, Boardman, Oregon

Imnaha River Valley, Oregon

Sunset at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

Hellebore Blossoms


Sea Stack, Bandon, Oregon

Beach at Bandon, Oregon

Nestucca River, Oregon

Bald Hills Road, Redwoods National Park

Historic Barn, Bald Hills, Redwoods National Park

Umpqua Dunes, Oregon Coast

Ice Berg, Alsek Lake

Glacier, Alsek Lake

Ice Berg, Alsek Lake

Waker Glacier

Hiking on Walker Glacier


Alsek River

Alsek River Valley

Sunset, Alsek River Valley

Common Vetch, Alsek River Valley

Sunset Reflection, Alsek River Valley

Reflections, Alsek River at Sunset

Rock Garden

Waterfall and Blue Lagoon

Sunset in the Alsek River Valley

Alsek Sunset

Sweetpea Sunset

Moon Rise on the Alsek

Brushing Teeth

Brian at the Helm

Brain Rowing

Room with a View

Heating Water

Ice for the Cooler

Poems from the Artic

Alaska Rain

Testing the Dry suit

Our Rafts

Scouting "Lava North" a Class IV Rapid

Waiting for the Light

Helecopter Portage around Turnback Canyon

Lift off


Taking in the View

Stream Detail

Sunset and Snow

Overlooking the Lake

Clear Glacial Lake

Photographing Sunset

Saxifrage and Mountains at Sunset


Looking down on Camp

Ice Bergs, Alsek Lake

Ice Bergs and Mountain, Alsek Lake

Sunset Reflected in a Still Pond

Sunset Alsek Lake

Ice Berg on Alsek Lake

Rock Bound Lake, Alsek River Valley

Lake in the Alsek River Valley

Blowing Dust, Alsek River

Rose Colored Sunset

Moose Antler, Alsek River

Evening Light, Alsek River Valley

Calla Lily

Grasses and Lake at Sunset, Umpqua Dunes


Heucherella & Astrantia

Foggy Redwoods

Smelling Lavender

Sunflower and sky

My Camp on Klahhane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Dragonfly on a Cone Flower

Waterfall, Yoho National Park, B.C.

Opabin Terrace Pools, Yoho National Park, B.C.

Moore Lakes, Yoho National Park, B.C.

Red Rock Waterfall, Yoho National Park, B.C.

After the Fire

Layered Hills, Mount Rainier National Park

Fall in Paradise - Mount Rainier National Park

Fall Forest, Mount Rainier National Park

A Colorful Paradise - Mount Rainier National Park

Dragonfly Wings

Hand-Painted Envelope & Dragonfly Wings

Fog at Reflection Lakes, Mt. Rainier National Park

Chain Lakes, Mount Baker Wilderness, WA

Opabin Basin, Yoho National Park, B.C.

Leaf in Ice

Hamma Hamma River

Icy Stream

Frost Rimmed Leaves


White Crocus

Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Star Magnolia

Floating Flowers

Salmonberry Blossoms

Tulip Magnolia

Mt. Fuji Cherry Blossoms

Bleeding Heart and Forget-me-not

Peace Roses and Morning Dew

Parrot Tulips in the Rain

Earth, Ocean and Sky

Elwha River, Olympic National Park

Slew on the Skagit Flats, Washington

Alpine Fireweed and Stream, Kootenay National Park, B.C.

Rain and Fog, Revelstoke National Park, B.C.

Moor Lake, Yoho National Park, B.C.

Bagley Lakes Trail, Mt. Baker Wilderness, Washington

Mt. Shuksan from Yellow Aster Butte, Washington

Frosty Fall Foliage, Mt. Baker Wilderness, Washington

Mt. Rainier pre-dawn, Washington

Sunbeams in the Fog, Seabeck, Washington

Death Valley National Park

White Magnolia

Star Magnolia

Gorella, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

La Sal Mountains from Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Anasazi Ruin, Canyonlands National Park

Skyline Arch, Arches National Park

Colorado River from Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Colorado River from Dead Horse State Park, UT

Fisher Towers, Utah

Salt Valley, Arches National Park

Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park

Claret Cup Cactus, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Mesa Arch at Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park

Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park

Historic Fruita Barn, Capitol Reef National Park

Pectol's Pyramid Capitol Reef National Park

Calf Creek Falls, Utah

Aspen Trees, Hell's Backbone, Utah

Paria View, Bryce Canyon National Park

"Rooted in Faith", Bryce Canyon National Park

Metate Arch, Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah

Willis Creek, Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah

Sunset over Haro Straight

Orchid Cactus

Caterpiller on flower

Iris after a rain

Poppy after the Rain

Kittywake Colony

Sun, Clouds and Reflection

Alaska Big Game

Black Oyster Catcher

Glacier Ice

Snow Capped Mountains

Boat Wake

Mountains Reflected in Glacier Bay

Blue Ice and Sea Birds

Chocolate Lily

Glacier Ice Abstract

Whisps of Fog

Glacial Stream

Calving Glacier #3

Working through floating Ice

Mussel Shells

Glacier Ice Sculpture

Calving Glacier #1

Calving Glacier #2

Humpback and Rainbow (a Composite Image)

Blue and White Ice

Feather and Blue Bells

Pulling the Zodiak

Ice Shapes that Float by

Harbor Seal on Ice

Humpback Whales Spouting

Stellar Sea Lion Colony

Rainbow over Glacier Bay

Misty Evening

Old Miner's Cabin

Carving in Tree

Patterns from Boat Wake

Diving Humpbacks

Out in a Rain Storm

Three Humback Whales

Three Cruising Humbacks

Eagles attacking a Colony of Gulls

The Delphinus; Dolphin Charters, a custom 50 foot Trawler - Our home for a week

Morning Mist - Green River

Headwaters of the Green River

Waterfall, Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Lower Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Sunset in Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range

Panorama of Lower Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Isand Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Rainbow - Island Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Mountain Tarn, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Fishing Mistake Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Bull Elephant Seal

Grey-headed Albatross

Gentoo Penguins

Iceberg and Albatross


King Penguins

King Penguin Chicks

King Penquin Colony

King Penguin Chick

King Penguin

King Penguin close up

Elephant Seal Pup and mother

Bull Elephant Seal

King Penguins in Blizzard

King Penguin Feeding Chick

King Penguin Chicks in Snow Storm

Penguins on Snowy Beach

Gentoo Penguins arriving on shore

Gentoo Penguin

Gentoo - Elephant Seal in Background

Blue Ice

Elephant Seal Pup

Elephant Seal and Penguins

Ernest Shackleton's Grave

Grytviken Church

Whaling Ship and Whale Bones


King Penguin Sleeping

Ice Bergs and Mountain Peaks

St. Andrews Bay

Elephant Seal Pup looking over Mother

Elephant Seals and Shipwreck

Graves and Shipwreck

Elephant Seals and Graves

Elephant Seal Flippers

Sleeping Bull Elephant Seal


Blue-eyed Comorants

Wall to Wall Animals, St. Andrews Bay

Reindeer and the Golden Fleece

Photographing an Elephant Seal

Reindeer Antler in River

King Penguin Colony, St. Andrews Bay

King Penguins walking on Beach

Elephant Seals and Penguins

Newly Born Elephant Seal

King Penguins & Elephant Seal

King Penguins

Yours Truly photographing Elephant Seals

King Penguins, St. Andrews Bay

King Penguins, St. Andrews Bay

St. Andrews at Sunrise


Acres of Elephant Seals

Sooty Albatross

A Chin Strap Penguin with Bad Breath

Snow Covered Zodiak

Snow on Salt Water

Photographing Penguin Chicks


Golden Fleece at Anchor


Penguins on Iceberg

Blue-eyed Comorants

Photographing an Iceberg

Iceberg Abstract V.

Iceberg Abstract H.

Tabular Iceberg

Iceberg and Blue Wave

Glacier at Sunset

Gentoo Penguins climbing a hill to nest

Gentoo Penguins

Chin Strap Penguins

Chin Strap Penguins Calling

Weddel Seal

Iceberg and Sea Birds

Macaroni Penguin

Gentoo Penguins Swiming

Gentoo Penguins Feeding on Krill

Ice and Gentoo Penguins on Beach

Ice on Beach

Sea Ice

Glacial Ice

Glacial Ice Glowing like a blue Crystal

Iceberg with an Arch

Golden Fleece at Anchor

Elephant Seals

Yours Truly Reading to the Animals

Surf and Rocks

A wet Penguin Chick

King Penguin Chicks

Elephant Seals Sleeping on Beach

Southern Fur Seal

Elephant Seal Pups

Two Elephant Seal Pups

Running to photograph a fight

Elephant Seal Beach Masters Fighting

The Three Brothers

Leiv Harbour Cemetery

Snowy Reflection

Penguins on Beach


Wandering Albatross Chick

Thawing Lake

Hiking on Snow Field

Photographing the View

RIght Whale

Bones and Mountains

Black Billed Albatross bonding

Penguin Chicks in Snow Storm

Young Fir seals

Giant Petral

Fir Seal

Gold Harbour

Elephant Seal

Reindeer and Penguins

Busy Beach

Photographing from the Golden Fleece

Black-browed Albatross


Romero Pools, Coronodo National Forest, Arizona

Antlers in Glacial Stream

Hiking near Antarctic Bay

Blue Cowboy Boot

Harvesting Memories

Wheelbarrow in Fall

Playing the Flute - Aged photo

A Study in Browns

Too Pooped to Pump

Foot prints in Snow

Cowboy and Arizona Sunset

Cowboy and Cactus

Potter's Hands

Change of Direction Needed

Tension and Stress

Reading Love Poems

Spiritual Experience

Family Support

Romance at the Beach

Think Green


Great Blue Heron


Snow Geese flying at Sunset

Arctic Fox

Barn Owl


Growling Tiger

Bob Cat

Great Horned Owl

Hawk Portrait

Red Cardnal

Sea Nettles

Snowy Owl

Lone Wolf

Grizzly Bear Waving

Grizzly Bear Close Up

Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog on Fall Leaf

Mountain Goat blocking Trail

Mountain Goat on Mountain Top

Foggy Forest, Del Norte Redwoods State Park

Kiss of Mist, Redwood Creek Overlook, Redwood National Park

Misty Meadows, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Lupine, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Lupine and Oak Tree, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Elk in Meadow, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Grazing Elk, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Oak Tree in Meadow, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Bald Hills Road, Redwood National Park

Sunrise - Bald Hills, Redwoods National Park

Woman Hiker, Bald Hills, Redwoods National Park

Lupine and Farm Road, Bald Hills, Redwoods National Park

Farm Road, Bald Hills, Redwoods National Park

Historic Barn, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park

Panorama, Historic Barn, Bald Hills, Redwood National Park - Multi Image Composite

A Wall of Ferns, Fern Canyon, Redwood National Park

Fern Canyon, Redwood National Park

Foggy Day, Fern Canyon, Redwood National Park

Woman Hiker in Fern Canyon, Redwood National Park

Trail, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Hiker, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Rhododendron and Redwood Trees in Fog, Del Norte Redwoods State Park

Misty Morning - Redwood National Park

Withered Tulip on Black

Wilted Tulip

Ornamental Oregano

Dogwood Blossoms

Slide Creek, Sedona, Arizona

Afternoon Boat Ride

Nesting Tree Swallow


Window, Stanley, Faulkland Islands, UK

Peace Rose


Starfish and Clamshells

Humbodlt Redwoods State Park; Avenue of the Giants

Photographers on South Georgia Island

Bald Eagle, Alaska

Western Screech Owl

Spirit Bear & Spirit Bear Mask

Orca Whales at Sunset

Crescent Moon over Arches National Park

Dogs with Shades

Ghostly Tree

Passion Flower & Water Drops

Fall on the Rogue

A Painterly Fall

Rogue Rapids

Fading into the Fog

Little Crater Lake, Oregon

Japanese Maple, Portland Oregon

Portland Japanese Garden

Rope Swing

Proxy Falls

Oregon Grape Shadow

Lady Bug

Foggy Inlet, British Columbia

Ice Cave, British Columbia

Totem Detail

Wall Arch Just Before It Collapsed!

Fisher Towers

Canoes on the Green River

Tributary of the Green River

Vine Maple Leaves

McKenzie River Waterfall

Koi, Portland Japanese Garden

Maple Tree - Litha Park

Walnut Tree, Joseph H. Steward State Park

Great Blue Heron

Parrot Tulip

Orange Tulips

Wind Sculpted Tree, San Juan Islands

Sailing with the Spinnaker

Patos Island Lighthouse, San Juan Islands, Washington

Sunset, Patos Island, San Juan Islands, Washington

At the Helm of the Adventuress

Sailing in the San Juan Islands, Washington

Silverton, Oregon - Irrigating a field

Green Heron

Clackamas River & Alders

Glass Fishing Float

Heart of Stones

Reid Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park

Glacial Stream, Glacier Bay National Park

Taking in the View at Sunset, Glacier Bay National Park

Calving Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park

Sunset, Blue Mouse Cove, Glacier Bay National Park

Charging Elk, Alberta, Canada

Lac Du Dois Grasslands, B.C.

Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park;

Sheep have bad hair days too

Dawson Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, B.C.

"I LOVE YOU" in whale breath

Humpback Whales at Sunset, Alaska

Dried Lake and Grasses, Kamloops, British Columbia;

Foggy Sunrise, Mount Robson Provincial Park - British Columbia

Mount Kitchener; Sunwapta River, Jasper National Park

Slot Canyon, Zion National Park

First Snow, Red Canyon State Park

Icicles, Red Canyon State Park

Rocks on Slickrock, Zion National Park

Swirl of Leaves, Zion National Park

Fall Leaves in Stream, Zion National Park


Kayaking Lake Powell

Looking out of an Alcove

Sunset on Lake Powell

White Orchid

Flowering Cherry Blossoms

White Poppy - Spring Sky

Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Water Drops and Primroses


























































































White Rose

Oregon Grape Leaves

Ferns & Skunk Cabbage

Wine Creek


Pink Dogwood


Yellow Poppy

Dandelion Seed Head

Dandelion Seeds blowing in wind

Nootka Rose

Yellow and Blue Forget-me-not

Deer Ferns

Seastacks - Rialto Beach

Last light - Rialto Beach

Sand Dunes near Lake Powell

Rock formations, Lake Powell

Camping in an Alcove on Lake Powell

Sunset on Lake Powell

Star Grass

Star Grass

Blue Poppy

The Grand Finale

Gold & Blue Reflections

Green, Blue & Gold Reflections

Waves and Rain in Shades of Grey

Sheets of Water flowing down a Cliff, Endicott Arm, AK

Waterfalls & More Waterfalls - Misty Fiords National Monument

Serving Hors d'oerves while we photograph aboard the Delphinus

Capturing Pure Alaska Water, Misty Fiords National Monument

Celebrating a long friendship aboard the Delphinus

Taking in the View - Misty Fiords National Monument

Our Moorage at Bailey Bay - near Ketchikan

Photographing a Bear Carving - Kasaan, Alaska

Clan House & Totem - Kasaan, Alaska

Abandoned Homestead - Lake Bay, Alaska

Waterfall in Misty Cove - Southeast Alaska

Carving of a Whale - Kake, Alaska

Two Humback Whales - Southeast Alaska

Forest Panorama - Seven Image composite - very high res

Harbor Seal with Pup - Endicott Arm

Blue Ice & Waterfall - Endicott Arm

Cave in Iceberg - Endicott Arm

Orca Whales in Stephens Passage

Celebrating an Anniversary aboard the Delphinus

Cool Dogs with Shades - Ketchikan

Heading back to the Delphinus after photographing

Totems - Potlatch Park, Ketchikan

Western Screech Owl - rescue bird, Ketchikan

Red Tailed Hawk - Rescue Bird, Ketchikan

Clan House, Potlatch Park, Ketchikan

Carving a Totem - Potlatch Park, Ketchikan

Clan House - Totem Bight, Ketchikan

The Delphinus - Dolphin Charters, our home for photo tours

Grizzly Bear with Salmon - Pack Creek

Grizzly checking us out - Pack Creek

Sow & Cub Grizzly Bear - Pack Creek

Native American Tlingit Girls - Angoon

The Red Dog Saloon - Juneau, Alaska

Touring the Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau

Kayaks in Hammer Slough - Petersburg

Scandinavian Boat - Petersburg

Sons of Norway Hall - Petersburg

Our Base - The Delphinus of Dolphin Charters

Orca Whales at Sunset - near Ketchikan

Sea Otter

Enough Kayaks for Everyone

Humpback Whales and Golden Sunset

Whale of a Tail - Frederick Sound

Soaking up Alaska Sun

View from the Delphinus Flying Bridge

Squeezing through the Hole in the Wall

Nikon verses Canon War

Bald Eagle

Oregano Flower

2000 year-old Glacial Ice for our Drinks

Red-tailed hawk calling

Humpback Whales, Bubble-net Feeding

Night Sky - Olympic National Park

Beach Rocks and Seaweed

Clam Shell and Crab Claw

Tide Pool at Salt Creek

Fawn - Blacktail Deer

Hung Out to Dry

Note in a Bottle

Facing Life Alone

Holding a Heart Rock

Giving a Heart Rock

The Milky Way

View from Grand Ridge - Olympic National Park

Old Truck

Working in Southeast Alaska

Eagle Totem near Ketchikan

Totem in Ketchikan

Old Cabin on Lake Bay

Photographing Shore Birds

Happy Photographer

Downloading photos on the Delphinus

An Evening Paddle

An Interesting Waterfall - Endicott Arm, Alaska

Humpback Whales at Sunset

The Flow of Money

Penny Pincher

Shining Through the American Flag

A Little Dust on the Bottle...

Bremerton Harborside Park after dark

100910_0169 - Our Group aboard the Nawalak

100911_0154 - Fiordland

100911_0164 - Getting a Shower

100912_0186 - Rainbow in the Great Bear

100912_0247 Wildlife Viewing

100912_0425 Wide View of the Nawalak

100912_0429 Nawalak - Sunny & Calm

100912_0439 - Night Sky over the Nawalak

100913_0272 - Robert & Sandy

100913_0343 - Fishing Pole

100913_0345 - Sandy & Carol Identifying Birds

100913_0352 Big Eyes

100913_0362 - Sailing in Calm Seas

100913_0376 Watching the World Go By

100913_0390 - Robert's Shadow

100913_0396 Sandy and SV Nawalak

100914_0507 - Humpback Whale tail

100914_0537 - Sea Lions and Rainbow

100914_0598 Humpback Whales Came to Us!

100914_0608 - Humpback Posing for Sandy

100915_0686 Dugout Canoe

100915_0691 - Totem Detail

100915_0701 Totem Detail

100915_0708 Old Boat, Alert Bay

100915_0714 Orca Cruises by

100915_0727 Whale Researcher

100915_0743 Dolphins into the Sunset

100915_0767 Golden Sunset

100915_0793 Memorable Sunset

100915_0795 Rising Fog at Sunset

100915_0797 Glowing Sunset

100915_0822 Looking Back at Day's End

100915_0832 Colorful Boat Wake

100916_0890 Pastel Sunrise

100916_0922 Pictograph on cliff face

100916_0925 Pictograph

100916_0937 Trail in a Foggy Forest

100916_0944 Old Long House

100916_0950 Fallen Totem Pole

100916_1034a - Dolphins Bow Riding

100910_0027 Cedar Reverses Direction

100911_0091 Chum Salmon

100912_0484 Ocean Falls Window

100913_0277 Steve Celebrates return of Sun

100913_0332 Old Bottles at Namu

100916_1045 Folded Sail

100916_1084 Photographing Dolphins

100917_0976 - Fog Sun Forest

100917_0986 Island in the Fog

100917_1112 Cassels Lake

100918_1229 Comorants on Cliff

100919_0161 Photographers and Crew

100920_0138 Old Reef Net Boats

100913_0401 Up a River with Electric Motor

100914_0624 Linda and Steve

100911_0129 - Rock Reflections

100913_0383 Nawalak under Sail

100915_0783 Misty Sunset

100916_0955 - Steve photographs fallen Totem

North Falls Horizontal 101001_0190

North Falls 101001_0192HDRPano

Trail below North Falls 101001_0195

Leaves in a stream 101001_0214

Behind North Falls 101001_0253

Trail to North Falls 101001_0256

Stairway to the Light 101001_0261k

North Falls, Vertical 101001_0266k

On the Rocks 101001_0278k

Don taking a photo 101001_0342k

South Falls in Fall 031015-10

Behind South Falls 090603_0325

South Falls on a Sunny Day 090603_0330

100625_2361 Misty Morning

100625_2607 - Pond

100625_2610 Tide Pool

090702_0290 Humpback

090704_0813 Black Oystercatchers

090704_0821 Bird Photography

090707_1604 Humpbacks

090707_1646 Kittywake

090708_1727 Day's End

090702_0188cr Sea Otter

090702_0280 Alaskan Scenery

090704_0826 Paint Brush

Black Bear, Annan Creek, Alaska

100626_3039 Orca Whales

101024_0438 Leaf & Rocks underwater

101026_0690 High Key Maple Leaves

Forest Collage

100923_1262 Dark Forest, Oregon

100927_1804 Duckweed Abstract

100928_1865 Gloomy Forest

100929_2107a Beach Sand Abstract

100929_2188 Bubbles on Beach

100811_0209k Old Paint on Wall

100811_0212k Old Paint on Wall

08102233 Vine Maple Leaf on Log

DPaulson_Japanese Maple Companion-1

DPaulson_Japanese Maple Tryptic-1

Paulson_Collage002 Water


Paulson_Collage004 Lake Powel

Paulson_Collage201 Ocean

Paulson_Collage202 beach

Paulson_Collage203 Sunset

Paulson_Collage303 sky-leaf

Paulson_Collage101 SeaStar

Paulson_Collage304 Forest

100926_1425 - Sealion Underwater

100926_1427 Sealion taking a look

100926_1458 - Not Speaking

100928_1939 Oystercatcher

101019_0387 Garden Muncher

100926_1536 Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

100926_1564 Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

100927_1790 Umpqua Dunes, Oregon Coast

100929_2203 Sunset - Devils Punchbowl, Oregon

100926_1555 Surf's Up - Oregon Coast

101023_0453 Pink Rose

100929_2201 Fisheye Sunset

100928_1896 Spooky Forest

100909_0012 Gulf Oil Spill

100814_0297 Madrone Bark

Paulson_Collage305 - Fall

Paulson_Collage304 Water

Paulson_Collage502 Winter

Paulson_Collage503 Star Grass

Paulson_Collage504 Robbins Egg Blue

Paulson_Collage505 Magnolia- Dogwood

Paulson_Collage102 Japanese Maple

Paulson_Time Lapse Montage601

101110_0892FA Sprocket and Chain

101014_0085FA Maple Leaf

101014_0087FA Big Leaf Maple

05101130FA Bracken Fern

100602_0015FA Shirui Lily

110102-0001 - Northwest Earth Tone Collage

Paulson_Collage204 - SE Alaska

Paulson Collage SM001

Paulson Collage SM002

Paulson Collage SM004

Paulson Collage SM003


Stairway to the Stars

Pastel Seascape

Back Bear with Salmon

Floating Feather

Sunrise Garnet Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Waterfall at Sunrise, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Rodney Buell aboard MV Delphinus near Freshwater Bay, Southeast Alaska

Cloe and Greg aboard the Delphinus, SE Alaska

A picnic Lunch

Identifying Wildflowers

An overlook, Lopez Island

Morel Mushroom!

Found an old Fish Net Hammock

Lopez Shoreline

Field of Flowers

Sunset, Lopez Island

Found a Rope Swing on Lopez Island!

Kathy in Kayak

Paddling back to the "Mother Ship"

Gnarled Tree, Matia Island

Bird Watching

The Nawalak with Kayaks

Quiet Solitude on Matia Island

Home for the Night - Matia Island

Old Wooden Boat

Orcas Village from the Ferry

Patos Lighthouse and Camas Flowers

Patos Lighthouse

Patos Lighthouse at Sunset

Sea Anemone

Photographing Patos Lighthouse



Cheers! Aboard the Nawalak

Tom & Spinnaker

Front Row Seat!

Sailing on the Nawalak

Captain Dave

Chef & 1st Mate, Tom

The WIDE view of the Nawalak

Roche Harbor waterfron

Post Office, Roche Harbor

Kayaks at Roche Harbor

Bald Eagle, Spieden Island

Lone Tree, Spieden Island

Dave and Kathy taking in the View, Stuart Island

Harbor on Stuart Island

Going on Island Time, Stuart Island

Turn Point, Stuart Island

Gnarled Trees, Stuart Island

Viewpoint, Stuart Island

Kayaking at Sunset, Sucia Island

Paddling into the Sunset, Sucia Island

Fishing Float and Beach Sand, Sucia Island

A Note in a Bottle, Sucia Island

Harlequin Duck, Sucia Island

Flowers, Sucia Island

Cabin and Garden, Yellow Island

Detail, Caretaker's Cabin, Yellow Island

Nawalak, Yellow Island

Profusion of Blooms, Yellow Island

Kim photographing Wildflowers, Yellow Island

Camas Blooms, Yellow Island

Caretaker's Cabin, Yellow Island

Glass FIshing Float & Nawalak

Forest Setting, San Juan Islands

Don Paulson on the Nawalak

Sailing Barefoot

Captain Dave giving a toast

Sailboat mast reflection at sunset

Fisheye view of sailing on the Nawalak


Sealions and Kittiwakes, Marble Island

Common Mures

Bald Eagle on Iceberg

Melting Ice

Towering Ice and Stormy Sky

Groovy Ice

Fairweather Range & Surf Scoters

Wolf with pups

Brown Bear with Cubs

Photographing near Reid Glacier

Photographer and the Reid Glacier

Dwarf Fireweed, Glacier Bay

Kayaking near Margerie Glacier

Kayaking in Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier

Arctic Daisies, Dundas Bay

Bog Orchids and Spruce sapling, Dundas Bay

Flower Fields, Dundas Bay

Wild Iris, Dundas Bay

Fairyslipper Orchid

Tide Flats near Reid Glacier

Wild Strawberry and Paintbrush, North of Gilbert Bay

Wild Strawberry flowers, North of Gilbert Bay

Humpback diving on a foggy morning

Gull and Boat Wake on Foggy Morning

clouds reflected in water near Freshwater Bay

Chocolate Cookies from the Galley of the Delphinus

Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding

Orca (Killer) whale near Tenakee Springs, Alaska. Note: the light green area in the water is an...

Orca (Killer) whales near Tenakee Springs

Orca (Killer) whale tail-lobbing near Tenakee Springs

Portrait of a guest aboard the MV Delphinus

Two Dall Porpoise, Seymore Canal

Surf Scoters, Seymore Canal

Dall Porpoise, Seymore Canal

Diving humpback whale, Seymore Canal

Diving humpback whales, Seymore Canal

Windfall Harbor

Brown Bear Cubs playing, Pack Creek

Brown Bear Cubs, Pack Creek

Mount Whitney at Sunrise

Western Purple Laccaria

Alpine Stream, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Parrot Tulip

Dogwood over Dosewallips River

Breaching Orca Whale

Fall Forest Collage

Watercolor Sunset

Historic Water Wheel

Wooden Indian Statue

Great White Egret, Mexico

Panther Creek Falls, WA

Dogwood over Panther Creek, WA

Lone Maple - Spieden Island, San Juan Islands, Washington

Camas Blooms - San Juan Islands, Washington

Canada Geese, San Juan Islands

Trail - Sucia Island, San Juan Islands, WA

Family of Geese, San Juan Islands, WA

Canyon X, Arizona

Pool in the Desert, Lake Powell

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Virgin Narrows, Zion National Park

Tent Rocks, New Mexico

Artist, Mexico

Dancer, San Miguel, Mexico

Woman with Calla Lilies

Dogwood Blossoms

Sword Fern

Brown Bear with Cubs

Peony Blossom

Rain drops on Oregano

Reflection on Hood Canal - Hi Res 2 image composite

Sword Fern in Rain

Douglas Fir Cone

Impressionistic Ferns

Seabeck Sunrise

Lightning over Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains

Iguana, Bahamas, Leaf Cay (Allen Cay Group in the Exumas)

Reflections, Lake Powell

Boat wake on Lake Powell

Swimming in The Bahamas

Icicle Creek abstract

Leaf-Window Collage

Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea - Vertical

Cool Blue Hydrangea

Rose and Rose Bud

Pink Gladiola on gray background

Pink & White Dahlia

Colorful Dahlia

Purple Dahlia

Chain Driven Wheel

Stacked Rocks, Rialto Beach, Washington

Dew Covered Rose

View from Watmough Head, Lopez Island

Example tour route - each tour varies...

Pastel sunset - two image High Resolution