David Israel

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I've been interested, and involved, in photography for over 30 years. My favorite subjects are landscapes, and I enjoy macro photography as well. I'm also interested in learning about food photography and styling.

Country: US




Akaka Falls Rainbow

Cocoa Pods Dream

Green Sea Turtle

Hanalei Lookout.JPG

Plant growing from lava

Big Island Horses.JPG

Ki'i at Place of Refuge.JPG

Cinder Cone at Mauna Kea

Fuzzy Heliconia

Holei Sea Arch

Green sea turtle shell

Kauai Red Dirt Waterfall

Pandanus Roots


Petroglyph at Puako Reserve

Petroglyph closeup

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Orchids on Tree Trunks.JPG

Rainbow Eucalyptus Bark

Red Footed Boobie.JPG

Salt Pond Ripples

Silver Sword Plant