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My photo interest started while stationed in Izmir Turkey with the Air Force in the early 1960's. This led to a brief camera shop job in Rapid City SD, and to street photography in Seattle through the 70's with Leica M2 35/2, and Pentax Spotmatic 85/1.8. With a used Pentax 6x7 came a shift to travel and landscapes. I started art classes at university concentrating on photography and art history. Soon a new Minolta CLE 40/2 brought a project to contrast/confuse display mannequins with real humans. And the big Pentax helped show how solid and real shadows can be. I spent a lot of time in the darkroom... and had a couple of shows with the results. After a dry spell in the 90's, I came back with medium format and rangefinder film cameras and "environmental" portrait/snapshots. Digital Leica M&S now, for travel and documentary projects.

Country: US


People in situ

Antique Shop Trauma


Shoe repairman loves his job

Appliance company worker loads new clothes washer.

Financial advisor consults with client over investments

Clerk at The UPS Store, recently a Mailboxes Etc.

Roberta, receptionist for audiologist

Vendor at Farmers' Market, sharing military experiences.

Suwannee, clerk at local photo lab

Camera repairman working on Pentax

Recycling center worker paying out

Just a bit of computer repair

Dustin, proud of his completed landscaping job

Bank cashier at drive-in window

Grandpa Woods still works at the family hardware store

Customer and clerk at the hardware store

Dental assistant at the endodontics specialist

Self portrait from the chair, with endodontics specialist

Don, owner of gun shop

Rich, manager of Happy's grocery, with customer

John, proprietor of mens clothing store, an avid underwater photographer, tells me that pictures are better from a low viewpoint.

Owner of a local film lab examines photo

Busy secretary at the garbage collection company

Clerk at the auto license desk at the county auditor's offices.

Sam, proprietor of computer store

Clerk at a local photo lab working the drive-in window

Salvador, waiter at Mexican restaurant

THIS is Salvador, at the Mexican restaurant (the other one was Juan)

Steve, plumber working on shower/tub drain

Scott, janitorial service, cleaning an apartment

Receptionist at optician office

Terry, cleaning carpets

Terry, putting away his carpet cleaning gear

Painter at work

Owner of bed & breakfast inn, relaxing

"Upstairs maid" at bed & breakfast, regaling guests

Wedding photographers at work

Roof gutter contractor discussing the job

Rental managers doing a bit of concrete repair

Sarah, at The UPS Store (recently Mailboxes Etc) preparing a package

Front desk gal at glass shop, taking in window screens for repair

Clerk at Happy's grocery, counting cookies in the sack

Clerk at Happy's grocery, after counting cookies in the sack.

Howard, on a walk in the park

Sweeping the area behind the shop

Clerk at insurance office, writing receipt

Worker at SubWay, making me a sandwich

Tire repair guy at work, with truck driver looking on

Missy, proprietor of ladies' clothing store, adjusts sidewalk display

Hairdresser at work

Window-screen lady

Clerk at newspaper office, collecting payment for classified ad

Nursery worker, discussing rose bushes

Worker at bookstore, remodeling entryway to include espresso bar

Waitress at pasta restaurant with customer who gestures while she talks

Cashier at pasta restaurant with receipt

Workers lift roof gutter into place

Roof gutter contractor discusses safety issues with his crew: "Keep that metal gutter away from the power lines!"

David; Pizza delivery on the run

Paying the utility bill at city hall... Is that the window screen lady again?

Auto insurance agency clerk

Rachel, auto insurance agency office manager

Howard, setting up to shoot native American petroglyphs. Only weeks later he was hit and killed by a car while walking a rural road.

The landlady

Mel, 91 yr old groundskeeper for Ford dealer

Receptionist at dental office

Dental hygienist wants me to come get my teeth cleaned

Cheerful dentist

Pay the cashier on the way out of the dental office

This happy cobbler just fixed my sandals

Clerk at The UPS Store handing over a package that is probably a camera from eBay...

Drew figures whoever damaged this bush is going to be in trouble

Tom, body shop owner, points out fender damage needing repair

Service with a smile at Jack-In-The-Box drive-through window

Birthday girls at a local film lab

Steve, owner of a truck wash business

Steve, plumber, working on hot water tank

These two hams had just cut that shrub off at the roots...

Trick or Treat (paying property taxes on Halloween)

Paying property taxes on Halloween at the county Treasurer's office

Financial Advisor looking over portfolio

Doctor's front office staff

Nurse in examination room

Insurance agent

Receptionist at Ford dealership

Drive-in bank teller

Mopping muddy footprints at the hardware store

Grocery store owner helps customer choose a wine

Gardener at work

Fire Marshall finishes his inspection

Sub sandwich under construction

Pharmacist researching Band-Aid products

Receptionist at auto-collision repair shop

Shy dental hygienist

Dentist's cashier figuring out my dental bill

Owners of pizzeria show off sign using my freeware Black Chancery font

CPA receiving my income tax info

Bed & Breakfast operator waters her plants

Tree trimmer at work on Siberian Crab tree

Window-screen lady is too shy this time to look up as she writes the order.

Sales clerk gives change for sack of cookies

Lady barber readies for a haircut

Lady barber again, after doing the haircut

Seamstress in her sewing alterations shop

Computer tech replacing CD/DVD drive

Bill Cleans Carpets

Gardener Marci


Insurance Gal

Erin Prunes Roses

Coy Girl



Buy Cream

Lonnie And The Drains

Bill Spots Carpet

Bill And The Crew

Elks Bldg For Sale

Salvador Serves

Pizza Man

Dental Appointment

Tattoo Man

Mike 4x5

Chowder At Anthony's

Dental Asst Christa

Dental Desk

Car Wash

Photo Lab

John Sells Pants

Pizza Girl Angela

At the Juice Bar

Mrs Wood, Wood's Hardware

Self In Wheel Window

Jenna at Zesta Cuchina

Fire Ax Wedding

Mother Daughter

Window Decorator

House Mover


At the Sandwich Shop

Corn Lady

Market Crafts

040722-33 Bedroom add-on removed

040730-17 Sad, apricot tree will have to go...

040730-18 Working on the move

040804-19big Apricot tree is gone, clearing the way

040813-01big The chief house-mover

040813-13 Tilt and lift...

040813-29big Jacked up on rails

040819-13 Propped up porch

040826-21 Getting another building out of the way

040927-17big Putting wheels in place for move

040927-21sm House will pass under/over the wires

040927-22B1k Rubbernecker says he used to rent apt in house to be moved.

040928-19B1k Site prep, the tree will go.

040928-32B1k Ready to move tomorrow morning

040928-38B1k Sundown, lovely truck

040929-A28B1k Jan is involved in the move

040929-A30B1k Slow will do it

040929-B06B1k Morning house-move

040929-B13B1k Nosing house into the intersection, Jan has SLOW paddle

040929-B24B1k Cross the intersection, over the curb...

040929-B28B1k Off-road house-moving

040929-C38big Finally settled in new site

041027-12 Pouring the foundation

041121-01big Pumping concrete to the back

041121-18big Concrete transfer

050111-27big Set in place for the winter

050204-30B1k Interior work has begun

050315-15 Covered with insulation

060514-CN01B1k Colorblind painter... really!

060514-CN02B1k Painter calking cracks

060517-06big Pano of new site

060717-22B1k Future window to entry

060717-25 Stairway in need of rework

060718-16 Remodeling upstairs offices

060718-20B1k Upstairs closet chair

060718-23B1k Down the staircase

060718-24 French doors to entryway

060718-25big Looking toward front

060719-01big Getting utlities hooked up

070422-03B1k Side deck and ramp access

070422-11B1k Ready for more trim paint

070430-31big Testing trim paint ideas

070430-32big Trim lady at front

070430-36big Jan and Cami figure colors

070524-A03B1k Painter is here...

070524-A06B1k Trim paint on back

070602-A23B1K Period painting

070616-06 Jan checks interior progress

070620-01B1k Almost done rebuilding

070620-19big Preparing the walkways

070620-21B1k Cement guy with assistant

070627-36big Working on walkways

070630-00big Walkway progress

070630-16big Digging for utility lines

070901-01B1k Looking much better

070901-04B1k Hang out the signs

070920-01B1k Open for sneak peek

070920-02B1k Come in and shop

070920-03B1k Jan in antique business

070920-05B1k Finished stairway

080112-30big Winter welcome

080216-01big Springtime mowing

090715-40big Brian touches up the paint

110224-02big Another season of antiques

130718-17B1k Rented to other businesses

130828-02B1k Back to Main Street