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I was born in Manhattan on the Lower East Side in 1943. My family moved to Hicksville Long Island and I graduated from Hicksville High School. I graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Math. I became a software engineer in 1966 and worked in the Aerospace Industry. My jobs afforded me the opportunity to live and work in many places around the country. I Lived in Dallas Texas, Melbourne Florida, Canyon Country California, Silver Spring Maryland, Seattle Washington and Santa Barbara California. While I was in Dallas, My buddy from BOAC (British Airways today) asked me to join his staff photographers in photographing the first US landing of the SST at the newly built Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Arlington Texas. Many of my photos were used in Great Britain to promote this air craft. My interest in photography has been with me since I was a young child. Back in the fifties, I used my father's Kodak Bantam with 828 Kodachrome and my mom spent her entire week's salary on a Polaroid Land Camera. The jobs I held in Aerospace paid very well so I was able to afford to buy great equipment, among them Nikon, Leica M, Hasselblad etc. I printed black and white and spent many years printing Cibachrome and Type C color prints. In 1989, I left aerospace and started to work in my local camera shop in Santa Barbara California. I started to love selling cameras and equipment and enjoyed going to work each day. I worked for Tony Rose Camera, Del's Nikon, and Samy's Camera, all in Santa Barbara California. In 1995, I moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin and became the retail sales manager at Helix PhotoArt a part of Helix LTD in Chicago (the largest camera shop in the US in square feet at that time). Helix played a big part in my life. They were a great company to work for but alas, due to shifts in the economy, we had to close the Milwaukee operation. Now I am very involved in digital photography. I taught many classes in traditional and digital photography and love educating the public. I am presently employed by Mike Crivello's Camera Centers in Brookfield Wisconsin. I am working with a knowledgeable and friendly oriented staff dedicated in providing great customer service to the community. I am not the greatest photographer in the world but I LOVE what I do and I love to experiment.


Single Photos






Abstract Transforms

First Attempts at Digital Infrared

Skies and Sunsets


Grant Park along Lake Michigan

Milwaukee Art Museum and the Calatrava Display Version 2

Inside the New Milwaukee Art Museum

Grant Park Winter 1999

Sweet Innocence

Fifteen Below Winter 1997

Fall in Milwaukee 2000

The Calatrava; Soon to be the Symbol of Milwaukee

Splash of Fall Color

July 4th 2002 In Milwaukee

Fireworks 2002 Milwaukee


Squirrel in Tree

Spring 2000

Sun-up Facing West in Milwaukee

Winter 2001 On Astor Street Milwaukee

Christmas in Milwaukee

A View of City Hall Milwaukee

Twin Towers NYC from Circle Tour Boat

Twin Towers Abstract 1998

Sunset in Milwaukee Sept. 2000

Sunset October 2001

Fall in Northern Wisconsin

Minoqua Sunset. Fall 2000

Abstract Transform

Abstract Downtown Buildings

Abstract Milwaukee Buildings

Power Lines; An abstract look

Fall 2002 Milwaukee

Walks Along Lake Michigan

View of Lake Michigan Through Milwaukee Art Museum

Winter 1995

Spring Green Wisconsin 2001

Sunset 2002

Swirled Abstract

Birch Trees In Griffen Park Milwaukee

Birds on Wires

Juneau Park, Downtown Milwaukee

Calatrava Closed

Calatrava; Close up and Personal

The Newly Remodeled Milwaukee Art Museum designed by Calatrava

Calatrava Quad Flipped

Calatrava; Full view from Lake Front

Summer Near the Chicago River

Daddy's Home 1943

Boy Friend/Girl Friend NYC 1942

Growing Up in NYC 1946

Two Dolls and a Bear

Teenager 1939

Dawn in Milwaukee September 12, 2001

Detroit from a 727

Fishing Ropes in the Bahamas

Fall in Northern Wisconsin

Winter in Minoqua Wisconsin


Kitten In Tree With Green Eyes

Folk Fair in Milwaukee 2001

Milwaukee River Walk

Milwaukee River Walk

Storm's Over

Ghot Town Reno Nevada

Grain Elevator 1, Superior Wisconsin Across the Bridge from Duluth, Mn

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I'm Just a Lonely Boy.........

Let's Work this Out!

I Hate this Game!

Baby Blues


Outside of Boston

Ten Below Near the South Shore Yacht Club Milwaukee




Frost on Inside of Window

Frost on Windows and Transformations


Back Door of the Santa Barbara Mission

Father and Daughter

Lone Cyprus Monterey California

Abstract 101

1000 North Water St. Milwaukee

Back Door of the Santa Barbara Mission

Reflection From 1000 N. Water

!000 N. Water St.

Sunrise; September 12,2001

Milwaukee Historical Society

Calatrava; Another View

Heather 1982

Seth 1975

Seth and Jessica 1970


New Kid on the Block

Fall in Rhinelander Wisconsin

Ghost Trees, Monterey California

Monterey Coast Line

Fall in Minoqua Wisconsin




Rhinelander Wisconsin

Rhinelander 3

Rhinelander Wisconsin Fall

Wind Point Wisconsin


Ship Anderson

Cockatoo and Baby

Abstract View of the Art Museum

The Santa Barbara Mission

Interior of Milwaukee Art Museum Abstract


Inside Calatrava 2

Calatrava 4

Another Calatrava5

Cala 727

Now That's a Blue Sky!

County Claire Irish Pub

First Lightning Strike of this Storm


Hotel Bar in Chicago

The Milwaukee River Walk

Milwaukee River Walk

The Milwaukee Historical Building

Fall in Rhinelander Wisconsin

Potpourri of shapes 1

From the Base of the Tower

Potpourri of Shapes 3

Whopper and Chief

Liquid Tulips

Digital Infrared

Digital Infrared Downtown Milwaukee

Ferris Wheel Abstract

Judgement Day

Sunset After the Storm


Infrared; Another Variation

Infrared 5

Infrared 6

Door County, Wisconsin

Who, me?

Along Lake Michigan and Milwaukee

Abstract Calatrava

Abstract Milwaukee Skyline

Late Afternoon Fall 2003 Milwaukee

Fall in the City of Milwaukee

Deer Me

Abstract Vase

Deer Me

Woodpecker at ten below

Glass Fruit

Juneau Village, Milwaukee