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I live in North Carolina and have been taking photographs since the early 1970's, shooting 35mm using mostly Minolta SLR equipment. In late 2006 I "went digital" (for the most part, at least) using Pentax DSLR equipment. Photography is not my career, but a pleasurable hobby. I earn my living as an attorney. I enjoy photographing nature, scenic views, and my children.

Country: US


Single Photos

Backyard Macro

Morely the Golden Eagle (Grandfather Mountain, NC)

Grandfather Mountain (NC) NPW 2012


Sunrise on Sugar Mountain

Avery Alpenglow

Abandoned Barn in Banner Elk, NC

Sunset on American Flag, Gettysburg, Penn.,

My son Will, September 12, 2010.

last red dogwood of autumn IMGP3861.JPG

Camellia bloom in January, Charlotte NC

Catawba County sunset

Leaves on rocks, Asheville GPI 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway woods #2

Sunrise, Raleigh, NC, April 10, 2012

Rob, May 2012, at home

Morely the Golden Eagle squawks back at the crows.

Morley "checks six" behind him for the crows, which are in a tree 30 feet above and just behind...

Morley guards his lunch, a mammalian treat brought to him by his human friends.

The crow leader shares his plan to steal Morely's dinner _IGP4408.JPG

The crows are hoping Marley will fly off and leave them some of his rabbit.

Morely the Golden Eagle, a disabled retiree who has lived at Grandfather Mountain since 1984


WIld Rabbit

The view towards Linville

Mushrooms sprouting from a fallen tree trunk

Sunset on the Cape Fear River

Cape Fear sunset _IGP4464.JPG


Baby bird in the nest

Praying Mantis

Flower box

Will spotmatic June 2012 09960023

IMGP2402 resized.JPG

IMGP2412 resized.JPG

IMGP2413 resized.JPG

IMGP2414 resized.JPG