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Landscapes, etc.

Single Photos


The Forgotten

Digital Art

Sego, Ghost Town




Ethereal Days

Ethereal Days, Season II


Yaks in the Khumbu Region.

Laurie, climbing at Big Bend, UT

Railroad Trestle in Warren, PA

Remnants of Pennsylvania Oil History

Mill Creek Ice

Long day of roping

Park Avenue in Arches N.P.

Park Avenue in Arches N.P. (2)

Moonflower (Sacred Datura)

3 Gossips at Sunrise (CROP)

Laurie in Headstand (01)

Laurie and post-storm sky

Laurel at Long Canyon

Laurie in Headstand (COLOR)

"Hand-Colored" (Digitally) B&W Negative

Lonely Window


Horse Collar Ruin

Outhouse at an historic Mormon farm in Monticello

Outhouse: Montrose County, Colorado

Pictographs in an alcove roof

Kachina Bridge Ruins

"Double Tree" Ruins

Kiva Ladder and midday sun


Iron and a Hole in the door

Perfect Kiva

Thunderbird Tritone

Cave Tower Ruins

Bruce Hucko, B&W Master

Casa Luna

Storm over Cave Tower

Firehouse Ruin


Spring Thunderstorm

Ama at School

Pyramid Ruin (Anasazi)

Bed of Nails?

Sunset Ruin

Where Arches really come from

Winter Sunrise at Mesa Arch

Ancient Art: Among the Fisher Towers

Geyser Creek with fall colors

Courthouse Tower Reflections

Pinto Arch reflecting in a pool

Brighter Days

Laurie climbs up a steep slab in Deer Canyon

Bryce Viewpoint

Reflecting Grass

Bad dog




Winter Solstice at Mesa Arch

Castleton Tower with Clouds

Balanced Rock Reflection

Balanced Rock Reflecting (Gray)

Castleton Tower in Fog

Dingo Buttes sunset

Divots II--Modified

Frozen Cottonwoods

"Snake Man" Pictograph

Claret Cup Sunburst

Hovenweep Castle after Summer rain


Daisies--Polaroid #2

Daisies--Polaroid #3

Moonflowers, Polaroid

Cache climbing Mount Sneffels (CO)

Columbine Cascade

Neighborhood Kids

Lightning over Courthouse Towers

Sanctuary Tower

Sipapu Bridge Reflection

Chris B: Driver, Mechanic, Madman

Lantern and Autumn Leaves

Star Light. Sun dazzling over Colorado Plateau

"Night and Day" Professor Valley, Utah


Moonset Reflection, Moab, Utah

Moontrack II, Moab, Utah

Night Lines, Tusher Canyon, Utah

Reflection Study, Moab, UT

New Beginnings, Raven's Eye Ridge, Utah

12 Hour exposure; moon setting behind Courthouse Towers

A Day in the Park (Montage)

Northern Sky, star trails above slickrock formation

Crescent Moon Rising, Quebec, Canada

Moonflower Canyon, 12 Hour Exposure

Z-Pool; Moon reflecting on moving water

Quarter Moon lights Balanced Rock

Rock Spiral and Light Paint