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Based in Edinburgh, Scotland - I've been clicking since I was about 16. I've worked as a music photographer covering lots of bands (both big and small) but now I prefer to take more moody land/sea/sky scapes. Photoshop is a happy replacement for the darkroom - no more smelly chemicals for me! :)


Single Photos






By the Sea


Extreme at the Edinburgh Playhouse

Henry Rollins @ Glasgow Barrowlands

Sprit of Summer - Solstice 2002

Ligurian Sea

The village of Manarola - Cinque Terra

Florence, what more need be said?

The Forci Estate, in the hills above the Tuscan town of Lucca.

The historic walled town of Lucca.

River Serchio at Lucca. Legend states that this river was diverted by a miracle working Irish monk...

Peace flags were everywhere in Italy at the end of 2002 - even the police stations sported them. I guess people didn't want a war.

Sunset over the hills of Pisa from the Forci Estate.

Enjoying the january sun on the shore of the Ligurian sea.

First of December on the Tuscan Riviera...

Yoga on the beach.

Lovers on the Arno

Decisions of Empire

My hometown


Ladies of the Loch

Loch Voil

Heading North

Summer Solstice 2004

Road to nowhere


Whatever happened to Judy?




Arthur Seat

Old Leith

Newhaven Harbour

Roslin Glen

The Shore

Sunset over the River Forth

Sunset over the Bridges

To the mountains

Granton harbour and the bridges


Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye

Winter over Edinburgh

Sunset over Edinburgh

By the Sea 01

By the Sea 02

By the Sea 03

By the Sea 04

Zodiac Mindwarp at the Venue - Edinburgh

Sunset over Cramond Island

Summer Solstice 2004 - sunset

Just as it came out of the tin (or camera). Sunset over the river Forth. :o)

Another shot of the same night - 30th June. Down by the river Forth

A strange manhole that sits covered by water (its on a tidal causway).

At the end of Newhaven harbour.

Winter on Seafield sands

Girl and Florence skyline