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I am not sure why I take photographs. I know that it allows me to express feelings that seldom surface. I appreciate light, shadows mean something. My images remind me of the past, like the smell of burning leaves in the fall. Sometimes I think it would be easier not taking photographs. Maybe time would become more elastic and slow down. Maybe the hours and minutes, like the ash blowing through the burning canyon, wouldn't disappear so fast. None of my photos are original, they are the end result of studying and admiring the works of great photographers of the 20th Century and being subconciously influenced by them.

Country: US


Single Photos

Milwaukee Art Museum


Shelter from the storm

Windows in old farmhouse

Wedding today at the Art Museum

Umbrella with Chestnut tree

Dock with chain

Feeding the gulls #2

Fall in northern Wisconsin




Photographer in early morning cold

The ice man cometh

The long and winding road redux

I ordered a Holga with a polaroid back, this is what I want to do with it.

Talking about the revolution #3

Billboard for a brave new world

A Winter's Tale #5

Acupuncture #7

Acupuncture #5

Veteran's cemetery #9

You have to get physical when you are at the Art Museum

Lonestar and seagulls

The Art Museum in quiet snow

The Eagle has landed #3

Wisconsin gothic #3

A man in full #5

Old truck

saw leaning against wall

Hey Jimmy, they signed a new energy bill today!

After the rain #5

The Donna Belle at rest

Dancing the day away #4

My wife told me to go fly a kite today

Tulum at sunrise

Woman with umbrella #9

Abandoned farm

Woman with blue umbrella #5

Broom in old farm house

Church in the country

Man with hat


Keoki #7 in the horizontal mode

Father and daughter at the Art Museum as the snow falls

Mi casa es su casa #4

The boys of Summer #3

The boys of Summer #2

Beaver Lodge in America #1

High gas prices are killing me!

Waiting for cheaper gas so I can get this buggy going again

Under the Concept #2

Fireworks at the Art Museum #5

Woman photographing the Art Museum

At the lake

Above the railroad tracks

Labor Day parade today

Girl with pink helmet riding her bike in the rain

The rains came

Woman with water bottle on a bench watching the rainbow tonight

Woman on bench watching the rainbow #2

Bride and Groom redux

Bride and Groom from above #2

Even the fish are angry, what next?

Fish in the abstract mode #3

Woman with bag

Under the concept #5

Lonliness is not an illusion #5

The look of love

Looking for love #5

The hosing down of America #5

Woman with umbrella at the parade today

The brides revisited

Tony's place

Man in window

Sunflower #7

Chapter 7 or, Crinkly thumb with blue umbrella

Maple leaves with clouds

Sunflower in gangland

Raise High the Camera

Fisherman after the storm

Put your arm around me

Kiss me forever and ever

Tell me you love me

Maple leaves with clouds #2

Trying to get it right

Winter is almost here

Hand in hand

Log with reflection

Dogs running

After the storm

The bride as leader of the pack

Bride and groom from above

Silver bowl

Burdock leaf after the frost

Tell me you love me one more time

Fireworks in black and white

My Father in early morning light

The end is near #14

Back in time

Statue of Leif Ericson with bra and purse

Who's out there Johnny?

Woman with dog in snow #8

So Ho #9


"The Democrats are coming, the Democrats are coming"!!!!!

The brides maids

Surrounded by brides

So-Ho numero diez

Maple leaf #8

Orange gates from awhile ago

Guard at the museum in black and white

Jackets in the snow

Man with hands in pockets as it snows

Dogs on the loose

Kid at the dog park today

Kid at the park today #2

Leaf with yellow veins

Dog at rest #6

Grizzy bears on Thanksgiving day

Dogs running

Portrait from the zoo #2

A dog in the city

A man walks across the shiny floor

Dog in lagoon #2

Looking up

Three ducks with reflection


Dog in snow #17

Dogs after the first storm

A dog watches over the city

Dog in snow

Dog after the first snow

Dog sleeping in snow #9

Hat in hand

Trees in fog

Wilson made it home apparently

Dog in early evening light

Follow me

A Winter storm is coming, I feel it in my bones

Northern lights

Boys running on the beach on a foggy day

Picnic tables in Winter

Dog wondering where the heck all the snow is

Foggy night at the Art Museum

Umbrella, dog and tents in fog #12

Dogs running in fog

Man with long blond hair

The conversation

A dog sits and contemplates the world around him

Going after Cacciato #2

Crashing wave #9

Dogs waiting

Factory last night in fog

The dog walkers in early morning light

Brothers in arms

Fogged in at the old lighthouse

A little night music

Looking at the ice sculpture

Tree in Winter

The wings are tucked in for the night

Rocky Mountains in a few years if that damn Global Warming keeps up

Umbrella in the mist

Tree with red berries in snow

Red umbrella and the non sequitur

Father and daughter in falling snow

Bowing to pagan idol or a photographer trying to get a unique perspective?

Man with red umbrella in lightly falling snow #8

A long days journey into night

Dogs run wild

Christmas tree in the lagoon #5

The wings open in gently falling snow

Red umbrella on a Winter's day

Blue and white umbrella along fence

A man with a red umbrella, wind-blown khaki pants in below zero weather, contemplates global warming

Red umbrella with snow and trees

Red umbrella with tree

Branches covered with snow

Two dogs running

A Winter's tale #9

The waterfalls

Amy with red umbrella

Red umbrella with light house

Red umbrella at the art museum #2

Red umbrella with lighhouse #2

Red umbrella at the Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum

After the storm

Picnic table in lightly falling snow


Snow covered branches

Dog in Winter #14

A city shows its complexity as the snow falls

Home that Edward Steichen lived in the early 1900's, now being restored

Abstactus vomitus #4

Dogs running on frozen river

Dog as master of the Universe

Dog walkers in America

Snow surfing in Milwaukee

Red umbrella by old light house

A dog ponders his existence and reflects upon his good fortune

The Weather Channel was in Milwaukee last night

Looking for Godot #5

Tree in fog #19

A dog looks and thinks about change

Red umbrella in Winter #19

Red umbrella with light house #5


A dog in full #7

The future is in the cards

The grid

Man I met on the street today

Man about town

Late afternoon in the city

Man in front of clothing store

Cafe Coquette

A man and his dog #18

Waiting for Godot #7


Looking up #5

Dog with drool

Dog with drool #2

Runner in yellow jacket in fog

Dog with drool #5

A dog in full #9

The eagle has landed in black and white

Dog with no drool #7

The groom looks at his point and shoot and says "hey guys, my shots are better than yours and I paid you the big bucks"!

The suburbs have it all #3

Seven trees after the storm

Woman with red coat at Ground Zero #6

Dancers in the window

Profile #5

Spring is in the air

Looking for a miracle

Fun in the sun #7

Fun in the sun #8

Woman with sunglasses

To Byznantium and back

Man with two bags, one silver and one yellow

Woods in snow with green fence

Red umbrella with dogs with blue leashes

Leaves with air bubbles

Sqeeze-box in America

Leaf it to Beaver

Sledding in America

The finishing touch


The Eagle is landing

Streams of consciousness

Standing tall in America

A little street hockey

My dog knew his days were numbered

Mission almost accomplished

Red umbrella circa 2015

Birds gone insane Birds of a feather fly together

Young woman at the beach

Carp fishing in America or ...

Tree with loopy branch #7

Antenna searching for signs of life in the Universe

Remember to love yer mom

Runner with dog in fog

A dog thinks about his future

Apple blossoms in early evening light

Fresno Wine Company

A dog stands tall in America

Peep show in America #5

My dog having a chuckle about the DC Madam scandal

Dog with red umbrella #17

After the rain After the rain #16

Man with a plan #5

Prom in America

Shelter from the storm

Anxious man in brown coat and hat

Calatrava with blossoms

Bowling at the Calatrava

Flying high

Pinhead at the Calatrava

Snow storm

Eagle in progress


Seagull contemplating gas consumption in America

The Yacht Club threw a party and they didn't invite me

At the beach with cowboy hats

Cowboys at the beach #2

Out of the bag #2

Memorial Day redux

Cowboy with tattoo

One last phone call for the Groom

National Guard floating a boat

You talkin to me?

Man with two parrots

Great Dane at the park this morning

98 years

Great Dane with owner #6

Holding hands

Plugged in

Fork in the road #5

The big storm is coming, it's closer than you think

Dog lost in fog

Plugged in numero dos

Man with blue and white umbrella in rain

A man twirls his umbrella while Rome burns

Running to Byzantium

Dog on dock in fog

Red chair on sidewalk #2

Krypton Gas storage tanks in undisclosed location at dusk

Where's Waldo #5

Happiness may not just be an illusion

Dog in the fog #14

Man in yellow jacket running in fog

Woman on park bench with white head band between two trees

Five trees on a hill

Man with pink bat

On the beach #27

Before the storm

Two women at the Art Museum on a cloudy day

Maple leaf on blue sky

Mime in America #7

Tree in storm #5

Dog with coal black eyes

Dog sleeping in snow #5

The lonliness of the long distance runner

Woman with umbrella on rail road tracks

A dog enjoys a little sun

Woman on a bicycle after the big rain

"Bird bird bird, bird is the word"

Guy with bald head reading the Columbia University Press

Down by the river #12

Dog day afternoon #7

End of the road

To go with the flow #5

Pals till the end of time

Salmon fillets ready for the grill

Foggy night at the Art Museum

Spider Man in America on a foggy night

A dog in repose #5

A man scowls at the camera on a foggy night

Return of the Spiderman

Tooth Fairy with Bluebird #7

Brother Ron #27

After the storm #24

Dogs at the park tonight

Splendour in the grass #5

Dog watching the world go by

Early morning in the City

The storm is coming #14

Picnic in the city

Great Blue Heron this morning at the river

Forest fire #7

Moon flower #5

The Art Musuem on a sunny afternoon

Of Sun and smoke

A Dog in Full #9

A Dog in Full #19

Dog in the dandelions #3

Seven trees in late March

Father and son at the Art Museum

Tableau at the Art Museum today

Hallway with waxed floors #7

Tableau #9 at the Calatrava yesterday

Truffle hunting in America

Down by the river #14

Woman watching the rainbow #5

The incredible lightness of being #5

And the band played on #2 in color

Mr. Bob #3

Father and son at the Art Museum

The lonliness of the long distance runner #2

A Perfect Storm

Tree with lighthouse during storm

Beyond Byzantium

The Storm is coming #27

Leopard pill box hat at the Art Museum

Man with multi-colored umbrella

Cloud at sunrise

Foo Foo Fighter

Tree with looped branch and picnic table #7

No Nikon D3 from Santa

Winter in Wisconsin #9

Winter in Wisconsin #2

di Suvero sculpture in gently falling snow

Multi-colored umbrella by picnic table in fog

If I die in a combat zone, box me and ship me home

The struggle is over

Man with frozen beard

New ad for Miller Genuine Draft?

Warrior in black and white

Of Sun and Steel

From here to eternity #4

Picnic table and umbrella on a foggy day in Milwaukee

Snowy night at the Calatrava

Man in fog with multi-colored umbrella admiring the old water tower

Snow man melting in the foggy woods

Foggy morning #8

Snowman #2

Memorial to Princess Di

Memorial to Princess Di #2

Snow Person with pink scarf

The Big Chill #5

Water fall in the abstract #2

On Golden Pond #3

Going home

Man with red umbrella in snow that is apparently bull-legged

Shelter from the storm redux


The Big Chill

Walking the dogs #17


After the blizzard #7

Red umbrella by old door

Man with red umbrella in snow storm

Bull-legged man with red umbrela 38

Light house with red umbrella #5

Cold day in the neighborhood

Dogs on ice

Man in shorts with red umbrella

Bike rider in fog #2

Mi casa es su casa

Forever and ever

Mi casa es su casa numero dos

Blue berries on old window

At the Calatrava yesterday

Street preacher feeding the fish

Blizzard of 2008

Door in snow storm

Lonely days are gone #7

Snow-blowing in America

Behind the Green Door #5

Five trees get ready for the storm

Bus stop in blizzard

Form with no visible function

In the big scheme of things .......

Old water tower as the snow falls

Snowshoeing in America

Snowshoeing in America #2

A Winter's Tale #8

A dog looks back on his life as the snow gently drifts all around him

Of dreaming I was a dog running on a frozen river as the snow flew all around me

Tree with looping branch #27

Blue and white umbrella after the storm

After the big rain

A Winter's Tale #14

Man with beard at the Calatrava #2

Squeeze box #25

Bulldog at the Calatrava #5

Red umbrella on picnic table #2

Ice cream vendor

Sailboat in early evening light

A big and ugly Nazi taking my photo at a demonstration

Steel worker in America

Free, free at last

On the beach

Praying on the beach

Bride in pink dress

Woman in yellow shorts with dog

Early morning fog

Man with big tattoo on his back

The front is moving in

Bride with flower girl

Shelter from the storm #7


Shelter from the storm #5

Curtain blowing in the wind at sunrise

Hi tech in America

A man in full

Man with red umbrella at the Calatrava #8

Foggy day at the beach

On the beach #18

As the evening sky grew dark

At the Calatrava #89

Man with snakes

The evening sky grew dark #5

Man with boa constrictors #7

Guy with white stuffed animal

Man upon hearing of John Edwards affair

Lonely days are gone

Harley rider with orange in his beard

Busker playing sax in late afternoon light

A new day is dawning #5

Getting some air in late afternoon light

Catching some air #4

Catching some air #9


Busker playing sax with shadow #2

Bottles in abandoned factory

Abandoned factory #5

The unbearable lightness of being #6

Boot camp #7

The angle of the dangle #5

Sax man under bridge #12

#1065 at the Beef Expo

Who says global economy isn't working?


Couldn't wait a minute longer


In good hands

Wall Street investment bankers celebrate the 700 million dollar bail-out

Man of FuMancha

Here's looking at you

All quiet on the western front

In late afternoon light

Clouds in early morning light #2

Autumn in Wisconsin

Old gas pump covered in ivy

Black hands with orange necklace

The twilights last glimmer

Welding rods in an abandoned factory

Man in an abandoned building with flag

At the lagoon today

Welding room in abandoned building #2

Man with snakes #5

Wading to Byzantium #2

Man with joker tattoo

Busker playing sax on Wisconsin Ave.

Empire fading #5

My future abode if the stock market keeps crashing

Early morning swimmer

Late afternoon on a small lake in Northern Wisconsin

Log that looks like a man with long toe nails

Waterfalls on Lost Creek

Red oak leaf under the ice

Wishing I were young again

Late Fall in a small Wisconsin town

Waterfall in black and white

Hope springs eternal #5

Rock of Gibraltar #1

Waterfalls in black and white #5

Tina #4

Winter is near

The Calatrava with wings folding

Sunrise with ice on log

Ice covered log at sunset

Early morning wave

Abandoned laboratory

Winter is coming #8

The blizzard of 2008 #9

Sunrise on Lake Michigan yesterday

What the world needs now is more Coca-Cola

Frozen posts at North Point #15

Jaws of death

Oak leaf on ice

A Winter's Tale #15

Man walking on a cold and windy day

Mi casa es su casa with red berries

Winter is officially here I am afraid

Posts with ice caps #2

Free, free at last!

Four trees in fog #25

Tree in fog #37

Born to be wild

A Winter's Day #18

Geese at sunrise #5

Dreaming of a long journey into night

Cold day in Chicago

Millenium Park in Chicago

Young man in lightly falling snow

Chicago police in Millenium Park

Ice dragon #2

Another cold morning at the lakefront

Man at bus stop in black and white

On the history of science #5

Dog on frozen lagoon #4


A man sits on the ice contemplating the ups and downs of the stock market

Jogging in America

Nine months and counting

Man washing his car

Woman on North Ave.

Young man washing his car #5

Tire swings in Milwaukee on a warm winter day

Scene at the Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Security guard at the Calatrava #8

Sunrise at North Point

A kid sits and contemplates the world around him

How I feel as I watch our politicians pontificate on the stimulus bill

Woman photographing her pregnant friend #2

End of an era

California Dreaming

Trees at sunrise

Cat with blue eyes

Cat with blue eyes #2

A walk in the snow

Trees in snow

Man on Brady St.

Boys of summer are coming soon

Winter morning - Lake Michigan

Man in red jacket watching the storm

Jogging in Milwaukee in late afternoon light

Early morning rain

Man in fog #15

Foggy days turn in to foggy nights

Woman if foggy woods #7

Man selling pencils on Wisconsing Ave. in Milwaukee

Man in green hat with brown dog

Man with green hat, cigar and dog at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Checking out the storm

Man selling pencils #3

Foggy day in Milwaukee #8

A Winter's day in Milwaukee

Nude on plastic with blue umbrella

Chair in snow with red umbrella

Discarded chair in snow today

Man with mustache on Wisconsin Ave.

What I purchased with my AIG bonus

Man on Mitchell St. @3

Man on Mitchell St. #7

Easter shrine in Milwaukedd

Men of Wisconsin Ave. in late afternoon light

Down the foggy ruins of time #7

Girl with green painted fingernails

Rainy day at the museum

Man with umbrella in rain

Lagoon in fog #7

The lagoon on a foggy morning #5

Danny Gokey in Milwaukee today

Willow tree with picnic table in fog

Woman with blond hair #5

Red umbrella in a field of dandelions

Dominic with cigarette #7

If I die in a combat zone #6

Dog with chair

The kiss observed

Bride and groom #7

Bride with flowers

Bride and groom #6

Bride and groom close up 2

From the Halls of Montezuma

Reflection #7

Semper Fi baby, Semper Fi!

A young girl watches and wonders

Sax man #27

Man in rain at the Calatrava #5

The Winter of her discontent #7

Flame tree with blue balls

Hula Hooping in America

Man hit by two bullets

The artrium of the Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum in late afternoon light

Back in the world #5

Washing his car #%

Marine wedding in Minneapolis

Summer days #7

Man with basketball in late afternoon light

Dreaming of better days to come

Summer days in color

Red rose in garden mist

Artist with yellow chalk

Fire on Richard St.

Firemen in smoke #5

Of Ying and Yang in a post-modern America

Mission Accomplished #5

Putting out the fire

At the Calatrava #78

A dog at rest

The Reunion

Endless Summer

Michael, Michael

Dominic and Bella #9 in black and white

A dog in the fog

Doll on cracked winshield #7

Fire in the city #7

Man at bus stop with plastic bag

Chalk artist

Pray for peace but ...

Blue slide on raft in early morning fog

Foggy morning on Legend Lake

Maple leaf on Wolf River #5

Late afternoon in the Windy City

Woman with red purse

Chicago chronicle #2

Blonde on Michigan Avenue

9Chicago #

Sailboats in America #5

Kid with spiked hair

At the parade

Folding the flag

Trees in fog #19

On the rocks in black and white

Frisbee in late afternoon light

Frisbee in America #2

Frisbee in America #12

To be alive in the city #7

Balloon flag in water

Ducks in early morning light at the lagoon

Guys at the beach

Lo Duca #19

Stranger in a strange land

It was a dog day afternoon

Woman with long fingernails

Dusting the Calatrava

Runner with dog in late afternoon light

Dog walker at sunrise

Squeeze box #19

After the factory closed down #&

Bottles in an abandoend factory

Big brown bottle with a knife and fork in it

A room with a view #12


Old abandoned factory #9

Frisbee players #13

Broken glass on old radiator

Dog running in late afternoon light

Diners at night

Woman in red with hoops

Woman with hoops #3

A Winter's Day #27

A Winter's Day #28

Lucha Libre en Milwaukee

Trees as Winter approaches

Help, help me Rhonda #6 in the big storm series

Red umbrella with broken handle and green door

Under the board walk

Blowing snow in America #12

Red umbrella and an empty park bench

Runners in the storm


Red umbrella at the Calatrava #37

Last of the Samurai

Free at last

Marine Vietnam Veteran

Dog and owner on Brady St.

Woman with tatoo

Man on Brady Street

Self-portrait at the Calatrava #19

Red umbrella at the Calatrava #19

Ice is nice and will suffice

Trees in winter #15

Multi-colored umbrella at the lagoon #12

Tree in winter #17

Man with pink tie

Man with orange scarf

Red Umbrella #13 at the Calatrava

Legs by fence

Flag and gravestone

Woman with red umbrella

Last of the Samurai #5

Under the bridge

Self-portait at the Calatrava as the snow fell lightly

Young man with a shadow on his chest

Looking at Ground Zero

Angel in America

At the cemetery #5



Fire in Milwaukee a few weeks ago


Big guy at the Polar Plunge



vet woman 1


Milo in snow storm #1

Man with pink tie

Kid on bike watching the dancers

Frozen fence


Lighthouse with ice

Listen to the lion #5

Morning ice

Running to Byzantium #8

Man with red shovel

Snowblowing in America #17

Frog #7

Working out in America #16

Bull dog on Brady St.

Under the bridge #5

Dogs in car during a snow storm

Early morning in winter

Early morning at the lakefront

Under the bridge during a lightly falling snow

A dog in full #16

Snow blowing in America #14

Four trees

A woman of the American Legion

Working out in America #12

Kid on a bike in late afternoon light

Geese in early morning light

Geese getting ready to head south

Early morning on Lake Michigan

Clown in America

Clowns in America

Man on a foggy day in Milwaukee

Late afternoon fog in Milwaukee

Ice is nice and will suffice

Oak leaves in Winter

Fire in the city

Reflection from bridge

Lion in winter

Man with white beard and blue eyes

Man watching parade

Geese in early morning light

Man with beard #12

Man looking through me #9

Jogger in fog #17

Man at the parade #15

Red umbrella with blue sky and salt

Man with hat in fog #3

Runner in fog #8

And the band played on #7

It was a perfect day for bananfish

Frozen fence at sunrise

Early morning on Lake Michigan

The show must go on

Woman in black and white

A walk in the park #6

Semper Fi #9

Horse chestnut tree in fog

Man who saw through me #7

Getting ready

Dog in lightly falling snow #5

Shooting the sunrise on Lake Michigan

Cold morning on Lake Michigan

Lined up

Out of the rain #6

Woman waiting for a ride #4

Pink clouds

Hooping it up #6


Sunrise in winter #5

Runners in late afternoon light
















Dogs in car during snow storm #5

Snowblowing in America #13

Winter sunrise on Lake Michigan

A new day is dawning

Garage and trailer in northern Wisconsin

Taking the North Country Trail

rRunners in America #25

Old hunting shack in the North Woods

Trees in Winter #29

American Dream #17

Kid with attitude

Apple in fog #21

Bag in lagoon

Winter in the woods

Early morning sunrise in fog

Chalk artist #25

Woman at wedding

Bear with bare face

Black bear in late afternoon light

Red umbrella in woods #1

Bridge from below

Blond with purse #5

Man in Civil War hat #5

Bride and groom #9

Ducks in early morning

Forest floor in spring

Geese in black and white

American Dream #7

Abandoned hunting shack

Purple Iris

Lion in Winter

Logging in America #7

Flower girl checks out the Marines

Flower girl checks out the Marines

Wanna be Russian

Dog running in Winter

Lined up and ready to roll

Boat in early morning light

The harbor in late afternoon light

Blowing in the wind #12

I could have danced all night

Street preacher looking something up for me

The Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum at nigth

Billy Joel was here

The lagoon in earyl morning fog

Man in chicken costume

A man celebrated the morning

Man in full size mosquito net in the early morning fog

Guy at abandoned convent #6

Guy with snake #6

Red seeds #5

Dog in front of horse chestnut tree

Guy with grill and snake

Man with pink mosquito net #7

Brother Ron makes a point

Woman with hair blowing in the wind

Too much to drink

Green trailer in the north woods

The harbor in early morning light

Hunting shack

Iris #7

Tree in fog #35

Under the over pass

Man in chicken suit #5


Moon over Lost Lake

Running with veil

Old piano with flag

Pink flowers with white tips

Bear looking at me

Veteran at Veteran's Day Parade

Selling flags on Veteran's Day

Veteran on Veteran's Day

Storm cloud #5

After the storm #24

Lifeguard boats after the storm #5

Raft in late afternoon light #8

Woman with red umbrella in front of ivy

My neighbor with blond hair

Dandelion #6

Two deer on the beach

The forest floor #5

At the lagoon the other day

Veteran of an old war

Tiny swans at the lagoon


Canon #12

Civil War guys with canon

Winter 2010

Swans in America #14

Portrait of a woman #19

Hamburger stand in early morning light

Tree in fog #28

Lincoln Continental under bridge

A Man in Full #13

A Man in Full #19

Old piano #12

Old piano with shroud

A Man in Full on a picnic table

Rainy day #12

Swans #26

Swans #14

Swans #29

Swans #32

Swan #5

Trees on small hill

Veteran at the Memorial Day Parade

A Man in Full #19

Under the overpass

Lake Calhoun in late afternoon light

Crane at the harbor

Bridge in early morning fog

Sunrise at the harbor #16

Winter sunrise at the lake

Crane at harbor #3

Man with hat and glasses in fog

Storm could #12

A man in full #18

Winter along the lake #43

Old piano #15

A simple question

Runners #18

Abandoned hunting shack #11

Old piano with a man in full #12


Green boat with white rope

Serious about getting a good photograph

After the storm #34

After the snowstorm #12

Storm cloud #27

Light at the end of the tunnel

Glow sticks, Cotton Candy and Popcorn in America on the Fourth of July

Straightening the Quinciera dress

Rugby afternoon in Milwaukee

_Fourth of July #14

Fireworks at the Calatrava #14

Fireworks at the Calatrava #26

Flag at rest #13

Racist Hipster #4

Refreshment stand under heavy fire

Born on the Fourth of July #5

Fireworks at the Calatrava

Flag on ivy covered wall

Safe at second

At an angle

Lawn chair on foggy beach

At the fireworks #12

Fireworks in America #24

Gas station in early morning light

After the storm #39

Old piano #7

Dog with lawn chair on beach

Cut down some more trees, the loggers need the money

Log after the storm

Marina after the storm

Scene from the filming of the new Transformer movie

Hoopster #28 in America

Flooded parking lot in America

Flag with old piano #12

Wedding in America #18

Slide trombone player #17

Hunting shack in America #19

Bike race #1

Bike racer #6

Bike race #2

Bike race #3

Bike race #5

Bike racer #1

Late afternoon in the city

Bike racer #29

Grafitti in old factory #34

Safe at second #12 in color

Bike race #32

Bike racer #22

Bike racer in color #29

Man with water bottle on his head

Woman on Brady Street

Woman on Brady Street

Bartender on Brady Street

Bmx'er on Brady Street

Man with water bottle

Cooking corn on Brady Street

Brady Street #19

King of Brady Street

The battle never ends

Brady Street #12

Family affair

Saturday afternoon

Bartender on Brady Street

Catching some air

Chess player on Brady Street


Wrestling in America

Man in sunlight with red umbrella

Water skier in America #4

Water skiing in America #5

Waterskiing in America #29

Water Skiier in America #32

Young man selling soda

BMX'r at Brady Street Days


Chair on beach in fog

City of the big shoulders #12

Glow stick guy #15

Gas station in early morning light

Glow stick guy #12

Man under big mosquito net in black and white

After the big rain


Man under big mosquito net in color

Man with red umbrella and flag

Family get together

Dog on beach with chair



Veteran in color

Waterskiier #29


Carnival worker at the State Fair

Lake Calhoun with clouds

Family fun

Foggy morning by the railroad tracks

Old piano

Getting ready

Man with red umbrella in sunlight #2

Roboman with redhead

State Fair

Couple at the Calatrava

Young swans

Woman with big sunglasses

Wrestling in America #13

_Umbrella on a foggy morning

_Water skiier #29

The lightning was getting pretty close

Porta-potties in America #5

Running in the snow

Abandoned pump house

Abandoned gelatin factory

Light bulb in abandoned building

Old pumphouse in black and white

Wrecking ball gets ready to finish the job

I saw this guy and I knew he was pretty serious

Woman with big sunglasses

Red maple leaf in a pool of algae

Rope-a-dope #5

Rainbow after the storm

Rainbow at North Point yesterday

After the storm #27

After the Storm #29

Rainbow after the storm #19

Calatrava in fog #19

Dogs with red umbrella #12

Bulldog puppy in America #5

North Point at night

Twilight in black and white #5

Kid with attitude #7

Kid in yellow suit

North Point #35

Cat on a hot tin chair

Bottles in abandoned laboratory

Abandoned factory #9

Rope in abandoned building

Steps in an abandoned building

Bottles in an abandoned laboratory

Flag in abandoned building #9

Hat in abandoned building #5

From the Halls of Montezuma #13

Angel #8

Dog in snow #19

Foot and hand of an angel

Guys on beach with cowboy hats #3

Mi casa es su casa numero quince

Stop in the name of love

Early winter on Lake Michigan

Winter storm in Milwaukee #2

Watching the waves crash into the pier

Polar Bear Plunge in Milwaukee New Year's Day

Winter in Milwaukee

Man in black and white

On the waterfront

On the waterfront #5

On the waterfront #9

Shangrila redux

Don't tread on me

Man in Shangrila with attitude #5

Man with red umbrella at the Calatrava #27

Man with red umbrella at the Calatrava #35

Dogs in snow storm #9

Flying in winter

A Winter's tale #15

One hour before the Green Bay Packer game

Last ship before the freeze

Trees in blizzard #5

After the blizzard #7

Dog in winter #13

A Winter's day #6

Steel rail blues #9

After the big blizzard

Man at the library

Dog in blizzard #12

Boogie boarding in America #14

Boogie boarder in America #5

On the beach

Mi casa es su casa numero 25

Walking the dogs

Woman on Wisconsin Avenue in black and white

Photo in old TV set

Dogs in early morning light

Hoop Dream #12

Bike race #12

Bike racers in black and white #5

Bike racers #25

Bike racers #29

Bike racers #34

Bike racers #39

Bike racers #16

Bike racers #8

Blue ball in lagoon #5

On the beach #12


Brother Ron #27

Self-portrait #12

Dogs on dock #5

Flag waver in America #12


The harbor at sunrise

The lagoon in fog

Volleyball in late afternoon light

Fourth of July

Popcorn stand at the fireworks

Fireworks at the Museum

The big bang #7

Twilight and gleaming

Chess player #7

Guy with blue hat

Land paddler #5

Runner #9

Runner #15

Runners #8

Early morning at the harbor

Moving on #12

Wrestler #4

Wrestler with sunglasses

Make the move

Fireworks at the museum #5

Fireworks at the museum #18

Fireworks at the cantina #19

On the beach #18

Woman in doorway

The pagoda

A flower in full

The Procession #7

The Procession #14

Wilson redux

Fireworks #17

Fireworks #7

Early morning at the harbor

Blue ball in underpass #5

Blue balls in lagoon #14

Beach this morning while walking my dogs

Dogs playing #19

Fireworks #24

The big hug #12

Some kind of photo shoot

Chalk it up #5

Woman with blue whatever it is

Red car

Cowboys at the beach #7

Guy on Main Street #5

Volleyball at the beach #7

Dog in forest after the storm

Don't get me wrong

Behind the fence

Skullduggery in America

Help me Rhonda!

Contemplating the revolution

Model with yellow stripe

Remember the good times

World on fire

Waiting for the revolution

Chairs on fire

Pink mosquito net in old factory

Pink mosquito net in old factory #2

Pink mosquito net blowing in the wind

Wedding shoot at the Calatrava

Pink mosquito net in old factory #7

Pink mosquito net in door of old factory

I think she liked me #7

Women with white wigs

World Trade Tower beam with flag


Pink mosquito net in abandoned building #9

Pink mosquito net blowing in the wind

Dog on beach after the storm

Tic tac toe after the rain

Yellow caution tape at the port

Guy on Brady St.

Smoking in America #5

Woman on Brady Street

Guy on Brady Street in black and white #12

At the Calatrava

Dogs on beach #12

Dogs in black and white #16

Dogs in color #19

Flag flying in late afternoon light

The Calatrava is about to close for the day

Man on Wisconsin Avenue #14

Man with flag by blue barrell

Man on First St.

Man with orange hat

Hoop dream #5 in C minor

Down with Wall Street protest

Window washer at the Calatrava

Dog walker in late afternoon light

A dog at rest

Man with flags

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Maple leaves in late afternoon light

Man with orange beads

Protecting us from ourselves

Sculpture at the Walker

It was a cloudy day in the neighborhood

Couple at the Calatrava

A Chinese kind of scream

Out of Iraq #14

Red umbrella after the storm #12

After the storm #12

Ship at sunrise

The submariner in slow motion

Sunrise #5

Sunrise #6

Sunrise #9

Sunrise with flag #5

Sunrise with flag #7

Sunrise with flag #9

On the beach #29

Here comes the sun

Hello again

Fire on North Avenue

Sunrise #19

Early morning at the beach

Man with flags #35

The marina in early mornig light

Early morning on Legend Lake

North Point in early morning light

Manikens #23

With one hand tied behind her back

Flotsam at the beaver dam

Sunrise #89

Mausoleum on the hill in Winter

Fireworks at the lakefront

Early morning at the marina


Calatrava in snow #29

Early morning at the old pier

Wave action #19

Chalk artist #15

Blowing in the wind #19

Divining light #15

Sunrise at North Point #44

Seagull on beach #12

Ship at sunrise #74

Thistle in America #12

Michigan Avenue at 25 miles per hour #5

Michigan Avenue at 25 mph #12

Milwaukee Street at 20 mph #5

Wisconsin Avenue #25 miles per hour #27

Cooking the books version #15

Dance to the music

State Street at 30 miles per hour #68

Wave in late afternoon light

Shake and bake #2

Calatrava in fog #79

Calatrava wings in motion

Flag on old sofa #44

Dogs at large

The Performing Arts Center at 30 miles per hour

Dog on the run

Dog on the run #4

Winter sunrise #25

A dog in full #29

Rocks in winter

Dogs in blizzard #12

Dog in snow #16

Family on Brady St.

Snowing at the Calatrava

Dogs running in Winter

Dogs in a blizzard

Dog running #5

Dogs in car #5

Sunrise Hermosillo #5

Tree gently weeping #5

Woman at bus stop #5

Flag of our fathers #25

Birds with three trees in Winter

Shooting the pooches

Flag in snow #12

The pier in Winter

Winter at the lagoon #12

The big storm is coming #37

Tree weeping gently after the storm

White glove #5

It was a dog day afternoon

White glove in early morning light

Ice is nice and will suffice

At the lagoon

Abandoned building in America

Flag in winter

Trees in early evening

Flag in winter #12

Master Lock - Made in the USA

North Point at sunrise #37

North Point #29

North Point at sunrise #26

Flag in winter #14

Dogs in winter #9

Trees in winter #35

After the blizzard

Trees in storm

Family on Brady Street

Perch Lake in winter

If I die in a combat zone #7

Cottontails at the lagoon

Dogs in car during a snow storm

Geese in the lagoon

At the lake front

Ice over the stream

All quiet at the lakefront

Full moon at the Calatrava

A winter's tale

Late afternoon at the lakefront

The storm just missed us

Ice chunk numero diez

Cold morning


Navy Seal training rope tower=Coronado, Ca.

Early morning on Lake Michigan

Early morning photo shoot in Milwaukee

Pilings in Lake Superior

Dogs in early morning fog

Bella on Brady Street #6

Bella on Brady Street #5


Cowboys at the beach in black and white

Mother and child #5

Dogs in early morning light

Apple in early morning fog

At the beach in late afternoon light

Beach dynamics #5

Beach dynamics #2

Beach dynamics #3

Beach in late afternoon light

Ready for take-off!

Cowboy on the beach

Birch bark at the beaver pond


Apple blossoms

Hoop dreaming #8

Kite flyers in America #5

Lagoon in winter #5

Balancing act

Hoop dreams #23

Early morning on the river

Early morning at Jones Island

Untitled #25

Go with the flow

After the crash

The crash

Bride and groom #12

Blue sky


Robin with blue egg

Barn #12

How about a ciggy?

Typical Cubs fan #7

Early morning at the wastewater treatment plant

Man with umbrella #19

Woman at the pagoda

Belly dancer in America #5

Biker in winter

Bride and groom by railing under blue sky

The sky is falling

Belly dancers in America #34

Pier right before sunrise

Sunrise at Bradford Beach

Band member

Watching the train go by #5

Man on bench

Sunrise at the harbor

Monarch wing with spider

Flag in snow

Totally tubular

Early morning frolic

Checking out the ice

Man on bench #5

After the big storm #37

After the big storm #23

Pier at sunrise #45

Trees in fog #25

Heads up #11

Veterans Day parade #21

Veterans Day parade #9

Veterans Day parade #16

Tic tac toe #13

Veterans Day Parade #5

North Point #67

Sunrise at North Point #35

Sunrise Lake Michigan #54

Sunrise Lake Michigan #52

Sunrise Lake Michigan #48

Sunrise Lake Michigan #45

SoHo redux #34

Sunrise Lake Michigan #23

WWII Veteran

Veteran's Day Parade #12

Lake Michigan sunrise #29

Decked out in red and blue

Winter tableaux #2

Winter tableaux

Woman after the Polar Plunge

Sunrise at Southpoint

First snow fall of the year

Cows forever and forever

Endless Winter

Endless summer #17

Dogs in winter #15

Road to perdition

Sailboat at sunrise

A Winter's Day #14

Waiting for Godot redux

Below zero on the shores of Gitchugumee

Cold morning at North Point

A Winter's Tale #29

Maple leaf on the Wolf River

Struggle Redux #7

Sunflower #24

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #27

Heading south

Cold night in the city

Power plant at sunrise

Frozen sunrise

Kid with crooked smile

Dog watching American Idol

Swan song in black and white

Foggy day after a big rain

A cold day in Milwaukee #7

Ice chunk

A Winter's day in Milwaukee

The city in late afternoon light

Ducks in early Fall

A Winter's day #35

A Winter's day #14

Red umbrella in front of, not behind the Green Door

Run aground

Man on Wisconsin Avenue #25

Every dog has its day

A dog in Winter #12

Tree in lightly falling snow #19

City lights #24

Flag on sofa #24

Ice chunk in color

lLighthouse in winter

A Winter's day #45

A Winter's day #47

Snow person with red umbrella

Never let me go #13

City lights

Ice in black and white

A dog in full #25

Snowperson with red umbrella and dog

Winter in America #56

Supersize it

Warning light redux

Frozen beachfront

Snowperson at the Seminary

A Winter's Tale #49

Chords in red, white and blue

Interview on 5th St.

A dog in full #58

Adjusting the hat

Love is a many splendored thing

Don't be coy #12

Sunrise at the harbor

Red umbrella at the Calatrava #67

Endless Summer #27

Belly dancers in America #25

A Winter's Tale #57

Late afternoon

Non-approved USDA lab

Summer fun

Beach music

Road in winter

Seen better days

Frozen river

A Winter's Tale #25

Getting it just right

After the big snow fall #24

Climate change?

Red umbrella in Winter #67

The woods in Winter #24

A Winter's Day redux

Running to Byzantium numero tres

Snow person redux

Sailboat in ice

Chalk art on State Street

A walk in the park redux

North Point in Winter #67

A Winter's Tale #29

A Winter's Tale #55

Flag in a frozen sea of calamari

Lighthouse in winter #25

Lunar landscape

A day at the beach #58

A day at the beach #53

Shroud of Turin #27

Standing your ground #12

A bride surprised #24

Geese at sunrise #46

North Point #68

Ship at night #24

Flag #24

Man with red umbrella #12

Man with glasses

Kid at the St. Patty's day parade

Flag in abandoned building #45

Man in abandoned building #7

Protest in Milwaukee

Fisherman in winter

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #46

View camera

Tomato fight in Milwaukee

Storm warning

Factory in winter

Woman with tatoo

Ultimate frisbee in the fog

Fisherman at sunrise

Kites in late afternoon light

Foggy morning

The end of Winter

Sunrise #67

Puddle at sunrise

Breast cancer walk/run in Milwaukee today

Mother and daughter in a sea of pink

A man in bloom

Parade Rest

Young Marine at the Veteran's Day Parade

Veteran at the Memorial Day Parade

Sunrise #55

A Man in Bloom #21

Korean War Veteran #23

Marine Vietnam Veteran #7

Korean War Veteran #5

World War 2 Veteran #5

Self portriat on bridge #5

At the Calatrava, tourists!

Power plant at sunrise #89

Portrait #89

Sunrise #47

Tree in fog #45

Rainbow after the big storm #23

Sunrise #73

Sunrise #68

Sunrise #67

Sunrise at Atwater beach yesterday

Sculpture with birds at sunrise

Sunrise with contrails

Early morning in Milwaukee

Calatrava #90

Trout fishing in America #23

Veteran of the great war #2

Sunrise #78

Close call high in the sky

At the air show #25

Dogs on beach

Heart full of sun

At the old Coke factory

At the old glue factory #24

Tangled up in blue

Woman on Brady Street #7

Man in black and white


Radiator with helmut

Lab in old building #24

Lab in abandoned building

Safety first

At the fair #29

Man with mustache #12

At the State Fair

Man with tattoo at the Harley anniversary party

Man with tattoo at the Harley anniverary party

Harley at the Calatrava

Man with hat at a street festival

Harley rider with mohawk

Bride and groom in color

Inside an abandoned building #47

Boot in old factory

Sunrise Lake Michigan #90

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #89

End of an era

What's up?

Untitled #24

portrait time

Union station

Man with red hair #6


Getaway car

Fishing in America #27

Man with black umbrella #5

Lake Michigan November

Outlaws in America

Robin #56 - reminds me of some of our whiny politicians

Blue Bayou #14

Flight of the Blue Condor

You looking at me?

Reflection #68

Foggy days #19

Pyramids in Winter #23

Dog in snow #68

Sunrise this morning

Global warming bike ride

Man in deep fog

Another storm is coming

A thousand Swedes

Park bench in Winter #35

Winter is coming #27

The big storm is coming #78

A dog in full #78

Winter in the big city

A Winter's Day #68

Snow falling lightly #25

Man at the Polar Bear Plunge

Sailor in America #24

A little on the chilly side if you ask me

Some kind of initiation thing

Sailor boy in Winter

Dip in Lake Michigan

A little on the cold side

Global warming #15

15 below zero #18

Fifteen below F #5

Trees at sunrise #46

Hold the phone Chuck, it's cold out there!

A Winter's Tale #19

Late Winter afternoon

At the beach in Winter #65

On the beach in Winter #25

Waiting for the Titanic #21

At the beach in Winter

Waiting for the Revolution #79

A perfect day for banana fish #21

Trees in Winter #67

Duck on ice

The world was on fire #25

Room with a view #64

Ice Fishing in America #23

Blue balls in Winter #12

Winter sunrise #89

Running to Byzantium and beyond

Winter evening #63

Winter sunrise #27

Untitled #24

Blue ball in grotto

A simple twist of fate #56

Weep for me Argentina!

In to thin air

Afternoon delight

Trees on a cold and windy day #27

But oh that I were young again!

Trees in freshly falling snow #79

Winter sunrise #45

Winter Sunrise #107

Winter Sunrise #97

Winter sunrise #89

A Man in Full #78

Tip of the ice berg #34

A winter's day #78

Crack in the ice at sunrise

Ice ripples

Wave #45

My ship is finally coming in, I knew it would eventually!

Air conditioning in the Global Warming Era

Icebergs on Lake Michigan #45

New ice in the Global Warming series

Ice fishing in America #21

Dogs at dusk #37

Ice cave #23

A day at the beach #45

For Russia with love

Tricky Dicky is alive and well

Frozen duck


Frank Ford, one of Milwaukee's best photographers

Ice ice baby

Night moves #5

Spring has sprung

Night move

Dog in fog

The way we were

Bridge over troubled waters

Surf's up

Sunrise Hernandez

The end of Winter

The revolution is just around the corner

Salmon fishing in America #24

North Point with out ice #12

Lake Michigan shoreline in fog

Foggy morning at the lakefront

Foggy morning sunrise

Foggy sunrise the other morning

Self-portrait at sunrise

Man with white beard

Kite flying in America

Foggy sunrise #98

I am a Walrus #24

Sunrise #89

Tourist in America #24

Trees in Winter #67

Winter sunrise #78

Self portrait redux

Shiny lens

Bike rider in fog #46

Sunrise #289

Born in the USA redux

Sunrise in the city #4

Film manipulation redux

Flag at Sunrise

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #129

Sunrise on Lake Michigan the other morning

Shine job in America

Sunrise Redux numero tres

A new day is dawning

Afternoon near the Crazies

Heading for the Crazies #8

Heading for the Crazies #5

Another big storm is brewing!

Driving in America

Heading for the Crazies

Beach at sunrise #78

Flag in Winter #27

Sunrise at Boulder Point

VA cemetary in Milwaukee

Mannequin retirement home #5

Mannequin retirement home #2

Bless you my bald headed son

Sunrise with boulder covered sheets

VA Cemetery in fog #21

Sunrise workout

Leopard pill box hat at the Calatrava #5

Young women in passing car #45

It was a truly hunk-dory full moon night!

Foggy morning at the football field

Sunrise at North Point #178

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #58

Sunrise at Boulder Point #45


Foggy morning on Lake Superior

Hold the phone Chuck, it's cold!


Canoes at the lagoon

Foggy morning on Legend Lake #23

Sunrise at Boulder Point #45

After the big storm #89

Took my Chevy to the Levy #43

Early morning on a cold day

Hold the phone Chuck #76

Room with a view #21

Talking Head #67

Waterfalls in winter #23

Full Moon at Boulder Point

Sunrise this morning

Room with a view #55

Lighthouse at sunrise #12


Skating in America #2

Hold the Phone Chuck #89

Hang Ten #44

Tire in late afternoon light #12

The beach in black and white

Man with tattered flag

Untitled #45

A room with a view #23

Sunrise at Big Bay #23

the big wheel #56

Bus stop after the big storm

Sunrise #98

Man with Mask #78

Harbor at Sunrise #47

Hang on Sloopy

Sunrise in Winter #45

Sunrise at Boulder Point #56

Clouds and the Calatrava #78

At the flea market

Dog at protest rally

Hooping it up in America

Ice on fence

At the lagoon

Checking out the situation

Life in the city

Lined up nice and neat

Running in the storm

Jesse Jackson a few weeks ago

Swan Song


Sunrise #45

Woman in red with hoops

Nightscape 378

Nightscape #45

Sunrise #78



Getting cold

Wanted some peace and quiet

Last of the ice

Man of La Mancha

Late afternoon at the lakefront

After the storm #24

Chalk artist with yellow chalk

Through a window

Fishermen in Winter

Portrait on building

Hoopster in Red #45

Late afternoon on a cold day

Sunrise in Winter #55

Cold this morning


Street party #23

Low rider of the puple sage

Sunrise and old pier #66

Dog #23

Ice in black and white

Sunrise at 8 below zero

Shark Attack

Jesse Jackson in Milwaukee

Lions in Winter

Sunrise in Winter #77


Sunrise in Milwaukee #234

Man of La Mancha

Found gun on beach

Sunrise in Milwaukee

Winter sunrise #44

Dog walker in America

Parade Rest

M60 machine guns circa 1969

Frozen pier

Red umbrella and a mountain of salt

Ode to a fallen seagull

Skateboarder with ink

Man with tear and red lips

Man in old doorway

Old Piano

Old pier at sunrise #23

Old pier at sunrise #44

Blackbird at sunrise

Old steps at sunrise

Old pier at sunrise

Old pier in Winter at sunrise

Sunrise in winter

Ice on beach

Boulder draped with zebra striped sheet

Sunrise #458

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Sunrise #284

Dog with drool #23

Leke at sunset

Late afternoon

Farm on fire

Life in the city #23

_Woman with unfinished tattoo


Summer is almost gone

Raft with slide in fog

Red sheet over boulder at sunrise

Fireworks Milwaukee #12

Running to Byzantium Redux

Siskiwit Bay sunrise #56

Lake Superior sunrise #12

Siskiwit Bay #47

Sunrise #45

Waterfalls #29

Waterfalls #23

Sunrise at the beach #89

Sunrise #78

Sunrise #67

Bellydancers in America


Young BMX'er getting ready to roll

Sunrise #56

Beach sunrise #45

Sunrise #45

Sunrise in black and whie

Paddle boarders at sunset

Sunrise #67

Sunrise #55

Sunrise #67

Jogger at Sunrise

State Fair #23

State Fair #45

State Fair #12

Sunflower in America

Sunrise with log

Sunrise at the beach

Lighthouse at sunrise

Sunrise on Siskiwit Bay

Man with hat and conch shell

Getting ready for the polar plunge

Two below zero this morning at the beach

The ice is just starting to form

Running to Byzantium in the fog

Ice arch in fog

Justin shooting in the fog

Cold morning with ice

A Winter's Day

A cold sunrise

Sunrise #45

Sunrise #45

Man with camera in black and white

The old man and the sea

A little CO2 never hurt anyone

Sunrise in Winter

Trees in fog

Man in fog

Man with dog

Hillary is coming, Hillary is coming!!!

A day at the beach

I should have attended this school, I could have been somebody.

Sunrise numero whatever

Sun rise with ice

Ice at sunrise #27

Ice at sunrise #2

The city in Winter #45

Sunrise in Winter #23

Sunrise in black and white #65

Sunrise #77

Sunrise in Winter #55

Twilight in northern Wisconsin

Man on Main Street #44

Sunrise in Winter #88

Sunrise in Winter #75

Sunrise in Winter #66

Sunrise in Winter #45

Security guard at the Calatrava

Girl on a hill

Early evening

Sunrise in Winter #56

A Winter's Tale #45

Mending the fence

Ice at sunrise #23

Ice at sunrise

Late afternoon snow storm

Sunrise in Winter #77

Sunrise in Winter #67

Sunrise in Winter #89

Sunrise #97

Sunrise #55

Sunrise #78


Sunrise in color #87

Sunrise in black and white

Winter sunset in color #56

Winter sunset #55

Sunrise with ice #78

Sunrise in winter #23

Sunrise with umbrellas circa the Lost Creek

Sunrise #125

Shani Davis racing in Milwaukee last month

Sunset in late winter

Bass player in black and white

Doll in old railroad car

Yoga at sunrise

The big storm is on its way

Calatrava security guard

Tracks in winter

Last of the ice

Man with Conch in faux polaroid

Sunrise #127

Sunrise #126

Sunrise #125

Trump Wave

The big storm is coming

_Portrait of a young man with sunglasses and hat

Chalk artist

Sunrise with ice

Red sofa with tire

Sunrise #89

Walking my dog at sunrise

Early morning reflection #2

Early morning reflection

Plastic pail buskers at Summerfest

Tanker with grafitti

Easter week

Winter sunrise in black and white

All was quiet

Afternoon on Siskiwit Bay

Trump is here in Wisconsin

At the harbor

Must have been some kind of Druid thing on the beach the other day

Sunrise with ice #44

Sunrise with ice #45

Sunrise with ice in black and white

Bracing for the big one


_Playing with some big waves

Sunrise the other morning

Processing plant in black and white

Paddle boards at the lagoon

Paddle boats in fog

Abandoned factoryu

Old sofa at sunrise

After the big storm

Woman on Brady Street

Beached canoes in fog

Man on park bench

Heading toward the Crazy Mountains

At the Calatrava on a foggy night

Man on Wisconsin Avenue

Sunrise in winter with nice ice

Man in fog

After the big storm #21

Old jacket with beer cans

Umbrellas on an old pier

Question mark

Father and son after the storm

Rusted bolt

Sky on fire at sunrise

Pond scum in America

Man with umbrella in fog

House with no windows

Ice fishing in America

Trump is so whiny and Hillary is so shrill

Sunrise at the harbor

Lost Creek Falls #45

By the shore of Gitchee Gumee

Inside a hot air balloon

Watching a wedding photographer at the Calatrava

Sunrise this morning

Dog walk in America #45

Late afternoon at the harbor

At the State Fair

Young women with wigs

Bike rider in fog

Late afternoon in the city

Hoop Dreams #33

Man of La Mancha #45

Bridge and clouds at sunrise

Sunrise on Mothers Day morning

Sunrise at the harbor

Dog at dusk

Salt pile #23

Salt overflowing its storage tank

Port-a-potty in America

Captives in black and white

Man on Water Street

Sunrise this morning

Brother Ron's car on Wisconsin Avenue

A walk in the park

Under the El

The top of Chicago last night

Busker on Michigan Avenue

The Bean in black and white


The endless summer #2

The endless summer

Summer in the city #13

The joy of busking

The high life

Lake Michigan sunrise #129

Late afternoon at the Calatrava

Chicago #34

Chicago #29

Chicago #23

A day at the beach

Mother and daughter at Union Station

Siskiwit Bay sunrise

The lagoon in black and white

Cattails at the lagoon

Honor guard resting

Remnants of an old civilization

Old building with clouds

Young man at sunrise taking photos with his phone

Tree stumps on beach on Lake Superior

Siskiwit Bay at sunrise #45

The Cranberry River entering Lake Michigan

Tree stumps in Lake Superior

Down at the harbor this morning

Sunrise this morning

Sunrise #455


Canoes in black and white

View from a train

Chair on dock in black and white

Canoe in black and white

St(Tr)ump me once, shame on you. St(Tr)ump me twice, shame on me.


At the train station

Sunrise before the big storm

Sunrise at the volleyball beach

Fireworks at the Calatrava

Tree stumps in Lake Superior

Fireworks at the Calatrava

Fourth of July at the Calatrava

Early morning at the lagoon

Woman with red hair and white dog

Union Station #35

Union Station #23

Sunrise this morning

Tent city in fog

Sunrise with fog

Hoop Dreams #34

Quiciera with dress

Sunrise #129

Vaping in America

Sunrise at the harbor

_Legend Lake in early morning fog

Bridal gowns in America

Chapel on a hill in winter

Chicago tableaux

Everyone loves a clown

Fourth of July at the Calatrava

Girl in white dress at the Calatrava

Sunrise at an old jetty on Lake Michinga

Sunrise #98

Storm at Siskiwit Bay #3

Salmon fishing in America #7

Salmon fishing in America #5

Sunrise #93

Sunrise #89

Sunrise #78

Clouds over Siskiwit Bay

Sunrise at the harbor

Power plant at sunrise #45

The big tomato war

Union Station #23

Chalk artist

A dog in full at sunrise


Sunrise #78

Bicyclist in early morning fog

Clinton voters to the left, Trump supporters to the right

Sunrise this morning (#89)

_Twilight gleaming

Siskiwit Bay revisited

Old truck in a sea of ferns

At the beach

Waiting at the bus stop

Through an old window

Mobile street preacher

The lagoon in fog


Lighthouse at sunrise #44

Man smoking with fuzzy hat

SoHo buskers #23

Drone over wedding couple

Flags in black and white

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #89

Lost Creek at sunrise with umbrellas

Sunrise #67

Fisherman at sunrise

Sunrise at the harbor


Trees in fog

Woman at the Calatrava

Drone over the newlyweds

Beached boat on rocks

The Droning of America

Storm over the City of Big Shoulders

Sunrise in black and white #89

The big storm is coming #45

Sunrise #297

A dog in full #14

Man who likes to roller skate with a Batman Doll

Picnic table on a foggy day

Sunset tonight with clouds

_Self portrait at an abandoned hunting cabin

Mountain of salt at sunrise

Twilight at the lagoon


Sunrise at the lagoon this morning

Sunrise #297

Boat at rest

Log jam in America #12

Lost Creek Falls in black and white

Sunrise this morning #129

The harbors last gleaming

Early morning at the river

Old Super Nash in a field

Siskiwit Bay #44

Self portrait with new Olympus Tough TG-4

Sunrise #167

My dog at rest

Amusement park at sunset

Two eyes in old industrial plant

The city in early morning light

Early morning at a small lake in northern Wisconsin

Lost Creek Falls before the snow

At an old pier this morning

Old house in the woods

Siskiwit Bay redux

The Road to Perdition

Before the big storm

Bridge of the River Kwai #7

Early morning on the Milwaukee River

Early morning light on a small lake in northern Wisconsin

Pink elephant with glasses

Sunrise the last day of November

Small boat in late fall

Old house in late fall

Sculpture over looking Lake Michigan

Bark Bay pond

Super Nash on a bleak November day

Snow covered canoes at the lagoon

Sunrise on Lake Michign

The beach in winter

Canoes in freshly fallen snow

Truck in black and white

Get ready!

Sunrise in Winter

Winter sunrise in black and whiteb

Sunrise in black and white

Sunrise with ice

Sunrise at five below zero

Sunrise in black and white#78

Sunrise in color #67

Demarious in black and white at the Calatrava

Sunrise in black and white #45

Sunrise in color this morning

Sunrise in black and white


Winter sunrise in black and white

A Soldier of the Great War

Watching the water freeze

Sunrise in Winter in black and white

Sunrise in Winter #84

Sunrise in Winter #78

Sunrise in Winter#55

Tree in Winter #55

Abandoned farmstead

Under the bridge at sunrise

Sunrise with contrails

Oak tree in Winter

Early morning


Ice sculptures in black and white

Sunset at the harbor

New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge

Sunrise this morning

Sunrise in Winter #79

Sunrise in Winter #82

Sunrise in Winter

Sunrise in Winter #78

Doing a panorama at the old factory

Winter sunrise #92

Sunrise this morning #81

Sunrise this morning #80

Sunrise this morning #79

Sunrise this morning #96

Sunrise yesterday

The last ice before the big melt down

Sunrise in Winter #144

Winter Sunrise #163

Sunrise in Winter

Sunrise in black and white

Sunrise this morning #275

Sunrise this morning

Sunrise this morning #243

Fence in fog

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #295

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #294

Geez, it was a sight to behold

They seemed like tiny dancers

Winter sunrise #212

Sunrise this morning #304

Are you looking at me?





In to the mystic






Sunrise with ice

Sunrise in winter #244

Sunrise #392

Sunrise #390

Water Buffalo near Kampot Cambodia

Near Kampot Cambodia

Young Buddhist Monks

Mountain top near Kampot Cambodia

River near Kampot Cambodia

Kep Cambodia

Khmer Rouge survivor

Waffle maker in Phnom Penh

Young Buddhist monks in Phnom Penh

Fishing in river near Kampot Cambodia

Boys on motos with fruit Phnom Penh

River near Kampot Cambodia

Young Buddhist Monks in a pagoda near Kep Cambodia

Man at a pagoda near Kep, Cambodia

Early morning near Kampot, Cambodia

Buddhist Shrine near Kampot, Cambodia

Loaded truck on the way to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Street sweeper in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Woman on bicycle near Kep, Cambodia

On the Mekong River in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Fish market in Kep, Cambodia

Man at sunrise

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Siskiwit Bay sunrise

Hiawatha walked on this beach

Don't Saab for me Argentina

They shoot horses don't they?

Woman with blue hat at Angkor Wat

Rainbow at Bark Bay

Siskiwit Bay at sunrise



Sunrise on a foggy morning near Lake Superior


Siskiwit River falss


Bark Bay at sunset


Old fishing boat in Herbster, Wisconsin

Sunrise at Bark Bay

Man in red shirt after the rain



Trees in fog

Siskiwit Bay sunrise

Boat at sunset

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Summer in the city

Siskiwit Bay before the storm

Lagoon at sunrise

Fireworks in America #13




Abandoned truck and church in Mildred, Montana

Crop duster in eastern Montana

Bighorn sheep in the Badlands

Robert Osborn in his gallery in Livingston, Montana

Lost Creek Falls

North Dakota Gothic

Contemplating the universe

Bighorn sheep in the Badlands

Blowing in the wind

Waiting for Godot in So Ho

Antelope in eastern Montana

Crop duster in eastern Montana

Driving Miss Daisy

Badlands of South Dakota

Paddleboards in America

Bighorn Sheep in the Badlands

In the Badlands

Lighthouse at Sunrise

Man with mustache at the State Fair

Sunrise #395

Lost Creek Falls

Early morning storm

Clouds over Eastern Montana

Sunrise at Bark Bay Slough

Storm clouds over Siskiwit Bay

Lost Creek #3

Sunset #278

All was quiet on the Northern Front

Lost Creek Falls

Sunrise near Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Lost Creek Falls #124



Indian Summer Festival here in Milwaukee

Sunrise #278

Sunset on Lake Superior

Rainbows on Lake Michigan

Sunrise #344

Monarch butterfly #4


Sunrise #347

Sunrise #349

Sky Pilots

A car in full

Born on the Fourth of July

The harbor in black and white

Bridge over the River Kwai

The Lagoon

The Endless Summer





Sunrise #288


After the storm

Man in temple








Dog with red tongue

Sunset at the lakefront


The lagoon with clouds

Sunrise with contrails

Life in the city

Tugboat at sunset

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #322

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #323

Sunset #23

Sunrise at the pierhead

Sunset #24

Sunrise in winter #445

Sunrise in winter #446

Ice in winter #322

Ice in winter #323

Ice in winter #329

Ice in winter #324


















Ice in winter #455


Winter ice #478

Winter ice #466

Snowy Owl meditating



Late afternoon ice

Sunrise #434

Ice in winter #255


Ice in winter #255

Ice in winter #256

Screech Owl in a Beech tree

Sunrise #507

The sky was on fire

Sunrise at Port Wing, Wisconsin


Woman at the Art Museum

Screech Owl in a beech tree #5


Picnic table in America #33

Picnic tables in America #7


Sunrise this morning on the shore of Lake Michigan

Channeling David Hockney

Seagull at rest

Sunrise #467

Rock of Ages

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #480

The End is Near

Man near the State Fair grounds selling bottled water

A room with a view

Busker on Michigan Avenue

Lunch time at the fountain

Chicago #44

Trout fishing in America #34

Native American #55

Channelling David Hockney

After the storm

Big storm is on the way

Sunrise at the harbor

Harley Fest before the storm

Sunrise with storm clouds

Sunrise this morning #388

Waiting for Godot

Storm clouds over Kampot, Cambodia

Bus stop on Michigan Avenue

Chicago tableaux #22

Sunrise in the city #78

Family photo with rainbow

After the storm #19

Three master at sunset

Sunrise at the marina #25

Watching the jets fly by

Window shopping for ever lasting life

Traffic jam

Poppies #27

Poppy #26

Man at the St. Patrick's Day parade

Man selling bottled water

Woman at the park with shadows

Storm clouds at sunrise

Bridge over the River Kwai

After the big storm #33

The End is Nearer than you think!

Lake Michigan sunrise #392

Profile of a Poppy in black and white

Low hanging November ice

The woods after the first snowfall

Salt farm near Kep, Cambodia

Chair at sunrise

Bus Stop on Michigan Avenue

The Bull Moose party is blowing bubble gum

Look West young man!

Of form and function

Sunrise #407

Trout fishing in America #44

Blue table at the beach

Model at sunrise

Boat as Star Wars helmet on a foggy morning at the lagoon

Foggy November morning

Sunrise with chair

Late afternoon ice

Ship on a cold day

Winter sunrise #365

Sunrise in winter #389

Winter ice #397

Winter sunrise #399

Winter ice #400

Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior

Fifteen below zero

Late winter ice

Sunrise #223

Ice covered fallen trees


A winter sunrise #405

Sunrise #404

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #401

Ice covered tree

Split Rock Lighthouse at 5 below zero

Split Rock Lighthouse at sunrise #6

Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse #7

Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse #12

A day at the beach

A day at the beach #4

A Brown Pelican on the fishing pier

Road to perdition redux

The Bascilica in early morning light

Hollywood, Florida at night

Florida sunset #34

Sunrise at Vania Beach

Snowy afternoon with picnic table

Snowy afternoon with picnic table #2

Bridging the gap

Swans in lightly falling snow

Snowy afternoon with picnic table #3

At the lagoon in lightly falling snow

Three Swans in lightly falling snow

A gap in the trees

Bent tree in lightly falling snow

















Double rainbow at the Veterans cemetery in Milwaukee

Sunrise on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee

Sunrise on Lake Michigan #344

Sunrise on Siskiwit Bay at Cornucopia, Wisconsin

At the beach

Free at last!

All jammed up!

Summer in the city

Mother and son reunion

Double rainbow at the Veterans Cemetery

Fog rolling in at the lakefront

A day at the beach with rainbow

Swan song at the lagoon

The big storm is coming, buckle up!

Tree in winter

Love is a many splendored thing

Ice is nice and will suffice

Dog walker at the lagoon

Sunrise at the pierhead

Sunrise with clouds

Sunset at Port Wing, Wisconsin

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Letters at sunrise

Surfs up

On the eve of destruction

Siskiwit Bay in black and white

A Winter's tale in black and white

Snow fence in America

Dog walker at sunrise

Snow shoveller in America

Tico with dog in a tent city

Mango seller taking a smoke break

Lotus flower in Cambodia

Siskiwit Falls near Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Mi casa es su casa!

The sky was on fire

The end of time

Sunrise on Lake Superior with ice

Split Rock Light House near Two Harbors, Minnesota

Sunrise with clouds

Sunrise at the lagoon

A boat for all seasons

Power to the people

Power to the people redux

Homeward bound

A street with no name

Grilling in America

Sunrise on the river


Self portrait at a wedding

The last snow fall of the year in black and white

Sunrise with seagulls

My dog with a blue boat

Man with protective gear during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 virus attacking Open Up Wisconsin protestors at the state capitol

End of the line

Boulder junction

Sunrise with log

Sailing to Byzantium

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

Sunrise on Lake Michigan with boulders

Sunrise on Lake Michigan with logs

On a small lake in northern Wisconsin

Sunrise on Siskiwit Bay in Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Environmental artist on the shore of Lake Michigan

Sunrise on Lake Michigan

The Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum with a sinking Buck Moon

Sunrise on Lake Michigan with wispy clouds

Sunrise on Lake Michigan with clouds

Sunrise on Siskiwit Bay in Cornucopia, Wisconsin













Sunrise on Lake Michigan #79

Angles and shadows

End of a flower

Rose in the garden in late afternoon light

The pierhead at sunrise #233

Spillover II by Jaume Plensa

Siskiwit Bay sunrise with storm clouds

Siskiwit Bay sunrise with sail boat

Sunrise at the harbor

After the big storm

Pipe dreams

Heron at sunrise

Sunrise with old pier