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Now in San Francisco, formerly in NYC.

I don't really post photos anymore, though I have a few up from the start of the photography foray. I enjoy looking at the galleries from time to time and love viewing the work of some of the amazing photographers here. When not bogged down by Nikon-Canon and "how big can I print" threads, I enjoy the forums and the nuggets of information and interesting people there, and I'm always game for an interesting discussion.

If you're in a San Francisco photography meet-up group or just want to shoot, drop me a line mentioning "" in the subject... always looking for others with inspiring work!

Country: US


2002 - Old Nikon Coolpix700 - Badlands, Black Hills, Yellowstone

Getting started - Nikon N80 and Coolpix 700



Wanted to shoot the peak, got this instead

Thermal feature in Yellowstone. Unmanipulated image

Can you guess where this frog is?? Constructive criticism always welcome

Lamar sunset

Lone roadside beauty in Badlands, SD 103^F

Howie, 3 months

Master of the House

Rural Tennessee Sunset

Master of the House - Diligently Sleeping

Time for a flower photo...

Lots of reading behind the lions ;-)

To Catch The Shadow: College Memories

Autumn Burning




Fake Tilt/Shift Macro

4th Anniversary

4th Anniversary


24 miles down

He crawled several feet