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Namibia & Bostwana

Faces from India people ...shot by a dentist

India , way of live

" dinner "

New Zealand

Spain , my country

North Ethiopia

South Ethiopia.

South Ethiopia -Hamer Initiation Ceremony




South Algeria or Tuareg country


Bolivia and Chile


Single Photos



Ladakh, India

Hands & feet of the world



Pushkar, the Camel Fair and Rajasthan


El Calafate, Argentina




Teenager of Himba tribe from Namibia

Himba kid


Herero tribe woman (Namibia)

Dead lake, Namib desert 1

Namib desert

Namib desert 3

Namib desert 4

sunset light & trees

Forest & fumaroles

sunrise and serenity

Show me your teeth , please

i´m shy!!

peaceful stare....

the magic is inside , i know

a nice and smiling vendor

pipe & serenity

a very nice woman

I miss my teeth

Mr white beard

me and my eyes

who are you ?


i´m thirsty

at school

red turban

white beard 2

he need a dentist

Old car.There was the family car when I was a kid

corner in a country house

A little nap

opium ceremony

symmetry and waiting man


living in a hole in the wall

A long corridor at maharaja palace

Ganges shore at early morning

woman at home

Ganges shore at early morning 2

jewels and misery

sunset... to Sig

Dirty face......

Drinking .....

Waiting .....

Lips without silicone!!

Adinath Temple

Boats in Bombay

Wonderful Window

Monocolor picture

Their first picture

Carpet worker

Jainist Monk

Cenotaphio at sunset

Adinath Temple

Cenotaphio at sunset ......... to Hanna Cowpe

Flirting with my Sony 717

Alberto Conde 1

Carlos Morales-Mengotti

Me,shot by Alberto...(no more my friend )

Charo Diez 3

Direct gaze!

Lonely tree at Namib desert

Colour party

Backpack Himba kid

Ganges river early morning 3

Sunset at Okavango Delta

May I help you ?

Thank madame !

Reflections on a cafeteria window

Meditating at sunset time.

Fog and rain in Milford Sound Fjord

The bride.

The fence in a minimalist pic.

Another minimalist pic.

This lighthouse has seen Julio Cesar!


black & white

Ciudad de las Ciencias ( Science¨s City)Acuarium

Ciudad de las ciencias (Science´s city ) Touch on Museum

My neighbor´s cat

Guillermo y Charo

Alberto,Marina , Guillermo , Charo

Monasterio de las Huelgas - Huelga´s Monastery

Covarrubias vindow

Cloister of Las Huelga´s Monastery


Yuso Monastery (XVIIc)- San Millan de la Cogolla

Yecla Tunnel

Street at Covarrubias village

Looking life passing by in Puentedura

Looking life passing by in Puentedura 2

As a Middle Ages house.

Another Calatrava´s bridge

Obi Wan kenobi, still Padawan, my pet

Virgin Marie pose and patriotic cap

Nice smile

Direct gaze.

Boy and flower

A no-comment pic .

A pleasant boy.

Sunset at Bahir Darh

A boy behind two eyes.

A pretty girl

Old lady


NO water at home ......

A happy ethiopean shepherd

A blind monk at home

Counting coins


A naif Veterinarian facade

An ethiopian man.

Home sweet home..........

Tatoo girl

No photo please !!

A woman making a handcraft.

Mother and baby

Two sellers waiting for a customer

Boring day for this man.

A couple!

A ethiopian man 2

XXI Century or Middle Ages?

Direct Gaze 3

A blind beggar.

Woman in a market

Sunset at Tana Lake

Two sisters.

Dashanes Boy

Dashanes boy 2

What you say ?

Omo River´s ablutions

Lalibela window

"Hey, they're both mine!"

Blind beggars women

Reading the Bible.

Konzo girls.

My teeth are broken !

The protagonist

Drinking a genuine alcoholic beverage

Old woman......... and hungry boy in the background

Woman and her trumpet.

Taking care of her kid.


Old scars on her the back

Men with whips are gathering.

Waiting a customer .

A monk showing us a Middle Age book.

Curious boy and girls in the background.

Smiling girl.

Baby and mammy

Girl ..cropped

My mommy loves me !!

Conso girl


A balcony in the moon.

Cactus Garden.

Cross street


The spring is coming.

Madrid 11-M , Atocha Station one week later

Madrid 11-M. Mourning white hands.

Madrid 11-m. Bringing up the new generation in a peaceful way.

Arbore boy

Sorry ......I´m a dentist

A country beggar.

Middle age man?


A monk reading the bible.

Going out the church.

A kalashnikov gun is guarding me.

Whipped back

Women gossiping.

Woman dancing

Direct gaze

A widow


Elderly men


Boy playing

Curious girls

A berebere pharmacy.

A ride thru the desert.

Sunset in a Kasbah

Castropol , Asturias

Santa Maria del Naranco. Pre-romanesque Chuch from IX century.


Desert sunrise.

Sunrise desert parade.

Man, Allah and.........sand.


Child and flys

Ait Benandou Kasbah

Women in a market.

Profile .....


Buy me the camel, please!

A kasbah in Dades valley.

A photo shop berebere.

Waiting in the street.

A balcony to paradise.

A house in a lava field.


A Photographer photographed

Womam singing

Arbore girl

Murzi woman

Clean teeth.

NO shoe enside the church.

Boys coming to the church.

Valdedios romanesque church. XI century

Gijon beach


Haarlem, science museum

Haarlem , science museum 2

Handicapped angel

Supmi girls


Turning page.


British Museum

British Museum 2



Bergen´´s houses.

To Alfred Hitchock.


A little nap.

The eye..

Two boys

Strawberry and boy.

Pepsi everywhere

Boy from Lalibela

At work


Rembrandt Museum

Rembrandt Museum 2


To Henry Cartier Bresson, in memoriam

Reading news?

Marrakech market.

He and his world.

Dades canyon.

Functional sculptures

Inside the museum.

Writing a postcard.

Aledsum city houses.

Flam Fiord

Functional sculptures 2

Textures, motocycle and boy running

British Empire

The doorman.

The polisher.

The market.

Flam fiord and seagulls.

Madam ....a pic please !

Malgache girl.

A malgache shepherd.


Malgache girl 2


The seller.

Mother and son.

Malgache landscape.

Mixture between African and Malaysian genes

My husband is you can see on my teeth.

Pretty girl.

Another malgache girl.

Try it will like! ;-)

A lemur at home.


A nice woman.

A worker

Ducks and man.

B&W portrait

Wet floor.

Surprised boy

Typical malgache coiffure.

I am Christian


The shop.

Window and textures

Partially sunk boat.

Don Juan ...."The arrogant"

A kiss under a tree.

The shadow


Curious man.

Looking to the Prehistoric time

Blue composition-1

Blue composition-2

A beautiful Tassili promenade

The sunrise light.

Women at sunset

Dreams up, reality down.

Tuareg in a cave.

Tuareg 1

Dunes and lava

Red roads Mars

Girl in Benares Street

Jaipur elephants

Sunset in Aledsum bay.

Supmi disappointed girl

Nature and Industry


Personal beauty.

Sunrise at Ganges River.

The mall


Que rico es estirarse !!!

My office.

My office 2

My office 3

The hole

Blue men

Looking at me.

Fotografo x3

Alberto y Pepi

El mundo alrededor de una Leica.

Las reinas

Fotosi alrededor de las fotos de Pepa

No recuerdo el autor...... sorry ,sorry

Eating spaghettis

Metrosexual in fraganti.

Pictures ....everywhere.

Aseptic gossip.

My first nude

A fashion camel

Tribal stigmated man.

Closing a door

Tuareg face

Making up the turban at sunrise

Mill 1

Mill 2

Mill 3

Where is Charowilly?

Pepa 1

Manuel en su casa.


Pepa 2


Alberto viendo fotos

Charo 2

Alberto y Charo

Manuel "sin nariz "

Salt worker 1

Salt worker

My hat !!!

A maidenly woman

Bolivian girl

Bolivian boy.


Painter pallet mountain.

A tip ,please !

Red lagoon and flamingos.


Boy from Potosi

Election time in Bolivia

Church from Bolivia

Jesuitic´s Mission from Bolivia.

A tip Please! 2


Wood hand crafted.

Llama a la llama llama, que es llama como se llama

Llama in Red Lagoon

Manuel 1

Los demas

Manuel 2

Obi y Manuel

Sunset, dunes and wind

Coming to the church.

Sweeping the Mission

Atacama desert.


Men from Bolivia

A ray of sun.

Two bolivian girls.

A shy boy

Salt worker 2

Market day in the city .

Sunset at Argentina.

Pink and grey sunset.

Bolivian couple.

Miner´s wife from Potosi.

Sunset an dunes 2

A promenade.

Cemetery of Sucre

Mission?s facade

Mint from Potosi

Sunset light.

Suspicious gaze.

Red Lagoon 2

Miss Maggy


Woman from the XXI century

Street from Potosi.

Curso de ortodoncia.

Curso 2

Mi jardin.

Electrics wires

Torres del Paine.

Tuareg 1

Tuareg 2

Shiny handrail.


Expodental 1

Niña, helado y......... churretes.

Obi enamorado.

Conversation 3

Conversation 2

Conversation 1

Come here !!

Pretty smile!

Gallery from Napoli.

Las piernas de la reina de los pies

La parejita... con su blur hamiltoniano.

la parejita y el colorinchi.

Guillermo y Charo ......agazapada.




Belen y Alberto

La Parejita 2

Glaciar Gry

The jail.

Osorno vulacano.

Sunset in Patagonia

Landscape from Patagonia.

Milodon Cave.

Divine composition.

Potosi convent.

One Mission wall.

Organ from the mission.

I buy dollars !

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 4

Paying respect to the house of Lord.

The Mission 4


Tango !


From Osorno vulcano.

Church from Chiloe (Unesco World Heritage)

Monks praying.


Nepali woman.

Movimiento, baile.

Estáticos y dinámicos.

Espera en aeropuerto

Cuando seas padre comeras huevos.

El rey del cementerio

Simetria especular y el que la consigue.

Monk taking care the monastery.

Young monk.

Bored monk.


Eating at the office

Nose around the aliens.

Nose around the aliens.2

A woman at Hemis monastery.

Child from Ladakh

Construction female worker.

Construction female worker.

A shepherd under the rain

One more day.

This is the way to wash my hair ....

A bridge in Himalaya mountain.

A Indian street.

A monk playing.

Monks praying.

Direct gaze 2

Is this me ???

My room

I am upset.


Golden temple

Pupil & tutor

Portrait & textures

golden Temple

Child & smile

Young monk.

Hands praying.


Shadow and little hand.

Ladakh house.

Little boy.

Boys from Ladakh.

Resting at the sunset.

Hands from Ladakh.

Foot from India woman.

Hands from a monk.

Profile at sunset

Construction worker.

Yellow window.

Mother & boy

Facade from Ladakh

Friends 2

Yellow hat.

YOung monk 2

Monk painting.

HDR-Dos foto jpg automatico.

Raw pasado a jpg.sin tratar

Ajuste de niveles total

Mi tto personal.

HDR 3row automatico.

Leche 1

Leche 2

Leche 3


Male portrait.

Goats from Himalaya.



Sunset in Venecia.

Laaarges shadows shooting a pigeon.

Eldery monk.

Landscape from Patagonia

Manali man

Hands of a praying monk.

A family

The owner of the bar.

Male Indian snap portrait.

The tailor.

Child portrait.

A metrosexmonk.

Tourist are coming!!

Monk 4

At school!

A sad reality.

Thiksey monastery.

Sunset and cenotaph

The paradise gate.

Jainist nun in Palitana

1,3 sisters.

Two sisters 2

Girl from Rajastan

Praying in Palitana

Muns going to the monastery at sunrise

To Palitana.

Nun at sunrise.

Fabric and floor.

Female carriers

Getting down from Palitana at sunrise.

Who are you?

A pretty girl

A pic, please!!

Waking up!

Eyeglasses seller

Sunset in a laundry of Mumbai.

A not comment pic.

Grandmother and grandson.

Opposed poles

Girl stared the tourists.

Two elderly men.

Dhobi gat-Loundry in Mumbai

A portrait

A tip, plaese

A holy man parade.

Flower seller.

Indian male

Muslim Indian female

Indian male portrait.

A stub is my toy.

Pushkar camel fair 1


Portrait of a Pushkar men.

A nice nap.

Feet from Indian men

A beggar in Pushkar

A rest in Pushkar countryside.

Muslim woman hands

Apple seller.

Camel fair

Profile at sunrise.

Two sisters

Driver´s hand

Bike and feet.


Feet and shadows

Holymen portrait.

Two holyman

Another holymen

A corious camel

Holymen portrait

Holyman parade 4

Waiting a costomer

Waiting a customer 2

Hands of a thinking womam

Floor of a temple

Hand, fabric and textures.

A simple hand.

Holymen parade 4

Holymen in Pushkar

holymen portrait

Holymen in Pushksr 3

Chating in Jaipur.

Udaipur security guard boring.

An angry woman.

Jaipur Maharajah Palace.

Hands and bike


Praying hands

Working hands.

Child monk 2

Children monks 3

Two portraits

Blue Symphony

Fall in Calafate.

Sunrise at Perito Moreno.

Fisherman in Inle Lake.

Girl with Tanaka ( traditional sunscreen)

Eldery woman.

Golden sunset

A stare

Swimming time

Fruit seller

Boy and Tanaka

Working at home.

Black tooth.

Inle lake 2.

Sunset at Inle lake-2

Girl from Myanmar

Girl from Myanmar with Tanaka

Girl from Myanmar4


Smiling portrait

Eldery men from Myanmar.

Black teeth 2

Two little monks

Monk with glamour

Tite 1

Tite 2

Tite 3

Girl from Bhutan-1

Eldery woman.

Girls & boys

Young monks. 1

Pupil and tutor

Child portrait.

Young monk in the monastery

Young monk playing

Monastery gardian.

Mother and boy

Hands and feet.

Dog with yellow eyes.

Boy and toy

Builder worker

Boy and her daughter

Catching candies.

Children in Punaka

White pigeon

Thai girl 1

I have a sweet!!!

Eldery Thai woman

Eating in the market

Thai woman 2

White hand


Landscape and Thai tribal children

Lollipop and child