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I live near Brighton in Sussex (UK) and work for the Environment Agency. I was given my first camera aged 13; but it was when I bought my first manual focus SLR back in 1990 that I was really hooked. Within a few years I'd upgraded to a Nikon F801s with a modest collection of lenses. I tried pretty much everything in those early years including black & white developing/printing, and some paid work. In 1992/3 I took the Nikon backpacking around the world. Much of this early 35mm work is sitting in boxes awaiting scanning at some point in the future. Our children started coming along in the late 90's and both the SLR and the darkroom were consigned to the loft; replaced by a series of digital compacts. In the non-SLR years my subject matter became dominated by children and pets. In October 2010 my beautiful (and long suffering) wife bought me a D90 and re-ignited the obsession. Once again I find myself contemplating getting up at the crack of dawn; praying for a good lightning storm; and lusting after lenses which cost as much as a family holiday! Thanks for taking an interest. Chris This is Chris' wife Annie. Chris unfairly and suddenly died from a heart attack on June 29th. I'm keeping this page open for a while but will be ultimately closing it down. I wish I was still his long suffering wife as he was a wonderful man. Thank you

Country: UK


Single Photos








Flowers and Plants




The Kittens


Bluebell Railway - Sussex


Merlin's nose

Lucy (aged 4)

Merlin with coloured eyes

Merlin with ball

Ball Watching

Tree - blue

Rachel & Merlin1

Rye Harbour at dusk


Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks

Saunton Sands - Dorset


Oil seed rape field 2

Tree root

Teddy Kite

Gecko kites

Crow Kites

Jessie in Scotland

Fairground kiss

Annie in the Moondance Cafe - Nepal 1992

Downland Walk

Funny Face

Seven Sisters Exceat East Sussex

Where are they?

Annie in the North Laine

James + YouTube

Willow and Jaffa


Sydney Art Shop

Early Sunday morning in Hong Kong


Tree Message 1

Rachel in the daisies



Hide and Seek 3

Rachel and Merlin in the poppies

Rachel and Merlin


No photos please!

Cute pose

Lucy - higher contrast

Bucket 2

Lucy in the field 2

Lucy in the field

Thistle Flower starting to open

Blurry sunflowers


Gorse branch

Tending the camp fire

The Fidgets

After the harvest 3

View West from Firle Beacon


London Eye

Merlin in the Rock Pools

Brighton Zombie Parade 2011

Portrait of Lucy

Rowing boat in Shoreham Harbour

In the woods at Stanmer Park

Lucy at Jo & Craigs' house


Waiting is hard when you're small

Rebecca and Frank







Rape field

Lucy at the beach


Hot cat

Lucy in the flowers


Prom night


Lucy at the beach1

James on the 22

Rachel on the rope swing 2

Rachel at Rottingdean

View West from Ovingdean beach

Beech Tree branches

Para-glider at Firle Beacon

Lucy dodging a wave

Woodland Fungus

James with a vintage Diana Model 32 air-rifle


Saltdean Beach

Tree near Stone Cross, East Sussex

View West from Ditchling Beacon processed with HDR software

No lift home

Shadow Play 2

Dandelion colour wheel

Path of pebbles

Barley in the wind

Poppies on the outskirts of Brighton

Poppy trail

Daisy, daisy....

"Found you!"

Rachel in a wheat field

Annie at L&J's wedding

Small person, big weather

The Nest

Belly scratch

Wheat field after the harvest

Indonesian Carving

Acoustic Guitar

Chalk ridges on Saltdean Beach

Saltdean Beach at low tide

If you stand a bit nearer I can get the waves in the background

Devil's Dyke

Clouds at Devil's Dyke

Watching the waves

Paragliders at Devil's Dyke

Rottingdean seafront

A touch of sunshine in Shoreham Harbour

Foamy surf at Saltdean Beach

Scarlet in the tunnel

Gorse bushes in flower - Ashdown Forest


Merlin in the bluebells

Jet Skiers from the Palace Pier, Brighton

I spy ice-cream!

Merlin sleeping off a walk

Rachel in the field near our house

Kitty 2 exploring her new home

James - simple natural light portrait

Kitty 2 at play

Big rope swing

Kitty tangle

Low key portrait

Krewella waiting to ambush Mittens



Krewella in the hall

Krewella playing on the stairs

On the way to the pub

On the way back from the pub

Playing on the stairs

Playing on the stairs

Krewella on a chair

The Fox and the Hound (cleaned)

Brighton Pride parade 2014

Cyberman - Dr Who Experience, Cardiff

Mittens exploring the garden

The WEEE Man - Eden Project, Cornwall

A safe place to observe the dog

Amber by the sea wall

Merlin paddling in rock pools

Krewella close up

Rain approaching the mouth of the Cuckmere

The panda hat

Reflection of Lucy

Just a dusting

Bull rushes - Knepp Estate, West Sussex

Burning the clocks - Brighton

Rachel - low key