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I'm passionate about photography and other people's images of the world. I am a geographer by training and I am keen to explore all aspects of the world through photography. I want to explore all aspects of the world I know and through photography express my own views and perceptions of it. We live in a wonderful and fasinating world full of so many things and people that are interesting.I have looked at Photonet for a couple of years, just wish I had joined earlier, as there are so many inspiring portfolios on this site. I am very grateful to members of this site for their ratings and feedback. They really drive me to aspire to be a good photographer and to push myself to keep expanding my own creative ideas and skills. I intend to devote more time to photography and travel, so that I can continue to improve my view of the world I live in.

Country: UK


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Travel Cannon Beach Oregon USA

Brighton & Hove England

Travel Venice Italy

Travel Bologna Italy

Travel Florence and Trieste Italy

The built environment

Travel Budapest

Travel London

Travel Lisbon

Travel San Francisco and Yosimite

Around Brighton

Travel Cambodia and Vietnam

Travel Scotland

Travel Vancouver

Travel Egypt


Brighton Pride street Photos

Travel Favelas in Rio Brazil

Travel Rio and Brazil

Travel Iguaza falls Argentina

Travel Norfolk Broads England

Travel Sao Paulo Brazil


Travel Stockholm Sweden


Travels in France

Bilbao alternative reflections

Brighton Zombie Walk

Street photos general

Lewes fireworks 2011

Fairgrounds and fun

Street Art

Travel Hamburg

Grave Business

Iphone shots

Shoreham-by-Sea The River Adur

Travel Athens

Gateways (A traveller's view on arrival or departure) Rail stations

Travel Thailand Koh Chang

Travel Thailand Bangkok

Travel China Shanghai

Shoreham House Boats

Street Food and food shops

Brighton Faces

Travel Canada Ontario Niagara

Travel Canada East Bruce penisula

Travel Canada East Toronto

Shoreham by Sea Town and Downs

Travel Middle England

Travel Amsterdam

Shoreham. Along the Adur riverbank

Travel Bali Indonesia

Travel. Road trip USA

Travel Spain

Travel New York City

Travel U.A.E.

Travel N. Ireland

Travel Split Croatia

Travel Morocco


Travel Singapore

Travel New Zealand

Travel Tourist street shots in Venice and Rome

Travel Rome

Travel Sicily Italy

Travel Brugge Winter 2015

Travel India Places

Travel India Road trip Broken, animals and various

Travel India street shots

Travel India Step wells

Travel India details

Travel India Women around the World at work

Travel India Road trip Human power

Travel India Road trip mechanical power

Travel India faces female

Travel India Faces Male

Travel India faces Children

Travel South Africa Robbens Island

Travel South Africa

Travel London Tower Hamlets

Gateways (A traveller's view on arrival or departure) Airports

Gateways (A traveller's view on arrival or departure) others

Travel Edinburgh Festival people

Street photography Yellow lines

Edinburgh Auld Reekie an alternative view


Brighton seafront England

London Millenium bridge Dec

USA Cannon Beach Ecola Creek Ripples in sky and river March

USA Cannon Beach Morning Storm March


Nude a

Nude b

USA Cannon Beach 25 Sunrise reflections

USA Cannon Beach Haystack Rock

USA Cannon Beach wet sand

USA Cannon Beach approaching morning storm and reflections

USA Cannon Beach moon and seagull

USA Cannon beach riders at sunset

USA Cannon Beach riders at sunset 2

USA Cannon Beach Sunset

USA Cannon Beach sunset 3

USA Cannon beach sunset, waves and reflections

USA Ecola Creek panorama

Nude eyes

Beachy Head_East of Brighton

Brighton and Hove poster 2007

Brighton Beach sculpture sunset

Brighton loungers stacked for the winter

Brighton Palace pier 2

Brighton Palace pier 2008

Brighton Pavillion

Brighton pier 33

Brighton pier on a Summers day

Brighton seafront from the pier

Brighton seafront Kiosk

Brighton Seafront paddling pool

Brighton Sunrise The Meeting Place cafe

Brighton the only day of summer 2009

Brighton West pier 4

Brighton West Pier 10

Brighton West Pier 16

Brighton West pier 2008 3

Brighton West pier 2008 6

Brighton West pier sunset

Hove 2004

Hove Lawns shelter 3

Hove park sledging

Hove shelter 3

Hove sunset oct

USA Cannon beach ripples

USACannon Beach and Haystack Rock at sunset

Italy Canal Venice 2008

Italy Canerragio Venice 2007

Italy Cannaregio Lovers Venice 2007

Italy David Venice 2007

Italy Getty Museum Venice 2007

Italy Grand Canal 2 Venice 2008

Italy The other Venice Delivery boat on the Grand Canal

Italy Venice 2

Italy Venice 3 2008

Italy Venice 4 2008

Italy Venice 2007 5

Italy Venice 2007 side canal

Italy Venice night 2008

Italy Venice Reflections 2007

Italy Washing Cannaregio Venice 2007

Italy Washing Venice 2007

Italy Washing Venice 2008

Venice Italy 2007 6

Brighton Hoddies worrry us

Italy Bologna Bar owner 2 2008

Italy Bologna bar owner 2008

Italy Bologna food shop 1 2007

Italy Bologna Market 2007

Italy Resturant owner 2007

Italian cat 2008

Italy Bologna food shop 2007

Italy Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Florence at night

Italy Florence view 2

Italy Florence Interior of Il Domo

Italy Florence Piazza Michelangelo


Italy Florence View from the Pont de Vecchio

Italy Interior of Il Domo Florence

Italy St Marie Novella Florence

Italy Trieste sunset 2008

Beach huts Hove

Canada Vancover red pickup

Crete Taverna

Italy Venice Torcello island 2007

London Graphitti 1

Photo 16 Berlin

Shoreham station

Spain Madrid airport

USA Roof of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

USA Atlanta Hotel

Usa hotel

USA nashville night 1

West Coast of Scotland Glens Church

West coast of Scotland Lochinver

West Coast of Scotland Lochinver 4

Hungary Budapest

Hungary Budapest tram 2

Hungary Budapest Iron Bridge from Buda

Hungary Budapest night view

Hungary Budapest tram and Royal Palace

Hungary Budapest view 1

Hungary Budapest view 2

Hungary Budapest window

London Somerset House ice rink

London Somerset house ice rink 5

London Tate Modern 2

London telephone box

Berlin Check point Charlie1_edited-1

Cornwall thistles

French house 1

West coast of Scotland Lochinver

Lisbon reflection

Lisbon tram1

Lisbon tram 2

Lisbon Tram 28

Italy Trieste rock concert

ItalyTrieste sunset

Lisbon archway

London street furniture

Phote11 boat-boat-boat Altenative Turner prize

San Francisco Cable car winding machinery

San Francisco cyclists

San Francisco from the Ciot tower g

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco moon rise

San Francisco Trans Pacific building

San Francisco Trans Pacific building 1

San Francisco trolley 3

USA Cannon Beach sunset March

USA Indian beach 2

USA San Francisco cable car

USA Yosemite Autumn tree

USA Yosemite valley from Tunnel viewpoint

USA Yosimite glacier point 1

yosimite valley and half dome 2

Yosimite valley and the merced river

Brighton Devils Dyke first walker

Brighton Jack and Jill windmill Cold misty morning 1

Chichester Cathedral 1 (2)

Chichester Market cross

shoreham Bridge view 1

Shoreham Harbour

Shoreham harbour 1

shoreham harbour (2)

Shoreham harbour sunrise 2a

Shoreham house boat 3

shoreham montage2

Shoreham South Downs

West Wittering

West wittering Nothings happening by the sea

Birmingham Big Wheel 1

Birmingham Brindley canal

Birmingham Canal 1

Birmingham Canal 2

Birmingham Xmas 1

Birmingham Xmas 2

Berlin Xmas funfair

Cambodia Angor Wat

Cambodia Angor Wat 1

Cambodia priest 4

Cambodia Siem Reap 1

Cambodia Siem Reap priests

Cambodia Siem Reap priests 3

Cambodian girl

Cambodian girl 2

Vietnam Beer delivery

Vietnam boy dune sledging

Vietnam fishing boat

Vietnam flowers

Vietnam pet seller

Vietnam priests

Vietnam river market 2

Vietnam river market 5

Vietnam river market 5 (2)

Vietnam river market 7

Vietnam scooter

Vietnam Sunday Times winner

Vietnam toy seller

Cambodia Angor Wat stone face

Vietnam Rice ball

Vietnam temple 1

Edinburgh shop window

Canada vancover corvette


River rock

still life rose 1

Summer Dreams

Morrocco Marakesh 1

Morrocco Marrakesh

Morrocco Marrakesh 2

Morrocco Marrakesh 4

Scotland Edinburgh

Scotland Edinburgh castle

Scotland Suliven

Suliven West coast of Scotland

West Coast of Scotland Rainbow

Canada Britannia beach

Canada Vancouver English Bay

Canada Vancouver runners

Egypt temple

Egyptian beggar

Egyptian boy

Egypy Sugar cane fields burning

Egypt Luxor express

Hove beach huts with rainbow

Leaving Venice

Lisbon postcard

Oxford Boats

Vietnam fruit

Vietnam sweet seller

Bologna covered walkways

USA Atlanta High School officer training corp

Bangkok Buddha

Cambodia Angor Wat

Cambodia Siem Reap 2

snowstorm 1

Suburban Xmas 1

Shoreham church in snow 1

Bologna square at night

Florence baptistry roof detail

Florence food market

Brighton North Lanes shopping

Coffee culture 1


wed 1

wed 2

wed 3

Brighton North Laines Graffiti 2

Brighton North laines Graffiti 3

Brighton North laines Graphiti

Budapest graffiti

old cinema

She felt like she had been thrown away like a tossed salad

Brighton west pier brighton 3

Italy Venice in the rain 2007

Oxford covered market What happened to my pet

Sprouting onion

London South Bank 1

London street scene 2

Street food in a poloroid a style

Brighton boats minimalistic

Brighton Harvest moon 3

Brighton Palace pier 11

Brighton pier 10

Brighton stall

Hove seafront 3

Hove Beach

Italy Bologna to Florence high speed train

Victoria at HAHA bar 1

Oxford Market 1

Oxford market 2

london Trafalgar Square

London Trafalgar Square phonebox

London Hammersmith Tube station

Berlin hotel (2)

Cambodian family picnic photo

Cambodian mother and child

Edinburgh Victoria st

Vietnam Barbers

London Tube

Budapest window display

Lisbon Tram driver 2008

venice door

Venice washing 4

Lisbon station reflections

San Fransican dogs

San Fransican House

Italy Bologna Police2007 crop

Edinburgh bar Feb

Florence Arno

Florence monestery

Venice alleyway

Venice ice cream

Gay Pride Brighton

Gay Pride Brighton 1

Gay Pride Brighton 2

Gay Pride Brighton 3

Gay Pride Brighton 4

Gay Pride Brighton 5

Gay Pride Brighton 6

Favela Rio 1

Favela Rio 3

Favela Rio 4

Favela Rio 5

Favela Rio 7

Favela Rio 8

Favela Rio 10

Favela Rio 11

Favela Rio 13

Favela Rio Dog with attitude

Graffiti in Rio 1

Graffiti in Rio 2

Graffiti in Rio 3

Graffiti in Rio 4

Rio Street furniture Phones

Elevator to Christ the Redeemer

Snapping Christ the Redeemer

Snapping Christ the Redeemer 2

Snapping Christ the Redeemer 3

Copacabana beach evening

Copocabana Rio 1

Ipanema watching the Surf

Sunset watching at Ipanema

Iguaza falls 1

Iguaza falls 2

Iguaza falls 3

Iguaza falls 4

Copacaba beach 4

Copacabana Beach evening runner

Rainforest fruit

Rio pickup truck

Rio shopfront

Rio workers

Samba parade at Ipanema

Samba parade at Ipanema 1

Samba parade at Ipanema 4

Samba parade at Ipanema 7

Samba parade at Ipanema 8

Copacabana Beach evening 1

Copacabana Beach evening 2

Copacabana Beach evening 3

Copacabana Beach evening 5

Copacabana Beach life guard station

Iguaza falls 8

Iguaza falls 9

Iguaza falls 10

Iguaza falls 11

Iguaza falls 12

Iguaza falls 13

Iguaza falls old walk way

Rio Cathedral

Rio Centro

Rio Centro street scene

Iguaza falls on the edge

Iguaza falls 14

Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris

end of the line

Guiding light the Needles Isle of Wight

Lost comforters

Strange cow

Tyneham remains

Trafalgar Square fountain

Trafalgar Square moon and fountains

Budapest indoor market stall

Beach hut spring clean

Remains of West Pier


Beached in Shoreham

Anti-cuts march on Parliament

The long march militant pensioner

River Adur at sunset

River Adur sunset March

Cannon Beach stormy sunrise

Beach Cafe Seaford

Norfolk 174a

Norfolk Broads 1

Norfolk Broads Duck1

Norfolk Broads storm

Norfolk reed beds

Norfolk windmill

Brazilian boy fishing Sao Paulo

Farm house door near Sao Paulo

Luce Station 1 Sao Paulo

Luce Station Sao Paulo

Sau paulo Museum of modern art

Santos Beach on a winters evening

Santos paper moon

Sao Paulo Samba Band leader - Copy

Sau Paulo samba dancer - Copy

Sau paulo night

Sau Paulo sunset

Self portrait

Sao Paulo clown

College entrance at the O2

O2 entrance

Stockholm Cupids window

Stockholm Dionysus window

Stockholm food Ostermalmshallen

Stockholm food sausages

Stockholm reflections

Stockholm Street window

Stockholm tourist resting

Buckingham Arms Shoreham Beer

Stockholm Beer

Stockholm street fighters

Stockholm Street

Stockholm street 1

Stockholm street 2

Stockholm Street 3

Swedish head massage

Stockholm street 4

Stockholm street 5

Stockholm street 6

Stockholm street Royal Palace Sweden Culture is so tiring

Littlehampton view

Stockholm food Ostermalmshallen 2

Littlehampton promanade B & W

Stockholm food Ostermalmshallen 3

Brighton pride 1

Brighton pride 2

Brighton pride 3

Brighton pride 4

Brighton pride 5

Brighton pride 6

Brighton pride 7

Brighton pride 8

Brighton pride 9

Brighton pride 11

Brighton pride 13

Brighton pride 14

Brighton pride 15

Brighton pride 16

Brighton pride 17

Brighton pride 18

Brighton pride 19

Brighton pride 20

Brighton pride 22

Brighton pride 23

Brighton pride 24

Beer at the Bucks 2

Houseboat detail Shoreham

Brighton sculpture

A quiet beer in the pub

Bordeaux promanade slip

Dog day afternoon in Bordeaux

Family fun Bordeaux

Street art Bordeaux

Bayonne street

Bilbao graffiti

Bilbao skate park

Bilbao street scene

Bilbao street scene Basque freedom1

Bordeaux shade

Bordeaux Street beer

Bordeaux street scene

French door 1

French door 2

French door 3

French door 4

French door 5

Lourdes street scene 1

Our Lady of Lourdes church

Bilbao man in bar

French door 6

Cafe lunch Bordeaux

French garden

French pots still life 1

French shop Bayonne

Salines de Bains

French door 7

Our Lady of Lourdes church

Skylight reflections

Watching the clearing rain on holiday in France

Leaving Littlehampton harbour against the tide

Art on the underground

USA Cannon Beach Oregon Seagull feeding time

nude 5

Canon beach sunset view large

USA Cannon Beach wet sand and Haystack Rock

USACannon Beach and Haystack Rock at sunset

Tourist in Siam Reap

Family transport Cambodia 1

The Lowery cafe

Warhol at the Lowery 1

Warhol at the Lowery 2 triptych

Salford Quays The starting line

San Francisco Art Gallery

San Francisco Art Gallery viewpoint 1

Yosemite Half Dome from Glacier point shadows and light View large

Merced River early morning frost

Merced River Yosimite 1

Stormy sunset with walkers Canon Beach 1

a morning walk

Canon Beach cyclist 2 reworked

Morning conversation in Bologna

Sandy the dog


Trieste Rock festival 1

San Francisco night cycle Photography on the go

Zombie Walk 1

Zombie Walk 2

Zombie Walk 3

Zombie Walk 4

Zombie Walk 5

Zombie Walk 6

Zombie Walk 7

Zombie Walk 8

Zombie Walk 9

Zombie Walk 10

Zombie walk 11

Zombie Walk 12

Zombie Walk 14

Dont't argue with his parking

Bologna Library

Bologna Church at night

Florence cafe

Ready to harvest after the morning dew. English wine

Manchester Nobody's listening View large

Manchester The Avenue

Manchester The Avenue 2

Manchester Wish you were there

Manchester reflections

Manchester Arndale Centre

The Queen window shopping in Manchester

Lewes Fireworks 1

Lewes fireworks 2

Lewes fireworks 3

Lewes fireworks 4

Brighton Buskers

Smart(!) cyclist in Oxford

3 tenors busking in Oxford

Shoreham Harbour sign

nude 6

Pensions march

Winter nude 1 Warm beneath a duvet

Christmas window shopping


Alone in a winter fairground

Look at me 2 Vienna

Come fly with me Sushi bar Terminal 3 Heathrow

Alone in a winter fairground 1

Alone in a winter fairground 2

Alone in a winter fairground 3

Alone in a winter fairground 4 The Third Man

Look at me Vienna

Vienna marrons - chestnuts

Vienna subway 1

Cooking street food in Vienna

Vienna subway 3

Wet shopping day in Vienna

So what do you want for Xmas little boy

Vienna Market Gluhwien

Berlin Xmas card 2011

8 miles high

Embassy Court 1

Embassy Court 2

New competion on the horizon Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Pier in winter

A pint at sunset

Brighton Street Art a2

Brighton Street Art a3

Brighton Street Art b2

Brighton Xmas street art

Brighton Cafe

Window shopping in the Lanes

Faded glory 1

Hamburg winter

Hamburg Gallery unintentional art

Hamburg Haupbahnhof 1

Hamburg Haupbahnhof 2

Hamburg Haupbahnhof 3

Hamburg Seeing the bigger picture

Hamburg Speicherstadt warehouse area

Hamburg street geometry

Hamburg beer

Hamburg Building detail

Hamburg expressionist building detail

Hamburg fruit

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof 4

Hamburg Herren

Hamburg pipes

Hamburg Reeperbahn

Hamburg reflections

Hamburg Rodingsmarkt U3 Station

Hamburg St Michaelis church

Hamburg St Michaelis church pew

Hamburg street works

Hamburg tool or unintential art

Hamburg Hafen city lookout

Hamburg Speicherstadt 3

USA Cannon beach sunrise 23

at one with the force

Industrial wheel

Ashmolean museum Oxford

handbag reflections Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland time to remember

Dunfermline derelict shop

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemertary 7

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 1

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 2

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 3

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 4

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 5

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 6

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 8

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 9

Edinburgh Calton Hill Cemetary 10

Greyfriers kirk cemetary

Walk on by

rose detail


Old master New master

Seattle airport arrival

Cannon Beach beer on the Balcony

Cannon Beach beer

Sunset over Ecola point cannon Beach

Pete's Brew House, Cannon Beach Oregon

10000 miles away standing in another man's rain Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Surfs Up

Sunset over Cannon Beach 1

Sunset over Cannon Beach and Ecola

Cannon Beach morning storm

Morning storm over Ecola

Sunset over Ecola 3

Cannon Beach approaching rain 2

Cannon Beach approaching rain 3

Cannon Beach gulls 1

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock 2

Cannon Beach Haystack rock 4

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock B & W

Cannon Beach Reflections 1

Gull in the rain

Sail on Sailor

Sunset over Ecola 4

Sunset reflections Cannon Beach

Sunset skyscape Cannon Beach

Sunset walkers 2 Cannon Beach

Sunset walkers Cannon Beach

Sunset watchers Cannon Beach

Sunset watchers Cannon Beach 1

Cannon Beach blue morning

Cannon Beach morning storm April

Hippy Taxi

Sand Arcadia Beach 1

Sand Arcadia Beach 2

Cannon Beach sandcastle

Cannon Beach skyscape

Gulls 1

Gulls 2

Gulls 3

Sunset over Ecola Point

Indian Beach Picnic

Cannon Beach The best breakfast in town

Not real beer but ......

Ecola point tree

Surf up 3

Surfs up 2

Cannon Beach morning walkers

Haystack rock cannon Beach

Brighton Steet performer

Brighton street artist

Brighton Tired of shopping

Brighton watchman

Spanish beer in Hove

Who says there is equality_

Empty dogems

Alternative Bilboa Guggenheim art work

The alternative Bilbao 2

The alternative Bilbao station

The not so alternative Bilbao Guggenheim 2

The not so alternative Bilbao Guggenheim

The not so alternative Bilboa Guggenheim 3

Alternative Bilbao 11

Alternative Bilbao 12

Alternative Bilbao mail boxes

Alternative Bilboa 14

The alternative Bilbao Bridge at the Guggenheim

The not so alternative Bilbao Guggenheim view

The not so alternative Bilboa Guggenheim the wider view

Bilbao figure

Vitoria Beer Spain

Vitoria street art 1

Vitoria Street art 2

Vitoria street art 3

Vitoria street art 4

Urban decay Vitoria

Vitoria cafe

Victoria escalator 1

Vitoria Cafe life.jpg

Vitoria escalater 2

The not so alternative Bilboa Boys joy at the Guggenheim

Bilbao horse butchers

Bilbao street entertainer

Bilbao Bar


Sussex Cricket Virgin

New Road sign in Hove

Bilbao Beer

Bilbao coach

Bilboa guggenheim


Terminal 3 Beer

Low tide on the Adur at Shoreham

Sunset on the Adur

Adur sunset and train

Adur River from the Norfolk Bridge

Approaching storm on the Adur

Alice's adventures in an Athens wine bar

Alternative Athens 4

Athens Acropolis sunset

Athens alternative 1

Athens alternative 2

Athens Alternative 3

Acropolis Museum above and below 1

Acropolis Museum and acropolis 1

Athens meat market 1

Athens meat market 2

Athens street art 2

Athens bar

Athens Beer 1

Athens Beer 2

Athens Dog day afternoon

Athens Golden icons

Athens Icon shop

Athens New idol

Brighton reflections

Brighton Street Art 120

Sunset on the Adur 3

End of a sunny day Brighton pier

Adur Sunset 3

Adur Hulk

Adur lense 1

Adur lense 2

Adur lense 3

Rot in Peace Adur Hulk

Autumn equinox Hove

Galaxy 1 Shoreham

The Barbers

Wedding Brighton 1

Wedding Brighton

Brighton wedding 2

Brighton wedding 3

Brighton Wedding6

Brighton Wedding 5

Brighton Wedding prep 1

London reflections 1

London reflections 2

london reflections St pauls

London reflections bright side of the street

District line

Margate cafe

Mind the gap

Abstract 1


Meet me under the clock St Pancras

King Kong Margate

Gateway London kings Cross station 3

Gateways London Bridge station Shard

Gateways London kings Cross station 1

Gateways London Kings Cross station 2

Gateways London Victoria station 2

Gateways London Victoria station1

Kings Cross 1

Millenium Bridge 2

Mind the gap

London Museum 1

The city of London

Adur morning

Margate Limbo

Staring up looking down

Bangkok Airport

October sunset over Ko Chang Thailand

Last swim of the day. Ko Chang Thailand

Textures and reflections Ko Chang

Ko Chang flower 1

approaching storm Ko Chang

Ko Chang flower 2

Ko Chang flower 3

Ko Chang Beer

Going nowhere Ko Chang

Dog hunting crabs. koh Chang

Aurora building Shanghai

I love shanghai from the Bund

Walk the Bund 1

Walk the Bund 2

Walk the Bund 3

Walk the Bund

Koh Chang sunset with back scatter

Shanghai Pudong Rays

The Bund- Hotel window reflections

Shanghai - Pudong waterfront

Shanghai - alternative view 1

Shanghai - alternative view 2

Shanghai - New wealth 1

Shanghai - new wealth 2

Shanghai - new wealth 3

Shanghai - Pudong from the Bund 2

Shanghai - Pudong from the Bund 3

Shanghai - Pudong from the Bund

Shanghai - Pudong The new China 1

Shanghai - Pudong The new China

Shanghai - Walk the Bund 9

Shanghai and river trade on the Huanpui River

Shanghai Bund - Man with monkey

Shanghai Bund - Old and new

Shanghai Delivery

Shanghai New photograhy -Tablet 3

Shanghai new photography - tablet 2

Shanghai new photography - tablet

Shanghai Pudong flags

Shanghai Pudong Rays

Shanghai Pudong waterfront

Shanghai Pudong

Shanghai river trade

Shanghai Oriental Pearl tower skywalk

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Pudong

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower - Shape of things to come

Shanghai walking the Bund refreshment

Shanghai Traffic 4

Shanghai traffic 5

Shanghai traffic 6

Shanghai traffic

Shanghai Walk the bund 6

Shanghai Walk the Bund 8

Shanghai walking the Bund 7

Shanghai wedding - new beginings

Shenghai Pudong Guggi reflection

Shabghai the new wealth 4

Shanghai - the Bund lookout tower bar

Shanghai - Walking the Bund 10

Shanghai - Walking the Bund 12

Shanghai Grandmother's golden boy

Shanghai new wealth 5

Shanghai Pudong world Finacial Centre

Shanghai Street art

Shanghai- walk the Bund 11

Shanghai -Turning in his grave

Bangkok Buddist festival free the birds

Bangkok Buddist prayers

Bangkok Delievery Tuk-Tuk

Bangkok Long tail boat driver

Bangkok Ronald's Thai doppelganger

Bangkok Sky train station

Bangkok take it easy

Bangkok trader 1

Bangkok trader 3

Bangkok trader 4

Bangkok trader 2

Bangkok trader

Bangkok trader 5

Bangkok Walk on by

BKK Buddist festival

Shanghai airport

Bangkok airport gateway 1

Bangkok airport gateway

Koh Chang sunset - chill

Koh Chang elephant 1

Koh Chang elephant 3

Koh chang elephants

Bangkok street trader 6

Bangkok trader 7

Bangkok trader 8

Bangkok trader 9

bangkok The magic of a Thai stick

Bangkok driving rain 1

Bangkok Driving rain 2

Bangkok Driving rain

Bangkok airport gateway 1

Bangkok airport gateway 3

Koh Chang sunset 1

K0h Chang flower 4

Koh Chang flower 5

Adur sunrise

7-50 to London. The joys of commuting

Brighton gateway

Sunrise over the Shoreham rail bridge

Koh Chang elephant 4

Koh Chang sunset 5

Dog hunting crabs 1 Koh Chang

Koh Chang sunset 2

Koh Chang sunset 6

Koh Chang sunset 4

Amex Stadium Brighton FC 1

Amex stadium Brighton FC

Adur sunrise 2

Adur sunset lense

Adur sunset November

Adur sunrise reflections

Adur sunset 6

Shoreham High Tide 1

Shoreham House Boat Sign

Shoreham High Tide

Shoreham House Boat - Coach

Shoreham House Boat 2

Shoreham House boat Rust

Shoreham House Boat washing 1

Shoreham House Boat washing

Shoreham Old foot Bridge

I prefer a mouse to touch screen

Clearing November storm on the Adur

Cloud man chasing the storm away

Adur river sunset looking towards lancing College

Adur sunset on boat

Shoreham lense 6

Adur in Flood stormy morning

Adur in Flood

Adur skyscape

Adur river and skyscape

Adur river and skyscape 1

Adur November sunset

Shoreham house boat 6

Adur stormy sunrise November

Edinburgh. Sunset over Princess st

Edinburgh Waverly Steps Gateway

Edinburgh Airport gateway 1

Edinburgh Airport Gateway

A Pint at the Oxford Bar Edinburgh, home of Rebus and Rankin

Walk on By 1

Blue with the cold

Edinburgh Cigar indian

Daughter and I

Edinburgh Xmas Market -Princess St Gardens

Edinburgh Sreet entertainer - the saw

Edinburgh Greyfriars Kirk cemetary 4

Edinburgh Greyfriars Kirk cemetary 3 George Watson

Edinburgh Greyfriars Kirk cemetary 2

Edinburgh Greyfriars cemetary 5

Coloured balls

Edinburgh Greyfriars Kirk cemetary 1

Tiger Beer at the Blue Parrot Manchester

So this is xmas 2 manchester

So this is Xmas.... Arndale centre manchester 2012

Manchester Tram stop

Manchester Print Works

Manchester food market Arndale Centre Manchester

Street busker Krissham Jade Manchester

Fish Stall Arndale Centre manchester

Fish stall manchester

Cycling along Curry Mile manchester

Chocolate stall Manchester

Ian Rankin writer

Brighton Station Gateway 1

Gateway Manchester Tram station

Gateway Manchester Bus Station

Watery sunset Adur

The Norwegian Blue bar Manchester

Sunset over the Adur with local train

Sunset over the Adur December

Sunrise over the Norfolk Bridge Shoreham

Misty Sunrise over the Adur and lancing college 1

Morning dog walker on the Adur1

Sunrise over the Norfolk Bridge from the Adur rail bridge

The kiss 1

Photonet greetings

Last feed before sunset on the Adur

Edinburgh Festival Theatre reflections

Gateways Edinburgh Waverley

Museum of Scotland edinburgh

Cycling seemed a good idea at the time

Edinburgh street figure

Edinburgh winter skyscape

Gateways Gatwick North Terminal Uk Arrivals

Gateways Gatwick North Terminal

Gateway Canary Wharf. The new city.

Lancing College from the River Adur

Gateway Canary Wharf London Jubilee Line

Gateway Canary Wharf London Tube entrance

Gateway Westminster underground station The mother of parliaments

High security 2

The Sir Walter Scott monument

Edinburgh Festival Theatre reflections 2

Boy Kitten

Self promoting

First beer of spring - sitting outside enjoying the February sun

Ropetackle Shoreham by Sea

Peroni at Sutters Yard Shoreham

Kings Cross 3

Gateway Kings Cross towards St. Pancras

Cafe Culture the discussion

The Bow Bar A Rebus pub

Brighton Street Art 6

Brighton Street Art 7

Demetriou Iydea vegetarian cafe Brighton

Gateways Brighton station 3

Public Art Jubilee Square 1

Public Art Jubilee Square brighton

Brighton Face Stylish Facial Hair

Brighton Street Art 8

Brighton Street Art 9

Brighton Street Art 10

Brighton Street Art 11

Brighton Street Art 12


Gateways Brighton Station 4

Brighton Street Art 14

Shoreham sign

End of the line

Once ther were blue skies and sea....

Once there were blue skies and seas 2

Off the road

Walk around

Who will take my picture to prove I was here.

Ferry on the Haungpu River Shanghai

Red is the colour of .......

Shanghai market Recording progress and change

Shanghai market thats a nice ring

At least the trains are still running

The cold commute

Bangkok market energy

Shanghai The new face of China

Last days of the Shoreham foot bridge

Shoreham old and new footbridges.

Shoreham houseboatsYou think you have trouble parking

Gateway Brighton station 5 All quiet

Brighton Street Art 15

Shoreham Harbour Basin

Shoreham Harbour pier underside.

Alternative Niagara downtown 2

Alternative Niagara downtown 3

Sunrise over Niagara falls 2

Toronto flight crew

Toronto Street Art 2

Toronto Street Art

Iced tree Niagara Falls

A picture shows we have been to Niagara

Alternative Niagara motel 2

Alternative Niagara 3

alternative niagara 5

Alternative Niagara downtown 4

Alternative Niagara motel

Soaring gull over Niagara Falls

Sunrise over Niagra Falls

Sunrise over Niagara falls 1

Gateway Union Station Toronto arrival

Candian pets are tough

Drakes bar, Toronto

Alternative Niagara 6

Alternative Niagara 8

Niagara Horseshoe falls

Niagara Falls B & W

Alternative Niagara 7

Niagara Falls at night

Bruce Penisula. A work in progress 3

Bruce Penisula Alternative life saving

Bruce Penisula Kinecardine deralict pier

A work in progress Bruce Penisula

Bruce Penisular. Deralict gas station

Bruce Penisula. A work in progress 2

Bruce penisula Kincardine deralict pier 2

Bruce penisula. Beach on Lake Huron

Bruce Penisula. Kincardine harbour

Toronto approaching snow shower

Toronto downtown regeneration 1

Toronto reflections on regeneration

Union Station Toronto

ROM Toronto

ROM Toronto 5

ROM 6 Toronto

ROM 4 Toronto

ROM 3 Toronto

ROM 2 Toronto

kincardine pier B & W

Sunrise over Niagara 2

Gateways LHR Terminal 5 2

Gateways LHR Terminal 5

Public Art Jubilee Square brighton 3

A very seconhand shop. Toronto

St Lawerence Market Toronto

Cycling in the rain, Toronto

Self portrait

Self portrait 2

Sea mist on the Adur

Last rays of the day R Adur

Sun breaking through on the Adur

Street entertainer South Bank London Bubble

Millenium Bridge 3 Walk on by.

Gateways London Victoria Station 3

Victoria Building London

The Shard. Reach for the clouds

Street entertainer bubbles 2

Adur rapids!

Gateways Euston Station forecourt

Gateways Liverpool St Station atrium

Gateways Liverpool St Station Kindertransport statue. Another time another place

Gateways liverpool St Station looking towards the city of London

Gateways Paddington Station concourse

Gateways Paddington Station Praed St

Gateways Paddington Station. Mind the bags

Gatways Euston Station. Stephenson watching over the travellers

Gateways Paddington Station Eco travel

Shoreham Church in spring

Adur sunset May 1

Sunset over the Adur May 2

Shoreham Church at sunset

Brighton street musician

Do you feel lucky punk. Well do you.

Survied another winter and 120 high tides

Maritime Decay

Maritime Decay 2

Brighton Street entertainer. The joy of discovering that Teddy can talk

Whale's mouth The Mary Rose building Portsmouth Dockyard.

Sailor on HMS Warrior an 1860 warship

Gateways Oxford Rail station

Adur Sunset June

Why don't ships look like ships anymore HMS Duncan

Coming home under grey skies HMS Illustrious.jpg

Poppies Like a yawn of fire from the grass it came to brighten a dull June day

Poppies Southwick 2

Poppies Southwick 1

Summer field of colours

One of those days in England when......

Cookham Church on a non-resurrection day 2 Ode to Sir Stanley Spencer

Cookham Church on a non-resurrection day ode to Sir Stanley Spencer

Happy family on the Thames

Adur sunset June 3

Marlow You can't take it with you.

Bubbles at the Noordermakt Amsterdam

Amsterdam cycling. It's that way mummy.

Amsterdam cycling 1

amsterdam cycling 4

Amsterdam cycling 2

Amsterdam cycling3

Amsterdam cycling detail

Bubbles at Noordenmakt 2

Don't drink and drive Amsterdam style style

Amsterdam cycling 5

Amsterdam A night on the town. Dutch hen party.

Gateways LGW My care, my coat, Leave on a high note There's nowhere to go but on

Amsterdam cycling 6

Amsterdam cycling 7

Amsterdam cycling 8

Amsterdam cycling 9

Gateways LGW North Terminal Lifts

Gateway LGW North Terminal

Rijksmuseum Red tripytch diptych

Gateways Amsterdam Centrum station

Gateways LGW North Terminal shuttle

Amsterdam cycling 9

Gateways Schiphol airport Amsterdam 1

Gateways Schiphol Airport Amsterdam 2

The colour red. Papaveraceae Southwick

Adur sunset June 3

Amsterdam beer

Rijksmuseum Pictures within pictures

Throw me a line I'm sinking fast

Gateways Terminal 5 LHR

Gateways Terminal 5 LHR drop off

Amsterdam bike reflection

Amsterdam cycling 10

Amsterdam cycling 11

Amsterdam Bike

Steam across the Adur

Steam across the Adur 2

Amsterdam cycling 14

Amsterdam door

Amsterdam House Jorden 2

Amsterdam House Jorden

Gateways Terminal 5 LHR Welcome home

Amsterdam doorway to secret garden

Amsterdam evening light on bikes and canal

Amsterdam motor Bike

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum 2 boys and a girl

Amsterdam street art

Amsterdam Too big

Amsterdan dog walker

Gateways International arrivals Terminal 5 LHR the trolly bag

Gateways Terminal 5 LHR fountains

Gateways Terminal 5 LHR arrivals level

Adur Seagull

Amsterdam cyclist multi tasking 2

Amsterdam Market in Jorden

Amsterdam, but is it art

Amsterdan cyclist multi tasking 3

Gateways Amsterdam Central Station

Watching part of AmsTERDam

Teasels along the Adur

Grass on the Adur riverbank

Summer on the Adur riverbank

Teasel on the Adur riverbank

Swan on the R Adur 2

Swan on the R Adur 1

Little England Sunday morning ready for the sun.

Adur Saxon church St Botolph

River Adur Teasel 2

Adur sunset

Sunset on the River Adur and Lancing College July

Sunset on The River Adur July

Sunset on the River Adur looking towards Lancing College

Adur Heron

Adur Sunset July 8

Day out at Sanur Beach

Ubud Market

Ubud offering

Ubud rice paddy 1

Ubud rice paddy

Working the paddy fields North Bali colour

Working the Paddy fields North Bali B & W

Lake Bratan Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple with frog

Ubud fertile paddy

Ubud Grace even at work

Lake Batur Bali

Gateways Bangkok airport early morning transfer

Gateways Bangkok airport reflections

Dog in Basket Ubud

Ubud temple offering 1

Ubud temple offering

Ubud market 2

Ubud school students

Bali beach A natural pose

Bali beer

Women at work 1 Bali

Women at work 5 Bali

Ubud bus

Ubud beer 2

Bali rural petrol station

Bali rice paddy 3

Women at work 4 Rice offering Bali

Women at work 3 camouflage Bali

Women at work 2 Bali

Women at work 6 Bali

Ubud monkey mother and baby 4

Ubud monkey 3

Ubud monkey 2

Ubud scooter 2

Ubud scooter

Bali corner shop 1

Bali plant 3

Bali plant 2

Bali plant

Ubud monkey 1

Ubud bar Bali

Bali environmental scooter

Bali rice paddy 6

Bali rice paddy 5

Bali rice paddy 4

Ubud monkey 6

Ubud mokey 5

Rice Paddy 3 Ubud

Rice paddy and washing Ubud

Rice paddy Ubud

Ubud beer 3

Rice paddy 2 Ubud

Lake Bratan Bali

Lake Bratan Bali. Temple and playground

Hot dog cooling down in chicago


Long train a running North Dakota

Low rider Bismark North dakota

Big Sky country 1 B & W

Big Sky country 1

Grain Silos Pierre South Dakota B & W

Grain Silos Pierre South Dakota

Badlands sign 1 South Dakota

Badlands sign 2 South Dakota

Badlands South Dakota. I can see for miles.

Big sky country 3 When a tree is a forest

Model Hotel South Dakota

The Dakotas. Abandoned farm

South Dakota grasslands. The grass is greener!

Chicago Cloud Gate 1

Chicago Cloud Gate 2

Chicago Cloud Gate 3

Chicago Cloud Gate 4

Chicago Cloud Gate 5

Chicago Cloud Gate 7

Chicago Cloud Gate 8

Chicago Cloud Gate 9

Geese on a Dakota slough

Texas diner

New Orleans Walking in the rain blues

Chicago police. To serve and protect

Chicago skyline 1

Chicago skyline 2

Chicago. Where did I park the car

Silbury Hill 1

Alice through the looking glass. Alice was older now. I can't go back to yesterday because I was...

Sturgis Christian angel 1

Sturgis Christian Angel

Sturgis S. Dakota Boy racer

Sturgis S. Dakota Boy racers 1

Sturgis S. Dakota Motocross event

Dodge City grain silos

Mount Rushmore. Heads in a frame

Why look at art when you can look at your phone

Approaching storm Ford Kansas

Cat with attitude Texas

Devil's Tower Wyoming

Like people, trees are all individuals.

Nebraska landscape

New Orleans street car

The Garden of the Gods Colorado

Avebury sheep

Avebury skyscape

Kennet and Avon canal Crofton

George Bush Airport Houston

The other side of the Big Easy. Locked out

Bayou alligator 1

Bayou alligator 2

Bison South Dakota

Devil's Tower 2

Natchitoches Louisiana

New Orleans doors

Oklahoma crossroads

Small town USA decline 2 Oklahoma

Small town USA decline Oklahoma

Small town USA Texas

Ronda back street

Ronda Moorish Gem

Ronda Window

Spanish house Ronda

Well, Ronda(sic) you look so fine (look so fine) Well, Ronda you caught my eye (caught my eye)

Feed me or take me home, you know I'm lucky

New Orleans van

New Orleans Voodoo shop

One way or one day

Aliens resturant Fargo N Dakota

Chicago beer

Dakota beer

New Orleans biker

New Orleans flags

Bourbon st New Orleans

Fast food, fried or on a stick

Chicago skyline fast food

Now the summer has gone

Women at work 7

Street art Bali

Try and be natural Bali

Women at work 8

Paddy 11 Bali

Stormy day over the paddy field Bali

Offering Bali

Paddy 10 Bali

The gator on a stick man

Ubud paddy 12

Coffee to go

Brighton piers Stormy morning

Brighton monolith 2

Brighton monolith

Brighton seat

Brighton first day of winter 2013

Brighton Seaside resort in winter.

Covent Garden London

Natural History museum London

Xmas shot

Clearing Rain Hove

Clearing rain Hove 2

Washed up

Woman in Red and Black Time Square NYC

Man with Blue eyes and blue piercing SOHO NYC

Some gave all, all gave some. NYC builder

Walking proudly in our winter Wearing smells from laboraties Facing a dying nation of moving...

NYC reflections

Gateways Early morning Terminal 5 LHR

Grand Central Station NYC Waiting Area

Grand Central Station NYC

Gateway Early morning Terminal 5 LHR 1

Brooklyn Bridge and the East river

Like the legend of the phoenix all ends with beginings

Manhatten from Staten Island

Manhatten skyline abstract

Manhatten Skyline

Manhatten Street Art 1

Manhatten Street Art 2

Manhatten Street Art 3

Manhatten Street Art

SoHo memories

Stone Catwoman Moma

WTC reflections

and when the Bubble bursts

Beauty and the beast

NYPD mounted policeman

Bird man of Washington Square

Bird man of Washington Suare

Gateways Grand Central platforms

Gateways Staten Island Ferry

Grand Central entrance

Manhattan Island 1

There's colours on the street Red White and Blue

Uncle Sam

Brooklyn Bridge and the East River

Door 1 SoHo NYC

Door SoHo NYC

Foggy morning commute on Brooklyn Bridge

Gateways Statten Island Ferry

Loading area abstract Seaport

Manhattan Island from the Statten Island ferry

Manhattan Island skyline 2

Manhattan Island skyline 3

Manhattan Island Skyscape 4 Bigger than life

Manhattan sculpture 5 at night

Manhattan Street Art 4

Manhatten Island skyline 2

Never turn your back on popular culture and art MoMA

Almost art

Brooklyn Bridge 1

Brooklyn Bridge 2

Brooklyn Bridge joggers

Building with shouting face on High Line park NYC

Evening light on the WTC NYC

Graphic pattern NYC

New York Central Library 2

NY Central Library 1

Rail crossing and tree on High Line park NYC

The guardians of modern art MoMA

But is it art 2

3 dollars a day dirty money

Colour on a grey day Central Park NYC

Jeff Koons Ballon Flower WTC

West side deralict building

Window Greenwich Village

Modernity and traditional values

The fish market

The Grand mosque Abu Dhabi 1

The Grand mosque Abu Dhabi 2

The Grand mosque Abu Dhabi

Workers rest time U.A.E.

Pink Panther Brighton

The Grand mosque, inside 1 UAE

The Grand mosque, inside UAE

Gulf Dhow and fishing nets

Al Ain fort 2

Al Ain fort

Along the Corniche

Etihad Towers UAE

Fisherman's friend

Gulf Dhow Home away from home

Gulf Parrot fish

The Emirates Palace Hotel Lost in translation

One of those days in England Feb 2014

After the rain

after the rain 2

Big dog on the Royal Mile

Punks and tartan on the Royal Mile

Ghost tour on the Royal Mile

Edinburgh skyline

Greyfriars Bobby

Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town

Stylish bike Edinburgh

Brighton Glitter ball

Brighton street art 22

Brighton Street art Sterotyping

Changing Brighton

Travels in middle England. The conversation

Travels in middle England. Centre of attention

Wind breaks The Meeting Place.

Rush hour on the promanade

Westminster Green and tourist

London Eye view

Gateways Victoria main concourse

Gateways Victoria mainline and tube station

Just browsing Greenwich market

Urban living Figures in the landscape

Alternative lifestyles Derry

Antrim coast Giant's Causeway 1

Antrim coast Giant's Causeway

Antrim coast Giants Causeway 2

Belfast Street Art 1

Belfast Street art 2

Belfast Street art 3

Belfast Street art 4

Belfast Street art 5

Belfast Street art 6

Belfast Street art 7

Belfast Street art 8

Belfast Street art 9

Belfast Street art 10

Belfast Titanic centre

Childhood stream St Columb's Park Derry

Clonard Martyrs Memorial Belfast

Coastal railway Castlerock County Derry

Derry bar

Derry Pub

Free Derry corner triptych

Gateway through the Peace Wall Belfast

Guinness a perfect pint Belfast

Magheracross Antrim

Peace Bridge Derry

Shankill Road Taxi office

The Peace Wall Belfast

The Shankill Road Belfast

View from Buncrana Donegal

Derry Pub

Derry bar

Guinness a perfect pint Belfast

Falls Road pub Belfast

Lift warning

Fox hunting moustache. Tally-hoo

Summer is coming

Roman Venetian Split

Split old town street scene

Approching storm over Split

Like the lily That once was mistress of the field and flourished, I'll hang my head and perish.

Dubrovnik church and waiting man

Dubrovnik Coffee bar

Dubrovnik Harbour

Dubrovnik Walls

Gateway Split airport

Split back street

Split courtyard washing

Split Croatia fish market

Split door 1

Split door

Split fountain

Split graffiti 2

Split graffiti 3

Split Graffiti

Split harbour 2

Split harbour storm watching

Split harbour. Approaching storm

Split market Flower stall

Split Sitting on the dock of the bay

Split Square

Split street entertainer

Split street

Split washing

Split window 2

Split window 3

Split window

The perfect shot 2 Dubrovnik

The perfect shot Dubrovnik

Brighton Street entertainer 10

The pier

Brighton face 5

Brighton faces 4

Brighton marina 1

Brighton Marina 2

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge 2

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge 1

French bar taken on a Xperia 2

French village church door

French village window

La Givre war memorial

Le Mans old and new

Le Mans windows

Le Mans

Reflections on a French garden 2

Reflections on a summer's garden

Versailles Palace 1

Versailles Palace 2

Versailles Palace snapshot


Bristol 1

Bristol 2

Bristol 3

Bristol 4

Cityscape Bristol 2

Cityscape Bristol

End of season Weston-super-Mare 3

End of season Weston-super-Mare beach

End of season Weston-super-Mare Cafe 1

End of season Weston-super-Mare Cafe

End of Season Weston-super-Mare pier

End of the season.Weston-super-mare .jpg

Gateways Bristol Temple meads sation

Gateways Bristol Temple Meads station 2

Gateways Marlyebone Station London

Gateways Marylebone station London 3

Gateways Marylebone station London 4

Gateways Metroland London

Gateways Temple Meads station Bristol 4

Gateways Temple Meads station Bristol 5

Gateways Waterloo station London 1

Gateways Waterloo station London 2

Gateways Waterloo station London 3

Gateways Waterloo station London 4

Gateways Waterloo station London 5

Gateways Waterloo station London

Pigs in tents Bristol

The carbon economy Bristol

Weston-super-Mare Street scene

Weston-super-Mare Walk 1

Weston-super-Mare walk2



Nantes Leffe

Elephant machine Nantes

French door 6

French door 7

Machine (elephant) Nantes 1

Nantes carousel ride

Nantes fair 2

Nantes fair

Nantes sex shop

Nantes slipway regeneration 2

Nantes slipway regeneration

Palace of Justice nantes

Pirate Queen

The machine (elephant's) eye Nantes

Unicorn Nantes

Lebanon Beer

Nantes 4

Brighton bubbles

East Head W. Wittering

W Wittering 2

W. Wittering

Essaouira Beer

Essaouira Cat 2

Essaouira Cat.jpg

Essaouira fishing boat

Essaouira fishing boats 2

Essaouira Street scene 2

Essaouira Street scene

Moraccan door 5

Moroccan door 1

Moroccan door 3

Moroccan door 4

Moroccan door

Moroccan doors 5

Alfresco lunch Greenwich village NYC

Battery Point photos NYC

Central Park NYC 2

Central Park NYC 4

Central Park NYC 6

Construction worker WTC New York

Couple NYC Linked

Grand Central 2 NYC

Grand Central 3 NYC

Grand Central 4 NYC

High Line Park NYC 1

High Line Park NYC 2

High Line Park NYC 3

High Line Park NYC. A sense of joy

High Line Park NYC

Insect 1

Manhatten reflections 4

Manhatten skyline 3

Manhatten skyline detail 3

Manhatten street art 3

Manhatten street art 5

MOMA NYC couples

MOMA NYC detail 1

MOMA NYC detail 4

MOMA NYC detail 5


New York Building detail 2

New York couple. Last bit of the lollipop

New York faces 2

New York faces Sharing getting lost together

New York faces

NY couple. A private proposal in a public place

NYC reflections 4

NYC reflections 5

NYC reflections 6

NYC skyline detail

NYC street. Walk on by

NYC subway

Pink Harley NYC

Rockefeller Centre NYC

Schooner and NYC skyline

SoHo cyclist NYC

SoHo transport NYC

Staten Island ferry 4

Staten Island Ferry Terminal 2

Staten island ferry terminal

Texting couple Central Park NYC


NYC Times Square

Essaouira cat 6

Essaouira cat 8

Essaouira cat 12

Essaouira citidal and boat

Essaouira medina with boat

Essaouira phones

Essaouira seagull

Essaouira street scene 2

Essaouira Street scene 5

Essaouira twilight

Marrakesh arches 1

Marrakesh arches 2

Marrakesh Jardin Majorelle

Marrakesh plants

Marrakesh souk 1

Marrakesh souk 2

Moroccan door 6

Moroccan door 7

Moroccan door 9

Moroccan door 10

Moroccan door 11

Moroccan windows

Central Park tree

Jemaa el-Fnaa marrakesh

Seperating the goats from the sheep

Marrakesh Jardin Majorelle 2

Brighton waves Nov 2014

Ferring Beach

Out of season Brighton

Seascape Brighton

South Downs from Jack and Jill

West Pier Brighton Nov 2014

I can see for miles

November sky 2 over Devil's Dyke

November sky over Devil's dyke

Poppies blowing


Xmas 2014

NZ 90 mile beach big dune ascent 2

NZ 90 mile beach big dune The ascent

NZ 90 mile beach big dune

NZ 90 mile beach digging for tuatua

NZ 90 mile beach reflections

NZ Akora 1

NZ Akora 3

NZ Akora 4

NZ Akora 6

NZ Akora 7

NZ Akora pier 2

NZ Akora pier

NZ Arthur's pass 1

NZ Arthur's pass 3

NZ Arthur's pass 4

NZ Arthur's Pass

NZ Auckland parody

NZ Bank's penisula

NZ Banks penisula poss

NZ barn

NZ beer 2

NZ beer

NZ Big boys toy

NZ building 2

NZ Cape Reinga 2

NZ Christchurch street art

NZ Bringing home the meat

NZ Coffee with Gandalf

NZ Cooks beach

NZ Flower

NZ Fly away on home

NZ Glacial river

NZ Gull

NZ Hokitika beach 1

NZ Hokitika beach sunset

NZ Hokitita beach 2

NZ Homeward bound

NZ Hunterwasser toilets 1 Kawakawa

NZ Hunterwasser Toilets Kawakawa 3

NZ Hunterwasser toilets kawakawa 4

NZ Hunterwasser toilets Kawakawa

NZ Hunterwasser toilets

NZ In the dog house Tirau

NZ Kaikoura street art

NZ Kaikoura theatre

NZ Kairakoura railway

NZ Lake Roroiti

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier 6

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier B & W 2

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier B & W 3

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier B & W

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier colour 1

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier colour 4

NZ Lake Rotoiti pier colour 6

NZ Lake Rotoua

NZ Land of the long cloud Cook's beach

NZ Land of the long cloud Hahei

NZ Male cheetah

NZ Moonrise sunset in Hahei

NZ old house

NZ Rotoita Lake poss

NZ Run the day

NZ seabird running over the waves

NZ Seascape 2

NZ Seascape 3

NZ Seascape 5

NZ seascape 8

NZ Seascape

NZ Soft guard dog

NZ South Island

NZ South of Richmond 2

NZ Sperm whale diving Kaikoura

NZ sperm whale

NZ stormy sunset

NZ Street art Kawakawa

NZ Stripes

NZ Taipa Bay 1

NZ Taipa Bay 3

NZ Taipa Bay 4

NZ Taipa Bay 5

NZ Taipa Bay 6

NZ Taipa Bay 7

NZ Taipa Bay 8

NZ Taipa Bay 9

NZ Taipa Bay 10

NZ Taipa Bay 11

NZ Taipa Bay 12

NZ Taipa Bay

NZ Tapai Bay 2

NZ Tou got to have showers if you want rainbows

NZ Volcanic micro valley Rotoroa


NZ Wairau valley 2

NZ Wairau valley

NZ Washed up

NZ Westland trees

NZ Window

Sigapore Raffles Hotel, waiting for the rain

Singapore A nice set of wheels!

Singapore afternoon rain 1

Singapore afternoon rain

Singapore approaching storm

Singapore bird

Singapore caputuring the sights

Singapore CBD

Singapore construction colours

Singapore flower 2

Singapore flower

Singapore flowers

Singapore food stall

Singapore Fullerton bridge artist

Singapore Fullerton Hotel and bridge

Singapore HOPE

Singapore housing

Singapore leisure power walker

Singapore Love

Singapore Marina Bay hotel 2

Singapore Marina Bay Hotel 3

Singapore marina Bay hotel 4

Singapore Marina Bay Hotel 5

Singapore Marina Bay hotel

Singapore Marina Bay photo oportunity

Singapore Marina Bay reflections B & W 6

Singapore Marina Bay reflections BW

Singapore Marina Bay reflections

Singapore Marina Bay shadows and light

Singapore Marina Bay shopping mall 2

Singapore Marina Bay shopping mall

Singapore Marina Bay

Singapore Preparing for 50th anniversary

Singapore Ready to go

Singapore reflections copy

Singapore reflections

Singapore road bridge patterns

Singapore shooping mall

Singapore sleeping with the lion

Singapore statue

Singapore street art 1

Singapore street art

Singapore tourist. Where to next

Singapore traffic jam

Singapore urban vegatation

Singapore Watching my future being built

Singapore Xmas elf

Singapore Xmas shopping fatigue

Singapore. Getting out of the sun under the bridge

Xmas 2014

NZ Wandering Albatross

Even selfies need shadow and light

Brighton Street Art 35

Brighton Street Art 36

Get your fresh seafood here. Brighton

Littehampton Beach Huts

Winter snow through a pinhole camera

Shoreham Harbour beach Lowery

Boy and seagulls Brighton beach

The Kiss 2 Brighton

A London Bridge

Human scale London

Just Grate

Walk on by 4

Gateways Venice station 2

Gateways Venice station

Gateways Venice station 2

Venice Beer by the boatload

Venice boat detail

Venice building detail 3

Venice building detail 5

Venice building detail 6 copy

Venice Building detail 6

Venice building detail 7 Othello

Venice building detail 9

Venice building detail 10

Venice building detail 11

Venice building detail 12

Venice building detail 14

Venice building detail and washing 4

Venice building detail

Venice building details 1

venice building details 9

Venice canal 3

Venice canal 4

Venice canal 5

Venice canal and washing

Venice canal at night

Venice canal night

Venice canal reflections 1

Venice canal reflections 3

Venice chilled

Venice cleaning

Venice facade 2

Venice facade

Venice fashionable dog

Venice figure

Venice fish stall

Venice Gonderlier's kiss

Venice graduated colours

Venice Gull attack

Venice love locks

Venice outdoor altar 1

Venice outdoor altar 2

Venice outdoor altar 3

Venice outdoor altar 4

Venice outdoor altar 5

Venice outdoor altar 6

Venice outdoor altar 7

Venice pump

Venice Red working boat

Venice Rialto bridge 1

Venice Rialto bridge 3

Venice Rialto Bridge 4

Venice Rialto bridge 5

Venice selfie 1

Venice selfie 2

Venice selfie 3

Venice square

Venice St Marks belltower

Venice train

Venice window

Walk on by 4

Venice selfie 6

Venice canal colour tryptch 1

Roman centurian

Rome barber

Rome bike end of the road

Rome building detail 2

Rome Building detail 3

Rome fountain

Rome Metro

Rome Military

Rome selfie 2

Rome selfie 3

Rome selfie 4

Rome selfie 5

Rome selfie 6

Rome selfie 7

Rome selfie 8

Rome Selfie and map

Rome St. Peter's Dome

Rome street artist portrait

Rome street artist selfie

Rome Street Artist

Rome terminal

Rome Terminus

Rome Waiting for trade

Rome Walk on by 6 Vatican

Tivoli detail 1

Tivoli detail 2

Tivoli detail

Tivoli station


Walk on by 8 Rome

Gateways Rome airport 4

Gateways Rome Metro

Gateways Rome Terminus

Gateways Tivoli station

Brighton Laines

Leading Oxford

Brighton West Pier Sea Mist 2

Brighton West Pier Sea Mist 3

Brighton West Pier Sea Mist

Brighton Palace Pier water ride

Brighton street art 20

Brighton Street art 23

Brighton Street art 25

Brighton Street entertainer 3

Brighton streetart 18

Cannon Beach Morning 5a



Cannonteign falls

Model boat club Cannonteign 2

Model boat club Cannonteign

Shaugh Prior Bridge 2

Tourist at Postbridge Dartmoor

Teignmouth Tattooist

Brighton Beach 1


Brighton Pride selfie

Pride 2015 1

Pride 2015 2

Pride 2015 3

Pride 2015 4

Pride 2015 5

Pride 2015 6

Pride 2015 7

Pride 2015 12

Pride 2015 13

Pride 2015 15

Pride 2015 16

Pride 2015 17

Pride 2015 20

Pride 2015 23

Pride 2015 25

Pride 2015 26

Pride 2015 28

Pride 2015 29

Pride 2015 30

Pride 2015 31

Pride 2015 32

Pride 2015 33

Pride 2015 34

Pride 2015 35

Pride 2015 36

Pride 2015 37

Pride 2015 38

Pride 2015 40

Pride 2015 42

Pride 2015 44

Pride 2015 50

Pride 2015 51

Female sculpture Fulham

The fence 1

Catania fish market

If only seagulls were so cute in real life...

Sicily street art

Sicily Catania church 2

Sicily Catania church 3

Sicily Catania church 4

Sicily Catania church religious icon

Sicily Catania church

Sicily Catania fish market 1

Sicily Cefalu approaching storm

Sicily Cefalu night shot

Sicily Cefalu sunset

Sicily people Catania

Sicily people dog and girl Taormina

Sicily people old and young Castlebuono

Sicily people The Barber

Sicily people The kiss Taormina

Sicily people Who are you looking at Catania

Sicily religeous icon Catania

Sicily street art

Sicily Taormina police transport

Sicily Taormina view towards Etna

Sicily Catania market

Catania fish market 2

Catania fish market 5

Catania fish market 6

Catania fish market 7

Catania fruit market

Sicily Castelbuono Discussion in the shade

Sicily Castelbuono interior 2

Sicily Castelbuono interior 3

Sicily Castelbuono interior

Sicily Catania market 2

Sicily Catania market 3

Sicily Catania market 4

Sicily Catania market

Sicily Catania promanade

Sicily Catania square

Sicily Cefalu Parade

Sicily Cefalu people Chilling

Sicily Cefalu people The jump

Sicily Drummers in the Parade

Sicily people Say cheese

Sicily people The look

Sicily Syracuse artisan 2

Sicily Syracuse come inside

Sicily Syracuse Market

SicilyFlag thrower in Parade

The Knowing cat and wistful woman

Sicily Cefalu waiting for the parade 2

Sicily Cefalu waiting for the parade

Sicily door

Sicily girl in cafe

Sicily Happy brothers

Sicily phones

Sicily Taormina stairs

Sicily tourist 2

Sicily tourist

Sicilt Taormina balcony

Sicily House and scooter

Preston Bus Station

Shoreham Harbour

Travels in England

Eric Morecombe statue, Morecombe

Shoreham Rail Bridge a

Blackpool tram

Blckpool figure

Carnforth Station Brief Encounters clock

Gormley figure at Crosby beach 2

Gormley figure at Crosby beach 3

Gormley figure at Crosby beach 4

Gormley figure at Crosby beach 5

Gormley figure at Crosby beach 6

Gormley figure at Crosby beach


Blackpool man and dog

Blackpool Pleasure Beach shop

A Shoreham big tide

Step well Delhi

Chanoud farmer with sunglasses

Chanoud farmer

Chanoud Grandfather and grandson

Chanoud man with Raybans

Chanoud man2

Chanoud Mother and son

Chanoud woman 1

Chanoud woman 2

Chanoud woman 3

Chanoud woman 4

Chanoud woman 7

Fort Barli Boy and dog

Fort Barli girl 1

Fort Barli girl 2

Fort Barli girl 3

Fort Barli group 2

Fort Barli group

Fort barli men

Hindu priest

Jaipur man 1.jpg

Jaipur man 2

Jaipur man 3

Jaipur woman

Jodhpur man

Jodhpur man 2

Chanoud woman 5

a25aa copy

Brighton Big Wheel

Brighton fisherman

Brighton promanade reflections

Brighton reflection i360

Brighton seat for storm watching

Brighton west pier one more storm

Trapist with a view

Trappist 1

Brighton Doors and graffitti

Brighton girl with purple hair

Brighton angry bear

Brighton North laines Twins

Brighton beard and face

Brighton cheesemonger

Brighton coffee shop recycled telephone boxs

Brighton it is what it is

Brighton man dog and phone

Brighton wheel 2

Brighton station eco travel

Brighton station waiting

Brighton Tidy street 1

Brighton street art 22

Brighton Meeting place cafe windbreak

Brugge beer Trapist

Brugge Belfort

Brugge bridge detail

Brugge bridge reflection

Brugge crepe van

Brugge cyclist 1

Brugge cyclist 3

Brugge cyclist

Brugge detail

Brugge from Rozenhoedkaai

Brugge from Spiegelrei

Brugge red house

Brugge reflection

Brugge reflections 2

Brugge reflections

Brugge sign

Brugge Smedenpoort at night

Brugge window detail 1

Brugge window detail

India Amber fort from Amber city

India Barli Boy in hoody

India Bay Taj alternative view

India Chand Baoris step well

India Chanoud woman 14

India Chanoud Women 11

India Chanoud Women around the world at work 11

India Chanoud Women around the world st work 10

India Chanould Women around the world at work 12

India Delhi market view

India Delhi Qutub Minar

India Jodhpur Barber

India Panna Meena Ka Kund step well

India Parrot

India Reach for the sky

India step well patterns 1

India step well patterns 2 optical illusion

India Sunset chanoud salt pans

India Sunset on Lake Pichola Udaipur

Taj Mahal across the rooftops of Agra

Beachy head lighthouse

Brighton Palace Pier

Pilot Dan portrait

The Amex stadium BHAFC

Brighton drinking and swimming

Coffee for a rough sleeper

Brighton Tidy street 1

India 124th India Gate Terriers at ease

India Agra Red fort detail 2

India Agra Red fort detail 3

India chanoud boy and bike

India Chanoud man 10

India Chanoud rural street

India Chanoud tailor 2

India Chanoud tailor

India Chanoud woman drying chillies Women around the world at work

India cooking pots 2 Udaipur

India cooking pots Udaipur

India Delhi Chandni Chowk market bike shop

India Delhi Chandni Chowk market

India Delhi Majid Mosque 2

India Delhi selfie

India Delhi sharing a picture

India Delhi step well old and new

India Delhi wall painting

India Fatepur Sikri interior

India Fatepur Sikri

India Gate Delhi

India Humayan Tombs gateway 2 Delhi

India Humayan Tombs gateway 3 Delhi

India Humayan Tombs gateway Delhi

India Humayan Tombs view Delhi

India Jaipur Palace of the winds

India Jodphur step well

India Masjid Mosque detail 2

India Masjid Mosque detail

India Quatab Minar Delhi Posing for a photo

India Quatab Minar Delhi

India Red Fort Agra

India room decoration

India traditional water wheel powered by oxen Rajasthan

India Women around the World at work Delhi

India aroom with a view Lake Pichola Udaipur

India Agra Gatway to the Taj Mahal

India Agra Taj Mahal

India Chand Baoris step well 2

India Chand Baoris step well 3

India Chand Baoris step well 4

India Fatehpur Sikri detail 2

India Fatehpur Sikri detail

India feeding monkey

India Jaipur Amber fort detail 3

India Jaipur Amber fort detail 4

India Jaipur Amber fort detail 5

India Jaipur Amber fort detail

India Jaipur Amber fort view 2

India Jaipur Amber fort view

India Jaipur Amber fort

India Jaipur building 1 detail

India Jaipur building detail

India Jaipur Jantar Mantar detail 2

India Jaipur Jantar Mantar detail

India Jaipur Jantar Mantar stairway to heaven

India Jaipur street food 2

India Jaipur street food 3

India Jaipur street food

India Jaipur street market 2

India Jaipur street market 2

India Jaipur street market sari shop

India Jaipur street market

India Panna Meena Ka Kund step well 2

India road trip bike

India selfie 1

India Step well Black and white
































India Barli boy 3

India Barli boy and bike 2

India Barli children

India Barli detail 2

India Barli detail 3

India Barli detail 4

India Barli detail 5

India Barli detail 6

India Barli detail

India Barli girl 6

India Barli new bricks 2

India Barli new bricks

India Barli ox driver

India Barli potter

India boy bike and puppies

India Fort Barli girl 5

India Jaipur Monkey temple 1

India Jaipur Monkey temple 2

India Jaipur Monkey temple 3

India Jaipur Monkey temple 4

India Jaipur Monkey temple 5

India Jaipur Monkey temple 6 Broken relics

India Jaipur street vendor

India roadside cafe

India RT32

India sacred cow and dog

India sacred cow and rubbish

India Bari Goat Herder

India Jodhpur girl

India Jodhpur Jaswant Thada interior

India Jodhpur Jaswant Thada lake

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort 2

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort detail

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort gate detail

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort room interior

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort room with a view 2

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort room with a view

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort view

India Jodhpur Mehrangarth Fort

India Jodhpur sacred cow

India Jodhpur street market 1

India Jodhpur street market 2

India Jodhpur street market 3

India Jodhpur street market 4

India Jodhpur street market 5

India Jodhpur street market 6

India Jodhpur street market 7

India Jodhpur street market 8

India Jodhpur street market 9

India Jodhpur street market and clocktower

India Jodhpur street scene RT34

India Jodhpur street scene RT35

India RT33

India Chanoud detail 3

India Chanoud detail 5

India Chanoud detail 6.jpg

India Chanoud detail

India Chanoud detail1

India Chanoud detail2

India Chanoud man 1

India Chanoud school a

India Jodhpur Blue village

India Jodhpur step well 2

India Jodhpur street scene 12

India Jodhpur street scene 14

India Jodhpur street scene 15

India Jodhpur street scene 16

India Jodhpur street scene 17

India Jodhpur street scene 18

India Jodhpur street scene 19

India Jodhpur street scene 20

India Jodhpur street scene 21

India Jodhpur street scene 22

India Jodhpur street scene 23

India Jodhpur street scene 24

India Jodhpur street scene 25

India Jodhpur street scene 26

India RT 36 Women at work

India RT36

India RT37

Jodhpur Women at work

India Agra Taj Mahal sunset

India Agra Taj Mahal

India Barli child

India Barli girl and bike

India chanoud boy 10

India chanoud boy 11

India chanoud boy 12

India Chanoud boy 22

India Chanoud child 10

India Chanoud child 11

India Chanoud child 12

India Chanoud child 14

India Chanoud child 15

India Chanoud children10

India Chanoud family 10

India Chanoud family 11

India Chanoud family 12

India Chanoud family 14

India Chanoud family 15

India Chanoud family 16

India Chanoud family 17

India Chanoud family 18

India Chanoud family

India Chanoud farmer 1

India chanoud girl 10

India chanoud girl 14

India chanoud girl 15

India Chanoud group 10

India Chanoud group 11

India Chanoud group 12

India Chanoud group 14

India Chanoud group 15

India Chanoud herder 10

India Chanoud holy man 10

India Chanoud male teacher 19

India Chanoud man 10

India Chanoud man 11

India Chanoud man 12

India Chanoud man 14

India Chanoud man 15

India Chanoud man 16

India Chanoud man 17

India Chanoud man 19

India Chanoud man 21

India Chanoud man 20

India Chanoud man shoemaker 19

India Chanoud man shoemaker 20

India Chanoud man shopkeeper 19

India Chanoud man shopkeeper 20

India Chanoud man tailor 19

India Chanoud men 20

India Chanoud school 1

India Chanoud washing

India Chanoud woman 20

India Chanoud woman 21

India Chanoud woman 23

India Chanoud woman 24

India Chanoud woman 25

India Chanoud woman 26

India Chanoud woman 27

India Chanoud woman 28

India Chanoud woman 29

India Chanoud woman 30

India Chanoud woman 31

India Chanoud woman 32

India Chanoud woman 33

India Chanoud woman at work 30

India Chanoud woman at work 31

India Chanoud woman at work 32

India Chanoud woman at work 33

India Chanoud woman at work 34

India Chanoud woman at work 35

India Chanoud woman at work 36

India Chanoud woman at work 37

India Chanoud woman at work 38

India Chanoud woman at work 39

India Chanoud woman at work 41

India Chanoud woman at work 42

India Chanoud woman at work 43

India Chanoud Women at work 3

India Chanoud Women at work 5

India Chanoud Women at work 6

India Chanoud Women at work 7

India Chaoud man 21

India Chanoud woman at work 40

India Chanoud Women at work 6

India Chaoud man 21

India Jodhpur Working women

India Jodphur shop

India Portrait with Taj Mahal

India RT40 Delhi market

India RT41

India RT48

India RT49

India temple detail

India Udaipur City Palace 2

India Udaipur City Palace interior 1

India Udaipur City Palace interior 2

India Udaipur City Palace interior

India Udaipur City Palace

India Udaipur Lake Pichola 1 laundry

India Udaipur Lake Pichola 1

India Udaipur Lake Pichola Women at work 2

India Udaipur Lake Pichola Women at work

India Udaipur Lake Pichola

India Udaipur street art

India Udaipur street scene

India Udaipur wedding preparations

India Udiapur sunrise over the lake

India Chanoud Women at work35

India Delhi women

India chanoud girl 10

India chanoud girl 14

India chanoud girl 15

Wet January arrival at Brighton Station

Reflections of the Taj Mahal

Robbens Island prison cell interior

Robbens Island prison cell lock and spy hole

Robbens Island prison cell

Robbens island prison compound B & W

Robbens island prison compound colour

Robbens Island prison dormitory

Robbens Island prison wall 2

Robbens Island prison wall

Robbens Island compound looking towards Cape Town

Robbens Island ex political prisoner Tom Moses

Beer in Cape town

Castle beer

Landscape route 12 south of Oudtshoorn

Rainbow and lightening on the Little Karoo

Seascape Sedgefield 2

Seascape Sedgefield 3

Seascape Sedgefield

Seascape Storms River Mouth 2

Seascape Storms River Mouth

Sedgefield kite surfer

Storm on the Little Karoo

Surfs Up Plattenburg Bay

Approaching rain Western Cape

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 1

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 2

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 3

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 4

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 5

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 6

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 7

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 8

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 9

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 10

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 11

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 12

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 13

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 14

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 15

Cape Town Bo-Kaap 16

Farmland Western Cape 1

Farmland Western Cape 2

Feeding a sea-lion

Fish gutting

Route 62 small Karoo

Sunset over Hermanus Bay

Township Houtes Bay

Access for all Cape Town

Bike and shack Arniston

Fishing boat launch Arniston 1

Fishing boat launch Arniston 2

Fishing boat launch Arniston 3


Karoo storm 1

Karoo storm 2

Ostrich 1

Sax sellers Cape Town

Montegue Post Box

A Gateway LHR terminal 5

New York 911 memorial 1

New York 911 memorial 2

New York 911 memorial 3

New York 911 memorial 4

New York 911 memorial

New York bar

New York Brooklyn Bridge

New York Guggenheim art gallery

New York High Line chilling 2

New York High Line chilling

New York High Line poet

New York High Line shadows and light 2

New York man and fire hydrant

New York Man and scooter

New York Old friends

New York Washington square 2

New York Washington square

New York woman and dog

New York figure 2

New York figure

New York beer

Brighton West pier approaching storm

London Tower Hamlets Betahayim Nuevo cemetery pg

London Tower Hamlets cemetery pg

London Tower Hamlets cemeterywith large sculpture1 pg

London Tower Hamlets Daren Bread

London Tower Hamlets Door real or art

London Tower Hamlets Stepney House 1

London Tower Hamlets Stepney House 2

London Tower Hamlets Stepney social housing

London Tower Hamlets Trinity Almshouses

London View from the Mayflower pub

Brighton cyclist

Brighton Easter bonnet

New York 911 memorial

New York Brooklyn Bridge 5


New York High Line Art 1

New York High Line walker

New York Hot Dog man

New York Rockefeller center 3

New York Rockefeller center

New York SoHo bag lady

New York SoHo Hot rod

New York Stars and stripes

New York Victoria's secret not so secret

New York Walkers

New York Rockefeller skaters and selfie 4


Hove Sky and Beach Huts

Hove Sky and flowers

Hove Sky and seat

London Road Open Market street art

Hot Busking

India Jodhpurscooter blending with the environment re worked

India Royal Enfield motorcycle

New York Central station cafe

New York Empire State Building selfie

New York Manhatten skyscape

New York old and new

Walk with me

Waterloo cafe

Waterloo Meet me under the clock

Fire on the water

Stormy sky over the Dyke

Buda 017

The end of the pier. Brighton

London Borough Market 1

London Borough Market 2

London Borough Market 3

London Borough Market 4

London Borough Market 5

London Sky garden

London Southwark Cathedral

Brighton cowboy

London Blackfriars 1

London Blackfriars

India Taj Mahal

Indian Barber

Indian rural potter

Indian street kitchen

Florence beer

Something wicked this way comes 1

The impressionist

Old Curiosity Shop London

London Blackfriars

London telephone boxes

The Seven Stars

Brighton station 2016 1

Brighton station 2016


End of days

Brighton Bike

Ditchling Beacon poppies 2

Ditchling Beacon poppies 3

Ditchling Beacon Poppies


Shopping in the rain

Italian stairs

Edinburgh Festival 1

Edinburgh Festival 2

Edinburgh Festival 3

Edinburgh Festival 4

Edinburgh Festival 5

Edinburgh Festival 6

Edinburgh Festival 7

Edinburgh Festival 8

Edinburgh Festival 9

Edinburgh Festival 16

Edinburgh Festival 10

Edinburgh Festival 11

Edinburgh Festival 12

Edinburgh Festival 13

Edinburgh Festival 14

Edinburgh Festival 15

Edinburgh Boots

Edinburgh Calton Hill

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Heart of Midlothian

Edinburgh Skyscape

Edinburgh Walk on By 5

Yellow lines 1

Yellow lines 2

Yellow lines 3

Yellow lines 4

Yellow lines 5

Yellow lines 6

Yellow lines 7

Walk on by 8

Hebridean sunset


1 Auld reekie A handful of memories of Edinburgh as a child

2 Auld Reekie Heart of Midlothian

3 Auld Reekie Bloody rubish

4 Auld Reekie Bike

5 Auld Reekie Bobby

6 Auld Reekie Prefab

7 Auld Reekie Scottish National Museum

8 Auld Reekie Backstreets

9 Auld Reekie castle

10 Auld Reekie Calton Hill

11 Auld Reekie Craigour

12 Auld Reekie Burdiehouse Burn

13 Auld reekie poverty

14 Auld Reekie new town

Yellow lines 8

Pride 2016 1

Pride 2016 2

Pride 2016 3

Pride 2016 4

Pride 2016 5

Pride 2016 6

Pride 2016 7

Pride 2016 8

Pride 2016 9

Pride 2016 10

Pride 2016 11

Pride 2016 12

Pride 2016 13

Pride 2016 14

Pride 2016 15

Pride 2016 16

Pride 2016 17

Pride 2016 18

Old cast Iron

The meeting place cafe

Bosham 1

Bosham Quay



lido worthing 6

Brighton sunset over the Donut

Sunset over the Brighton and West piers.

Brighton beach 20

Brighton Beach 21

Brighton fishermen

Brighton Pier 20

Brighton Pier 21

Brighton Pier 22

Brighton Pier 24

Cannon Beach Ecola point sunset

Cannon Beach morning


Man in the High Tower

Shoreham power station and harbour

Southwick Beach

Spinnaker sunset photonet

Street art Brighton 15

Hove Lawns and huts

Women at work reworked