Witolda Maruszewska

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Freelance motor racing photographer who provides photos for Torquespeed, Short Circuit Magazine, Autosport and gforceimages.co.uk. Main interest is in photographing UK national and club level racing rather than the major international categories. When not out shooting, is a mechanical engineering PhD student at Imperial College (University of London) whose thesis is on the impact damage of composites.





Street Photography


Single Photos


Where there's smoke, there's fire!!!

Jackie Oliver - Lotus 49B

Alex Lince in for a service

Procky's crew cheering their driver on

John Mickel hitting the T4 wall

Is it safe to leave the garage?

Driving into the sunset

Speak & Swan in Turn 4

A misty autumn morning just outside Oostende

Vintage racers climbing the hill

Toby hunting bugs

Mr Thomas: sleep expert

Oostende: marina & harbour

A frosty fenland morning

Hundred Foot washes at sunset

Ely Cathedral in the rain

Under stormy skies...

Oooooer, Colin!!!

The Fulling Mill

Shaun Richardson: a study in B&W

North Sea coast at dawn

The Albert Memorial

Al fresco chess

Ready to Roll at the Rock!

Skid by Name, Skid by Nature...

High vantage point (and great hat)

"Mummy, there's oil on the track!"

Give me that!!!

Lucky Seven

Heat Exhaustion

The Esses at 3:30 am


Chris "The Cookie" Cooke in T4

Good luck, Ben!

The Flying Dutchman

Hot and steamy...

Chris Cooke: a study in black & white

Three wide!!!

I know you wanted a cabriolet...

Colin White: a study in black & white

A close-up on Tony King

Autumn comes to Ely

Easy does it...

Precision spring rates - on a budget???

Sharp right into...

Pretty Porsche

MG Midgets: Cockshoot Cup

"Go away!"

750 MC Bikesports at Coram

Amongst the Trucks

A Pair of Pick-Ups

Colin White: you looking at me?

EERC Britcar: Porsches making waves

Journey's End: 2CV 24 hour race

Poetry in Motion

Pearl: paws for thought


Three is company

Stormy Skies: #78 Chevy

A job well done...

Ready to be unleashed!

Soft Hands

"What's lurking up there?"

Pearl: sunshine girl

Feline Ablutions