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I'm exploring photography first by playing with some photos from travels that I'm scanning and keeping a light touch on adjustments. I am an Irish- American woman who considers herself Irish (both parents are Irish) and of the world at the same time- and of course, of America - although I've never been to Disneyland- so I wonder if I am really American at all :) I am just a beginner in photography although I consider myself first and foremost a traveller and writer and lifelong student of the human condition. My passions include dancing and travel. I have a PhD in Anthropology and Masters in Public Health. I work in community health care in California in the U.S., but have worked internationally. I have not kept pace with images as much as I have words to document or express my experience in the world and so I'm discovering now that I want to learn photography not only to document but to creatively express and share moments that are timeless and yet time-bound. I look forward to learning all I can and please excuse the terribly poor technical skills I have at present- I hope to learn and grow quickly :)

Country: US







California 2011


Sheep Sunset Revised

Cooper by Mary

Clare Island Doors

Lips Paris

Pompidou 2

Michigan Beach Boys Dad 3

Kevin Van Michigan House

Begin Sunset Lake Michigan

At the Races

Sheep at the Mill Clare

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Bird Bath 5

Irish Cousins Boat to Clare

Old Lighthouse Clare Isle 4

Clare Island Beach 3

Clare Kitty Cropped

Chilly Dip 5

I'm not eating Meow Mix one more night

Boys Walk down to Beach

Church 2

Sheep Cloudy Day

Scout Turns In

Unattended Children 2

Water Boy

Seeing Double 2

Deep Sunset

Walk Up from Deck to House

Angels Walk Dunes

No Pier


Boo 5

New Harvest Trees

Blue Hills

Red Chairs

After Morning Rain

Cutting Brick B&W 4

Mar Luke Van Bri Kev Oct 2010

Blue Snow Dog 2


Jake pastels

Mom & Dad on boat to Clare Island, 2009

Resilient Boo

Christmas Lights

No Pier Lake

Frosty Yard

Tree Icing

Day After Christmas

Bug Catcher

Zen Van



Fog Timber

Misty Road

Winter Balcony


Mirror Sky Lake

Winter Scene

Cosy Jake

River 2

River Evening


Another River View

Trees WIndows

River Walk

Cloud Lights

River & Pasture

Pasture Distant Fog

Another River from Top View

New Hills

Winter Tree

Barn House

Textured Street

Lonely Place


Small Trees 7

Stormy Pier Lake

Ducks Breakie

J'aime Paris

Lonely Blue Lake

Stormy Sky Lake

Newest Vineyard Comp

Snow Lake Forest Street

Pixel Angels

Pixel Angels Textured

Pixel Angels 3

Pixel Angels 4

Cali Clouds 3


CA Empty Vineyard

Rusty One Ear