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Greetings! Jack Blake here... thanks for clicking! I'm 53 yrs old and currently reside in Seattle, Wa.. I was born and raised in central California, at the gateway to Yosemite Natl. Park. and I guess for me it was natural that I gravitated towards backpacking and photography. In my teens and twenties I was, (of course!) an Ansel wannabe... ;o) My first camera was a Pentax k-1000 with a 50mm 1.8... and I've had a couple of other simple manuals over the years. Through all of my 20's, I worked in graphic-arts/design as an artist; pre-computers.. Yes, actually hand-cutting the masks on light tables!! But mostly in the darkroom; burning halftones and the like by hand with screens and stat films.. I love doing that now at the push of a button!! ha! PS7... btw. As you can see from my portfolio, I like to dabble in just about everything, but what I've always loved most is childrens photography, and for several years (in my 30's) I worked primarily in that industry. Most of my real passion for portrait photography came from those years working with children and in learning to capture their personalities and exuberance for life. I DO pride myself on my diversity. And I always keep trying to expand my horizons. I'm currently working in SoCal and expanding my portfolio into a little more "commercial" venue as well.. So my work will be going through another growth phase... "growing up a little". I love it all. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I've enjoyed being a part of photo.net, learning and growing all the time. :o) Thanks a lot for YOUR time, Jack Blake http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Professional-Photographers-Page/176691282373219

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