Dean Williams

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I shoot mostly B&W, slides once in a while, and color negs when I have the occasional portrait job. Most of my gear is old stuff, and it suits me. I enjoy mostly outdoor photography, and I just shoot whatever strikes my fancy, landscape, old buildings, rusted out cars, etc. Pretty much run of the mill stuff. Dean


Black and White

Color??-say it aint so!

Single Photos

Filtration examples


Lily #2

Gee our old La Salle ran great!

Sunrise over Tolo Lake.


Sunlit Bench

Railway switch and sky

St. Gertrude's Window

Merc on Main

Another marina?

Arches and shadows-Casa del Deserto.

Photographer to the Stars, er Steers.

Bus depot at dawn.

No waiting. (Bus depot #3)

Graineries at sunset, Camas Prarie ID.

Bowsaw & Lantern

Harvey House Dawn

Sunrise Joshua

Memorial Day

Main St. at 4 AM

Lunch for One

On camera filtration examples

Enlarger filtration examples

Ol' Jimmy

Ticket box



twin creek bridge