Karen Siebert

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I am a amatuer photographer. I came to this site hoping to grow in my photography. I have been serious into photography for about 1 1/2 years now. It began, after I had my daughter, who is now 3 and of course I was taking pictures upon pictures. Well I decided that I wanted my pictures to be better, thus here I am today with a love of photography. I have a long way to go and hope to grow through comments and advice of fellow members of photo.net. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view my pictures. Also, just a quick note on the ratings and comments I give. I only rate or comment on photos that appeal to me, thus it may seem that my overall rating is high. I am a beginner still and do not attest to be a professional so my ratings or comments may not always be technically correct. I know what I like and I know basic photographic elements. I always look at members pictures who have taken the time to rate or comment on mine. I do not always rate or comment in return. I ONLY rate or comment on photos that I find appealing. I am not looking for return favors, simply looking for honest comments and/or critiques of my work. Thank you for visiting my page. Many photographers on this site are an inspiration to me and I would like to take this time to Thank Verna Bice, who has been very supportive and helpful with advice and honest critiques.