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My first "real" camera was a Rebel II that I bought in my mid-twenties. The command dial never left the automatic setting and I wondered why shots never quite looked like I expected them to.

Then I used that camera to document the events of the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, and the shutterbug clamped down and hasn't let go since. I love the way that taking photographs of the event made me concentrate and focus on my environment, the anticipation of moment.

A few years later, I now know what an f-stop is and my photographs actually now come out more like what I imagined than not (though I've still got a lot to learn). About the time my stuff began to get to the point I wanted to show it off, I discovered photo.net and lurked for awhile before signing up.

I'm quick off the mark, and sometimes acerbic, but I mean well.


Night Work (Color)

People (B&W)

Misc Shots (B&W)

PJ Style - Protests/Rallys

Night Work (B&W)

Misc Shots (Color)

People (Color)


Seattle Waterfront in the rain

Water Born (Orca sculpture @ Seattle Center)

Neon Garage (Seattle, WA)

Smith Tower from Hoge Building (Seattle, WA)

"Police Line" Bicycle police waiting to escort marchers (Seattle N30 anniversary celebration - November 30, 2002)

"March" Demonstrators marching through downtown Seattle (Seattle N30 anniversary celebration - November 30, 2002)

"Dividing Line" Demonstrators marching past a hotel in downtown Seattle (Seattle N30 anniversary celebration - November 30, 2002)

Night Fishermen (Seattle Waterfront)


Novena Project

Wake Up 162

Please Give Time

Red Flowers 1 (Seattle Peace March - February 15, 2003)

Speaking Out (Seattle Peace March - February 15, 2003)

Ira in the afternoon light

Mixed Messages

Harstine Island, Early Morning

Contrasts (Seattle Peace March, Feb. 15th)

Prepared Couple (Seattle Peach March, Feb. 15)

Zymogenetics Building (Lake Union, Seattle)

Metro 1

Metro 2

Salmon Grill, Cajun Style (Seattle Bumbershoot Festival, 2002)

Harstine Morning 1

Harstine Morning 2

Last Leaves (Fall 2002)

Janitor's Union Rally 2

Seattle Park Pathway


A Question of Patriotism?

Brought to You By

Close to the Heart

UW Spring 1

UW Spring 2

UW Spring 3

Metro 4

Metro 5

Dead Tree with Flower

Now Comes Our Hour

Dead Tree with Flower 2

The Wages of Sin

No Shelter

Flower Vendor 1 (Pike Place Market, Seattl)

Flower Vendor 2 (Pike Place Market, Seattle)

Hook and Ladder (Firemen Responding to Trattoria Michelli fire in Pioneer Square, Seattle)

Aurora Bridge 1

Happy Hollow Days

The Workshop

The Abandoned Bicycle

Americana 1: The Protector

Old Car with Flowers

Mercer Lid 1

Mercer Lid 2

Mercer Lid 3

Mercer Lid 4

Mercer Lid 5

Look Before You Leap

Not Out Yet

Work A Day World

Post Alley, Seattle