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I am a lady who loves to travel. I just can't seem to get enough of it. The sort of travel that leaves dusty lines around your eyes, un-kempt hair up under a head scarf and tummy full with exotc new flavours. I have been taking photo for the last few years, but have only recently wanted to understand it. I traded in my zooms for a good few primes hoping they may make me work harder to get 'that shot'. I have little-baby-pink fingers when it comes to understanding the scientifics, but by trial and error I will find my way. I love to photograph people and their idiosyncrasies, the clashes between old and new, and life at its most traditional and modern. I understand the many mistakes in my uploaded photos (under exposed, odd DOF, etc) but they are the kinks that push my iron on, hoping that I may find my niche. I am back to India for three months in March 2011. So I will use this next year to home my skills, and hopefully find what works best for me. Nicola.

Country: NZ



Black and White.



Keeping the tradition.

Wedding Procession


Golden Temple

Holy water.

Sit down.

Country Fair.

One way down.

Jaipur Palace

Pioneer Place.

At the border.

Good as new.

Young men.

Pioneer water fountain.


Smoko break.

Summer days.

Old game young gamers.

Boys being boys.

Sliding in.

Come on.




Curious Children