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I was born on July 21st, 1979 in Roman, east Romania. I have been attracted by everything visual in this world since childhood. My parents, noticing this (it was hard not to, because I often had some drawing instrument and a sheet of paper in my hand ) and they asked me if I wasn't interested in joining some art classes. And because I was, during my elementary school, I went to an Art School where I learned the basics of drawing, sculpture and painting and I got some awards for my work at schools exhibitions. The next step was The High School of Fine Arts in Bacau. Here I further developed my knowledge and talents in painting, drawing, sculpture and in the history of art in parallel with my normal schooling. During high school, I attended several "creativity camps", I also got other awards for ecological posters I designed at both local and national exhibitions. After high school, guess what university I choose to go to?(it isn't so difficult given my past, is it?) But, surprise :D! I went to the National School of Theatre and Film inBucharest (the theatre department, of course....I'm joking...:), the film department. And because my knowledge in the field was almost zero, I didn't succeed. This situation didn't happen second time round, the following year, because my luck caught up with me(and also field knowledge, but not as much as I wished-so luck in still in the lead ).So there I was, where I wished to be, in the very first year of my studies at this University, specializing in "Photography for film and television". And this first year of my studies became very soon a VERY frustrating one because of my lack of experience and technical information, and other related reasons .But I'm a hard worker I managed to pass my exams sucessfully. Second year came with a documentary on BETA-CAM SP, color where I was director of photography and a short story on black& white 35mm(story, photography & direction by me).That documentary went to national and international film festivals and got some prizes. The third year offered me another short story, this time on 35mm color(again photography, direction& story by me)which went to a international movie festival. In the forth year I made my graduation movie on 35mm color, this time I did only the photography, all of us working as a professional team an I got my diploma. Now Iメm working as a director of photography for the Romanian national television and I have been doing this since I was in my the third year of university. But I'm very drawn towards photography (as you can see),which is a very big passion of mine. I discovered it during the university, because of those classes dedicated to it in the first two years. My belief is that a good photo must have something special, in terms of composition, color, light, point of view, something to catch the eye, that remains in oneメs memory.(That's why I decided to rate on this site only those photos that "tell" me something.) I don't have a favorite theme or subject to photograph (look at the pictures I posted). When I see something I like I "press the button". I prefer to have in front of my camera as many objects and people as possible, because of the large number of choices you have to "arrange" them as you like (this is the reason for not having so many portraits in my work).Lately I changed this position a little bit and I became more interested in portraits also .And I also like to have time to explore all the opportunities from one "scene", to catch the perfect timing , perfect composition, light etc.. For example for "we only pass"-that spiral staircase with blurred people-I made 6 or 7 frames on the negative. But I'm not complaining since my way of working brought me some prizes at a couple of photo exhibitions. That's me in (more than) a nutshell.


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