Brian Donaldson [Brian_D]

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I began my photographic career while living in Tehran, Iran, from 1970 to 1974. As a high school student living in Iran, I found photography of this beautiful country an inspiration which motivated me to continue my photographic projects. While living in Tehran, I spent time with other student photographers where we learned photo techniques from each other. I became even more proficient as a photographer while spending time in the Marines where I was an expert in the area of military communications. After completing my 20 year tour with the Marines, I went back to work in the private sector and joined a Satellite communications company in southern California. I spent time working in Afghanistan. Not only did this offer me many unique opportunities to photograph the region and the people, both foreign and domestic, but an opportunity to photograph the brave men and women and their lives and activities in this war zone. I am not here to cover the war, just those involved. Some of my photographic equipment includes Canon EOS 5D Full Frame Digital SLRs and a Canon 20D Digital SLRs with an assortment of lenses which includes a Tamron 10-24mm, Canon 16-35mm L, 28-70mm L, and 70-200mm L. I do most of my digital processing using Adobe Photoshop and other popular software. For flim work, I use a Canon EOS 1n and a Nikon F2AS.

Country: US