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58 years old. Lives in Beecroft, Sydney, Australia with wife Kris and dogs Bob and Cozzie.


Poor Imitations of Cartier-Bresson

Colour of Australia

Postcards From Europe and the USA

Pets, Other Animals and Backyard Visitors

Growing Up

Listening To My Father

Blood Sweat and Tears: Grafting An Image

Stitched Panoramics

Occasional Portraits

Scenes from Phuket


Bus-Stop, Mt. Eden Road

Intoxicated Man, Auckland 1974.

Queen St., Saturday Night

Kids After School, Noumea, New Caledonia

Near the Place De L'Opera, Paris (after much controversy over the years, I've decided the dog is a Bisenji). Note spare dog in bag.

St. Germain, Paris, 1975

The Louvre, Paris (I guess the man's string tie indicates that this is an American couple).

Man just awakened from a siesta, Monte Carlo (the quiet M3 Leica meant he never heard the shutter click).

Speaker's Corner, London

Belgian Kids in Kensington Gardens (these kids weren't posing, so much as poseur-ing. I took several images, but they weren't aware of my presence...(too taken up with themselves, I think).

On the Shores of Derwentwater, Cumbria, UK

Tjapukai Dancer at Aboriginal Tourist Site ..for another picture of this man see

Same baby, 15 months later. A Little Old Man already. I guess this is "posed" somewhat. The question is: who's in charge?

Finish of a Race at Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney, 1977

My One and Only Wedding Photo

Lake Burragorang, near sydney

Lake Cawndilla (about 400k inland from Sydney)

Headland, Cellito Beach (300k from Sydney)

Corelas Flocking - Gammon Ranges National Park

Lake Eyre in the Floods of 2000 - this 900 sq mile lake only fills once in twenty years. It is 500k inland in the middle of the South Australian Desert. This was taken from the only hill for thirty kilometres. 50 miles into the centre of the lake millions of pelicans breed during floods.

Mt. Buffalo from Mt. Hotham - photo taken at about 6000 feet after sunset

Entrance to Lindfield Park Gardens - very cold afternoon in winter

Smith's LAke (300k from Sydney)

ANZAC March, 2000

Gammon Ranges, near Arkaroola

Curious Giraffe

Lake Mungo World Heritage Area - 60,000 years of human remains

Oia, Santorini (with Paros on the horizon)

Oia, Santorini

First Night on Naxos

A Display of Accurate Use of The Underarm Razor

Olympian Chaos

The Dog Wasn't His

My Attempt At A Calendar Shot

Man Meets Beast...This old bulldog would come out and sort of wheeze at each and every passer by. It was a Sunday morning and people were feeling good about life, I guess. Fresh bread, no work till tomorrow and a nice lunch to come later on in the day. Everyone who was waylaid by this seasoned, pug-nosed campaigner, full of territorial stuff and nonsense, courteously and dutifully stopped for a few respectful seconds to let the retired woofter think he still had a bit of the old spark left in him. Dogs like him never have a day off. It's a hard job but someone's gotta do it...

This Beach Isn't In The Brochures

Drat! Yet Another Speeding Moped Escapes The Eternal Vigilance of "La Bella Figuera"

Afican Near the Vatican

Hard Not To Join In The Fun

Hopeful Pigeons

A Common Activity on the Spanish Steps (you're so exhausted by the time you get there)

Afternoon in a Pleasant Place

No Jokes Please...

I Really Hope It Was Dead...

Old Corfu Town

This is where you end up when you go shopping with the girls


Why I Rate T400 At ISO 100 (see Tech Notes)

The Day After A Storm

At Least I Can Say I've Been There

When Was The Last Time You Saw A Wild Chook? (that wasn't white and in a battery farm)

A Third Attempt at Paradise

Old Angus lived till he was 21. Most of his vets died before he did. On his last day he performed his usual "constitutional" around the house, got chased by the Noisy Minor Birds (as always) and then had a Big Lie Down.

Tint is still around. He spends most of his days beneath the Monsterio Deliciouso up the back yard. He used to be the Lion of Marsfield and Lord Of All He Surveyed. Now retired, he contents himself with intimidating the dogs and chasing moths. Likes raw chicken and rump steak. Does not like being patted near his tail. <p< <i<Update: August 6, 2002... Tint the Magnificent died last night from complications arising from kidney failure. He didn't want to go and tried to bite the vet as the needle went in. He shouldn't have patted him near his tail. But I couldn't let Tint suffer any longer, as he had stopped eating. Vale Tintanium... We'll miss you.</i<

Tim wanderered into our backyard as a month old kitten On The Lam. He is completely paranoid except when sitting on my office chair with me on it too. He lives next door, except at night when he comes home for a feed and a pat.

An hour after this photograph was taken I was so seasick that I wished for death. Ever since, anytime I've been on a boat, I've taken Quells along with me. Now I don't know whether I get seasick habitually and chronically, or whether this was the one time in my life. That suits me. I wish I was a pelican. Note: one pelican per light pole.

Dead Cats society. All these cats have gone to the Big Mousehunt In The Sky. Limpet was run over at 2 years old one night while we were out at a Lebanese restaurant for dinner. Dewey died at 12, of jaw cancer (after having nine kittens in lots of three, of whom Tom was one). Frank just went to sleep on the back steps one night and didn't wake up, and Tom (on the left, just a kitten here), the Best Cat That Ever Lived, fell victim to the old feline bogey, kidney failure, at 17 years old. He just hit a brick wall on Monday, stopped eating Tuesday, watched the TV for a while that night and was gone by Wednesday. The looks of surprise on their faces are due to a dog getting into the backyard (via an open gate) and chasing them to the (alas, closed) kitchen door.

Bob wandered in one day in 1998 (another stray) and has since become Alpha Dog in the household. He is completely afraid of thunder and fireworks and completely un-afraid of attacking yard-high pig-dogs wherever they appear. He nips small children and delivery men. He sleeps on the bed next to my pillow. His favourite word is "walk" but he hides under the front seat, shaking, when in the car. Apart from that, Bob is completely fearless. He also does not like you blowing air in his face. He wants to please and I think has had a bad past. Everyone in the street knows Bob and loves him for his complexity (except the pig-dog).

Cozzie is the light of our lives. We bought him as a mate (the only animal I have ever adopted that has not been a stray) for Bob. He is a vicious barker and a passionate lover. He digs holes, chases thrown balls and has a collection of Teddy Bears and stuffed toys in the bedroom. He has completed the eating of his basket (and most of my eyeglasses) and has the biggest dick of any dog I have seen. This means that most times he lifts his leg against a tree he misses and hits the ground instead. He is an inveterate digger and barks loudly at around 5 a.m., waking me up (and the rest of the neighbourhood's dogs). Nothing bad has ever happened to him, and I pray it never does.

Georgie is the female pug dog from down the street. She has just had six pups, four males and two females. Something about her makes Bob and Cozzie go mad with desire. Sadly, they are desexed and her pups were sired by a pedigreed pug. Not for want of trying though, by Bob and Cozzie. When she gets sick of their amorous advances she just sits on them and this usually puts an end to the proceedings.

My one concession to computer art. These are the birds that come to our backyard when we put out parrot seed for them. The duck only comes when it is wet. If there is a pecking order it would be cockatoos first, corellas second, then the galahs, followed by the lorikeets and the party-hat pigeons. Unless the ducks are there, and then it's a toss-up between them and the cockies. The dogs and the cats would like to think they could catch and eat one or the other of the birds, but Aussie birds are tough, dirty fighters, and four-footers haven't got a chance.

Old Bailey, London

Manly Wharf, Sydney

Museum in Geneva

Oktoberfest, 1975

London, The Bourne Estate

The "Decisive Moment" Strikes: a Workers' Cafe in Auckland, New Zealand

Cafe in Paris

Upolo Cay, Far North Queensland, Australia

Before the March, Anzac Day, 2000


Zebra, Feeding

Gorilla Glaring

Hyde PArk, London

Chateau Chillon, Switzerland

Hyde Park, London

In The Office

At Our Last Picnic. It took me until 1998 to find this place again, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

At Home, 1980

Jayden, at Six Months Old.

Politics is Boring

Jayden at Two-and-a-half


Quo Vadis Terra?

"Corelas" Sequence

ABBA? Maybe They Were Swedish?

Paris, 1975

Speakers' Corner

Memo To Self: "Take one step back, now and again..."

A closer view...

Wild Dog Mountains

Beach Fishermen

Near Yungaburra, Atherton Tableland (about 2,500 feet altitude)

Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

The Magic Word

After forty-three hours' flying, dinner and six hours' sleep...

For quite a few people, this was the last thing they ever saw (when Tiberius was Emperor)... [for more detail try <a href=""<here</a<. Warning.... BIG FILE!]

If Only The Food They Served In The Restaurants Was So Good...

A Beautiful Day In A Peaceful Place...

Well OK...maybe <i<this</i< was the last thing they ever saw. Detail of my Walls of Tiberius shot, showing the magic of the Fujinon 45mm XPan lens.

...I photographed a man, who knew a Queen, whose son was the Prince Of Wales...

Yosemite National Park (Reworked)

A Hill Town In Italy

An Idea For A Travel Poster

Photoshop manipulations to produce an effect.

A shot of the farm we stayed on

The Battle of Lake Trasimene was fought in this area in 217BC between the Romans and the army of Hannibal. The Romans were defeated with sixteen-thousand being forced, under attack, into the lake and drowned.

Relaxed Sunday Morning in a Hill Town

On a mountain in Campania

The site Of The First Night's Camp at Sydney in 1788

From A Sunday Drive In The Country

Domus Nostra

Some Suspect Teriyaki Prawns at a Japanese Restaurant the Night Before Made Sure I was Up fact, all night...

Barrow Boy At Leather Lane Markets

Ex-Serviceman at ANZAC March, 1979

Young Boys in London Tube

Better than just standing around...

Old Monastery in Italy

Flowers For My Wife

My Own Private Landscape

Old Hilltop town

Looking upwards as we walked...

Front garden in Sydney on a hot day

Brothers Having a Bath Together

A quick shot at the edge of the forest

Photographing a Panoramic image using a panoramic head
and stitching it with Panavue software.

Sydney Anti War Demonstration, 2003

Ordinary People Expressing Their Views

Doing Everything With Peppermints Except Eating Them

A Walking Track Near My Home in Sydney

Another experiment... but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Getting Closer...

A Forest Clearing Near My Home in Sydney

Waiting For The No. 95 Bus, Rome, 2001

Bob, after a rat in the garden

Kye at 2.5

Multi-POW Photographer Showing How It's Done...

Jayden's Day Of Birth

Cozzie, our Shi-T'zu-Silky

An Experiment In Combining Multiple Digital (D100) Exposures

Bad Baby

Jayden's Famous T-Rex Impression

Confronted With The Monster, They Had second (and Third) Thoughts...

Sunday afternoon In The City

And Endless Source of "Why..."

Bye, Mum and Dad

Jayden is reluctant to participate, while Kye spies the playground...

Kye throws tantrum re. playing on slippery-dip. Success!

Loitering In London

Ten Months After the Canberra Bushfires

Talking To Beagle

In The Middle Of Nowhere


At a Cousin's Third Wedding

And Another Thing... a subversive dialogue between partisan Australian political wankers one night over too many glasses of fine wine.

Family Gathering

St. Germain des Pres

Man With Collapsed Lung

From The Wedding Of A Multi-POW Winner

Sydney's Balmain Pool At night

Another Visit To A Wonderful Place

Dog Waiting Outside A Pub For Her Master In The Freezing Cold

Our Tame Magpie

The Local Gangsters: Chilworth Reserve's Flock Of Cockatoos

A Kookaburra comes To Visit

The Old Woolshed At Mungo World Heritage Area

There was a monster in the wardrobe...

The Haircut

A Hidden Valley On A Romantically Named Road

Rainbow Lorikeet

Looking For Abby... may she visit again soon.


QE-2 at West Circular Quay, sydney

German Day Trippers, Phang Nga Bay

Man Drying His shirt

Village Schoolgirl

Sea Gypsy Village, Phang Nga Bay

Monsoon Elephant

Barmaid, Patong

Chefs At The "Good Seafood" Restaurant

Beach Dog

Leather And Watch shop, Patong

Dusk At Patong Beach

On The Town

Swimming Hole In National Park

Retired In Paradise

Hungry Cat

The View From Room 1523

Graduation Day, Odyssey House