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Single Photos

The Ministry of Silly Works

Technical and scientific


Old colour prints

The Other Venice

New Forest - Infrared

Water Meadow

1970 Figure Studies


Winchester Cathedral









Old Ektachrome

Venice 1973


The Colour Factory





Humour in Malta

Naxxar, Malta

Marsaxlokk Street, Malta

Malta in Monochrome

Vittoriosa, Malta

Victoria, Gozo

Mdina, Malta

Postcards from Malta

Valletta street

High Key Fine Art Sepia Figure Studies I

Digitally reworked


Paris 1968

Cambridge 1966

Kirsten 1997

Paris 1968

Caroline as a teenager

Venezia 2002

Venezia 2002

HCB forgery

Cambridge 1967

Silicon behind bars

Peter Freeman’s strange sculpture in Winchester Cathedral Close

The Logan Rock, taken from the stage of the Minack Theatre at night.

At the top of the ridge at Sauze d’Oulx

My oak tree

Oops! Wrong scanner setting!

Making a vase

Modern Venetian Glass


Telephone mast

Street 1

Paint Shop Pro


Vittorio Veneto


Not a grand canal

Daffodils on Mothering Sunday

Ultra Unmanipulated

Easter Egg


My Cherry Tree


Ultra Unmanipulated II

Top speed 127.659 mph

Stanley Steamer

Put out to grass


Water Meadow I

Water Meadow II

Water Meadow III

Foulford Bottom I

Foulford Bottom III

Foulford Bottom II

Water Meadow IV

Water Meadow V

Water Meadow VI

Serious and Beautiful I

Serious and Beautiful II

Serious and Beautiful III

Serious and Beautiful IV

Serious and Beautiful V

Stern and Beautiful

Very Bad Joke, but still Beautiful

I'm going to sneeze - ah ... ah ... ah...

Red rose

Winchester Cathedral II

Pale yellow rose

Quire, Organ and Nave

The High Altar

The Lady Chapel

Cathedral III

Cathedral IV

The Old Vine, and its old vine I

The Old Vine, and its old vine II

Record producer Lou Stonehill promoting his latest album “Inner Space” at the Dog & Crook, Brambridge.

ARGH! Misplaced apostrophe

Monumental erection on the banks of the Danube (in the rain)

On the 'phone

A trick of the light?

First rain for two months.

Sweeping up cigarette ends


In the garden of the Romanian Atheneum



There is a shortage of parking spaces in downtown Eminönü

Ooh! Invitation in Varna

Looks dangerous

Happy couple on Çiragan Cad.

Early morning in Ortaköy

The Fox and Hounds

The Hall of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Budapest Félmaraton


For tourists

Mátyás templom

We can't get no satisfaction

Now we have some satisfaction

Village near Salzburg

Landscape, Eastern France

Landscape in Transylvania

Pelesh Castle, Sinaia



Garden of the Palace of the Bulgarian Royal Family

Hi, welcome to Istanbul, and I waved back.


Aya Sofya

Turkish Viagra

Egyptian Market

Cat poses for photographers

Sorry, we are not closed.

Silk on silk carpet

Looks dangerous II

For dancing girls

191 watches

Hookahs waiting for customers

A back street in Ortaköy

Political party

Abstract with shoes

New mosque, new offices

Üsküdar (Asia) from Ortaköy (Europe)

Legs made by Skoda

A rainy day in London Town (at ten past four)

The Bosphorus Bridge from the terrace of the Çiragan Palace Hotel

Technical tragedy in Turkey

Variation on a Technical tragedy in Turkey

The High Altar of Winchester Cathedral from the altar steps

Quire, Organ and Nave II

Winchester Cathedral

That's a big lens

Hang on while I change the barrel, so the bear hung on

Strand Sunset

Cold and alone

Quire, Organ and Nave

Quire, Organ and Nave

Advertisment for coffin nails

White satin dress and silver shoes

Experimental exercise in extreme fantasy - please do not rate for originality/aesthetics

Hugely overpriced and very crappy software for a PC

David Bailey

"It's all right dear. The're only models"

Shot for a magazine.


We must stop meeting like this, darling. Someone might notice.

A Humble Canal in Dorsoduro

Campo San Barnaba

Energising pigeons

Canalazzo - crepuscolo


Phalaenopsis and fly

Phalaenopsis and Fly II


At the Sign of the Angel


The Big Issue

Naughty T-shirt shop

Accountancy services

St John's College


Bobbies on beat

The Grapes



Street Corner

The Hobgoblin

Noodle Bar

An experiment that went wrong.

Smokers are now banned. Unfortunately, that includes the landlord and most of the bar staff, but you can still get a drink there.

Otterbourne Park Wood

VR-A (Mynarski Memorial Lancaster) taxiing home.

Through these, I see the world.


Resting on Raoul Dufy

Bollard Gallery

The Result

Artist at work

Some little vandal

An open and shut case?

Madam, will you please look at the camera.

Come sir! Feel my lovely melons.

Quire, Organ and Nave

Things you see in Roman Palaces

Power Potter

Walking the dog

More bollards have been decorated

The Nave, Winchester Cathedral

Wild English bluebells

Get me down from here

On the wall in a Valetta cafe.

In God we trust

For tourists

Look what I have unearthed (No - I did not do it)

Vanity, O Vanity

Me neither

Ooom Pah

So who did not heed the warning?

Premeditated road rage

Stop the Malta Experience

You are supposed to let sleeping dogs lie - not wake them up with that noisy Nikon

Does it run on Red Bull, mister?

Palazzo Parision, Naxxar

Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar

Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar

Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar

Sorting out the nets

I am watching you

Fish market

Fish market

The Gut (Straight Street)

Stairway to Heaven

Rabat Cafe

Ollie's last pub

Nodding off


Laughing girls

Someone should tell the Valetta Local Council that pigeons cannot read.

In the cool of the evening

I supervise



Attacked by birds

All uphill

Vittoriosa street

Vittoriosa street

Vittoriosa street

Vittoriosa street

Auberge de France

Auberge d'Angleterre

Victoria street

Victoria street

Victoria street

Making Gozo lace

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady

The way out

The case is plane

Mdina restaurant

Mdina street


Mdina street

Mdina street

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

The way in

Mdina with Rabat in the background

The Blue Grotto

A postcard from Marsaxlokk

A postcard from Marsaxlokk

A postcard from Marsaxlokk

Smoking room

"I'm still at the office, dear"

Double helix

Up the Gut

"Neptune" Court, Grand Master's Palace

The Carmelite Church

The Carriage

The Carmelite Church and St Paul's Anglican Cathedral

The Carmelite Church and St Paul's Anglican Cathedral

High key figure study in sepia I

High key figure study in sepia II

High key figure study in sepia III

High key figure study in sepia IV

High key figure study in sepia V

The Rising Sun

Late afternoon winter sun

East end of the South Aisle, Winchester Cathedral

The High Altar, Winchester Cathedral

The Butter Cross, Winchester, on a very dull morning.

My Cherry Tree

I think that the tree is prunus "pink perfection", but I will stand corrected.

Pink Philaenopsis

The Nave, Winchester Cathedral

Orange strawberries, purple blueberries, yellow raspberries, red asparagus and orange tomatoes

Winchester Cathedral

The Close, Winchester Cathedral

Quire, Organ and Nave Winchester Cathedral

Welcome to the nut house

Venezia 2002

Ponte de la Malvasia Veghia

King Arthur and his balls - courtesy of Winchester City Council

The New Forrest