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I enjoy finding hidden potential in everything, and this drives my approach to photography. I shoot scenes that may seem ordinary and uninteresting. Then, through compositional approach and digital meanderings, I transform these photographs into emotive scenes that unveil something that may not have been visible upon first glance. Recently I've taken a large interest in digital infared photography, mainly for it's ability to reveal unseen spectrums of light that can't be seen with the human eye. My website:


Single Photos



Digital Manipulations



One bike, many miles.

Frozen Pond

Refuge (redux)

Caballo Leal

Stairway De La Luz


Kuala Kansar Mosque

Tea Plantation

Caterpillar and Honeysuckle

Casa Numero Nueve

Kilkenny Gate

Kuala Kansar Mosque (2)

Bluebonnets near the Driftwood Vineyards

Fall Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

Desert Palms

Cedar Fence

The Homestead

Mosaic of Guanajuato

What Would Gaudi Do?

Bluebonnets at Dusk

Waiting on a Fisherman

Skipping Stones

Cameron Highlands

Surprisingly Refreshing...

Fountain Frolic

Doorway to Serenity

Group of Seven Trees at Cypress Creek

Bellagio Fountains

Three Trees

Natural Star


Celtic Cross

Cupolas and Domes

Storm Over Tulum


Dangerous Beauty

Double Door

Dangerous Beauty Part II

Eye of the Agave

Dangerous Beauty Part III

Drama Queen with Sparkles

Drama Queen

Behold the Warrior


Sundown at the Temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza

No Fear

Prickly Pear Reef

Mona Lisa Smile

Dangerous Beauty Part IV

Horizontal Patterns of Kek Lok Si

Oak Reflections (Redux)


Bayou Black Oak

Hatch of the Hummingbirds

The Cryin' Cowboy

Blue Bayou


Rocky Mountain Bluebonnets, eh?!!

Bayou Black Oak - Redux


Flaming Sconces at Casa de la Luz

Roll Over Van Gogh

Bathing Buddha

Sunset Trance

Votive Candles Twenty Five Times

Courage of El Pipila

The Frisky Scotsman

Storm Sanctuary

Evening Along Elderhill Road

Dante's Styx

Entrada de Independencia

Sandy and Jake

Forgotten Hay Wagon

Knotty Arch

Seeds from the Past

Gone to Army

Left to Rust

Field of Maize

Half Empty

St. Francis and the Descending Chameleon

Lone Witness


Thirsty Oaks

Leaving Childhood Behind...


Uno Noche Caliente


Mesa Falls


The Many Faces of the Liberty Cap

Antler Hill

Celestial Horses

Mammoth Storm

The Tao of Flyfishing

Quake Lake

Reclaiming Self-Esteem

Here Comes the Rain

El Orbe de Luminoso

Mesa Meadow


Mammoth Storm Two

Shawl Dancer

Ancient Aquaduct

Old Mexico: Sagrado

Mesa and the December Moon

El Contrabando

Contrabando Chapel

Evening at Balanced Rock

Morning Surfer

susan with the pretty brown eyes

Desert Princess

Staples Barn

Surveying His Domain

Prairie Solitude #6

Crystal Ball at Benini Ranch

Great Texas Staredown

Gozitan Venus

Chapel of St. Anne

Muñequitas 2

More relics of shattered dreams

Bull's Eye 2

Life on the Puszta #1

Praire Solitude 14

Swayback Barn

Leaning Cactus at Yagul

Acacia 1

Rural Life 1

Rural Life 2

Cable Mill #1

Desolation Tree #2

Sacred Flight #2

Kinnitty Tree

Killarney Horse

Romanian Child

Romanian Rural Life 1

Sunflower Field 1

Turner's Hi Ho 2