Pawel Stradowski

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Single Photos


Leaving the city

2-year old for the first time in the zoo

Northern Poland

Play tennis?

Missing summer vacation?

Have I seen it before?

Afternoon flowers...

Sunset mood

The heart

Sun umbrella

The Beach

Santorini Island

Santorini Island

Sun beds on the cliff

Perfect view with not a perfect car

Silence in Greece

The doors

The windmill

The stairs to paradise


Lonely beach

Radison Hotel


Signs of Autumn

Rocky road


Wavy Silent Ocean

Moon over tower

Softness of childhood

Wind vane

Three year old macho

Fisherman's boat at dusk

Late evening on the beach

Just another boat

White against blue


Who could resist?

Against the sun

Ordinary ladscape?


Misty bridge


Fairy tail beach

Tool shed at night

Young & Innocent

Late evening at the seaside

Holy cow

Portrait at the sea

So what? #1

So what? #3

Gosia 1

Pawel Pawelec

Some day...

Just him

Weronika i Zygmunt

Monika i Paweł

Klaudia i Piotr