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I have been shooting pictures since 1965 when I got my first cheap roll film camera. Soon thereafter 8mm and Super 8 movie cameras enhanced my still camera eye.

I switched to digital in the year 2000. I shoot Canon EOS DSLRs (10D, 40D, 7D) and an occasional roll of color negative or slide film with older 35mm EOS cameras (10S and EOS 3). I shoot sports (bike racing), weddings, parties, landscapes, mountain biking, big trees, street shots, and wine country.

Software: Photoshop ver. 13 (CS6). Windows 7 x64.

Enjoy, have fun, leave good comments, and take great photos!

- Ken Papai

Country: US


Single Photos


Beer and Wine


Rails - trains




Farmers Market, San Rafael, Calif. Chestnuts, Nov. 2002

Chilies at the Market

Peppers at the Marin County Farmers Market.

Wonderful Eggplants!

Sunset off my porch, a reflection.

Mountain Bike - Above China Camp State Park.

Moon Rise over Mill Valley fog

Railay Sunset, Thailand, near Krabi

Run and his son, Thailand.

Wine in Mendocino County - Anderson Valley

Roederer Champagne in Anderson Valley

Flower Closeup, March 2002


Santa Venetia Drowned Fence

Water falling through Marin

Water Falls in Marin County

Mossy Bridge

Red Barn in Wine Country

Gnarly, Old Zinfandel

Art in Emeryville

Redwood Tree Leaves


Road Bike Racing in San Francisco

Above Turn 3

Bucks Landing (near China Camp)

Calling for Help!

Dallas Lightning!

Fort Bragg Sunset

Golden Gate Bridge from the Air

Red Bike Racer

Kevin Hugged by Girlfriend

First Cousins

Window on the New Year

Santa Venetia Boat

Oak Leaves in Puddle

Thai Longboat Taxi in Krabi

Thai Longboat in the Evening

Ghost in the Redwoods

Thai Fishing Boats

Succulent Macro

Ship, Boats, and Chopper

San Francisco Dry Docks

Runaway Dry Dock



New Years Eve

We Love New Years!

Ferrer Window

Sonoma Vineyards (G.Ferrer)

Vineyards of Ferrer

Wet Leaf

Sunrise over Buck's Pier

A. Rafanelli Wine Cave

Beer & Wine

SF Bay Bridge

San Francisco Bay Bridge with Ferry

Bay Bridge to Treasure Island from S.F. Ferry Terminal

Ferrer Champagne Cellars

Gloria Ferrer winery center windows

Blue Angels over Bay Bridge

Blue Angels over Embarcadero Building

Blue Angels passing By the Bay Bridge.

Woman racing up Fillmore

Erik Saunders Grits it Out!

Rapinski vs. Sayers - SPRINTING!

Blue Angels on a String

Escape from San Quentin

Escape from San Quentin

Golden Gate from tip of Angel Isl.

Golden Gate and Alcatraz

Woman racing on STEEP Fillmore.

Self Portrait

Husband & Wife - self

Broad SF Building

Rusty Pilings

Golden Gate at Dawn

Sunrise over SF Bay from Buck's Landing

Autumn Sunrise over the Bay

Autumn Sunset 2003 in Marin

Oakland - San Francisco Bay Bridge - SUNSET

Rails in San Rafael

McInnis Park at Sun Rise

Morning rails headed through Marin.

Coastal Redwoods - Muir Woods

Coastal Redwoods

San Antonio 2005 River Walk

Buffet corner detail

Dining Room Table

Dining Room table, Peroba, Oak and Leather

Ken & Kadyn

The Bellagio ceiling art in Las Vegas

Shooting kids portraits in the park, 70-200 f/2.8L lens, Canon 10D

Golden Gate Park Dutch Windmill

The Digital Darkroom

Cross on grave in Terra Linda, San Rafael cemetary; EOS 10S, Kodak 200 neg. film, print scanned.

Terra Linda, San Rafael, Calif.cemetary grave cross, DSLR image

Statue in Cemetary, San Rafael, Calif.

Duckhorn Winery, Napa Valley

Sept. 30, 2005 wedding in Napa Valley

Paraduxx Red Wine, vintage 2005, Napa Valley

Blue Angel #3 over San Francisco

Goldeneye Vineyards, Anderson Valley, Oct. 2005

Anderson Valley, October 2005

Gerstle Park, San Rafael, Calif.

Duckhorn Vineyards, Napa Valley

New Years Eve 2005

Marin County Waterfall 2006

Montgomery Grove Redwoods

Marin Civic Center Lagoon Park

Nicholson Ranch wines, 16mm

The Toronado (San Francisco)- West Coast's best beer bar

Pinot Noir at Goldeneye in Anderson Valley

Fisherman, autumn morning.

Marin County, Nicasio Resvr.

Dan and Jennifer's cake

Orange County Sunset

Palm Desert

Goldeneye Vineyard

San Francisco

San Francisco from Alameda

Dan and Jennifer in Sonoma

Approaching Cloverdale Airport from the cockpit

Railroad Tracks next to Pacific Ocean, 1994

A sharp creek in Montgomery Woods, Mendocino County

Montgomery Woods State Reserve redwood grove

Gigantic Sequoia

Prison at Sunset

Small Falls on Mt. Tamalpais

Rafael Theater

San Francisco - Mission Street buildings

Bootjack Trail Fall Colors

Marin County - Chicken Shack Fire Road

Double IPA beer at the Toronado

Olive Tree along Vineyard - Paso Robles

Squaw Valley Cable Car Overhead

Abandoned House, Napa County

Golden Gate - toned

Horses at Firtop Meadow

Heading into the Light

Inverted Transamerica

What Ales ya!

Highway 128 - Redwood Highway

Looking out Pt. Reyes peninsula

View to Bay from 52nd Floor Millennium Tower

New Years CHEERS!

Bay Bridge Ships under Fog Layer

Golden Gate Sunset

California Poppies on Loma Alta Ridge

Yosemite Valley - Tunnel View

Sentinel Rock and Cathedral Spires from the Four Mile Trail

Tenaya Canyon and Half Dome from Four Mile Trail

Deer Park Trail Trees - out of the fog

Douglas Firs and Redwoods along the Dipsea Trail

SF Bay Bridge and Ships

SF Bay Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge and Tanker

Dog Guard

Sun about to set - San Francisco, Dec. 1

Lake Ranch Trail - above Olema

Gail & Karsten, Meadowood, 6/12/2012

Gail - just married!

FourSeasons0200.jpg -- Four Seasons, S.F., Sat., 2/7/2015

Contemporary Jewish Museum - "jewishContemporary0199contrast.jpg"