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Hi there and thanks for visiting my page. I have been taking pictures since I was a young kid but have only now gotten more serious about Photography. I love taking pictures of Animals both Pets and Wildlife but have not had the opportunity to do much in that respect due to my frightful day job. My Father was a Great Artist with an eye for all things beautiful. He inspired me to use my eye to see things in a different way. He encouraged me to look at angles, color, depth, and to use those skills to see everyday ordinary items in a whole new way. I wish he was here today to guide me but I lost him at a very early age. I miss him and thank him for passing on the creative gene to me. I am hoping that one day I will be able to measure up to some of the Great Photographers I see here and about the Internet and Photography World of today. It certainly has changed dramatically since my Childhood. I have been Humbled greatly, seeing all the beautiful images here at Photo.net. Thank you for reading and just being here. I am sure I will be inspired and motivated to bring my images to a whole new level. Thanks to You. Diana Bolen

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