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I am a semi-professional photographer interested mainly in landscape photography of the Pacific Northwest. I have been shooting landscapes now for about 15 years. I have published a number of articles in magazines and won some awards for my work. My goal as a photographer is to develop into a person that sees beauty in ordinary things. I feel I understand how to make dramatic landscape photographs of obvious subjects but I lack the ability to make the ordinary in to something special. My full-time profession is in psychometrics. I have a phD and teach at a college in Vancouver, BC. My main research and academic interests are in data analysis and philosophy of science. I have published over 20 academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and am the editor of a national journal of the humanities and social sciences.

Country: CA


Landscapes - Horizontal
Landscapes - Vertical
Interpretive Landscapes
British Columbia Interior


Reflection Lake sunrise
Vermillion Lakes moonrise
Coquihalla morning
Williamson Lake moonrise
Lake Ohara at Sunset
North Cascades Mist
Opabin Plateau morning
Sisters Wilderness
Alpine Paintbrush
Berg Lake Sunrise
Bridal Falls
Cascade Meadow
Hawkweed Flower
Jones Lake Sunrise
Lady Peak Sunset
The Royal Group
Wildflowers Forever
Opabin Plateau
Medicine Lake
Cottonwoods in Mist
Opabin Plateau at Sunrise
Maligne Lake
Church Mountain
Chilliwack Lake
Border Meadow
Spruce Lake Recreation Area
Giant Cedars
Floe Lake Sunrise
The Beaverfoot Range
Forest Fire Sunrise
Reflection Lake Sunrise
Cheam Meadow
Ruby Beach
Painted Hills Sunset
The Deadman Valley
Father and Son
Yak Peak
UFO - Unidentified Frozen Object
Maligne lake
Maligne Lake
Medicine Lake
Trophy Meadows
Medicine Lake Area
Perkins Peak
Alkali Lake
White Lake
Columbia Icefield
Columbia Ice-field Sunrise
Columbia Ice-Field
Mount Athabasca
The "Look"
Maligne Lake
Perkins Peak
Hell Ravings Peaks
The Spectrum Range