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I am a management consultant in Australia. My interest in photography began when I was about 12 and was given a Kodak 104 Instamatic. At 16, I was given my first serious camera - a Minolta SRT 101. That was a major event in my life. Around then I set up my own darkroom for BW. I shoot landscape, architecture and street photography at every opportunity mostly using digital capture. My photography is spread among a 35mm, medium and large formats. Film continues to be part of my photography. Maybe photography represents a suppressed creative spirit in me. Rarely does a week pass when I have not shot a roll of film or fill a card. I shoot 35mm, medium format 6x6 and XPan and large format 4x5. I enjoy the attributes of both SLR and rangefinder equipment. However, my passion lies in medium format - Hasselblad 6x6 and XPan panoramic formats representing 60 of my shooting. Their "involving" attributes maximise my efforts to "see what I am seeing". In 35mm format I mainly shoot digital now - Leica SL2, M and M Monochrom. The convenience and immediacy of 35mm digital imaging suits that small format's advantages very well. But for "special" imaging requiring the benefits of larger formats, medium and large formats are my preference. Today my favourite photographic genres are city/street and landscapes. I've learn't most by spending time with manual mechanical equipment and getting a better understanding of what I am seeing and how to capture it. Electronic "wizardry" has its place but in most of my photography, simplicity of equipment functions is essential to help ensure there are no distractions during the process.

Country: AU


A range of impromptu images - no particular themes

People's Republic of China - a photographer's dream

Australian Outback - a tiny sample of its riches

Classic Camera Images - simply samples of classics' performance

Leica photography

Black & White

Hunter Valley

Large Format

Airshow Down Under 2005


Street and Reportage



Federation Square Park Bells

Melbourne Museum Park

Summer Palace

China's Great Wall

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak - irony of a disused property with one of the world's best views.


Beijing worker

A well-to-do shoe repairer in Beijing's Hu Tongs


Unique real estate in Hong Kong

Desolate outback after 3 years of drought.

Storm approaching Lake Menindi

Truck lost in copper mine

Sad tree

Lone surviving small tree in Mungo late afternoon

Friend at home reflecting himself

Lonley tree in Mungo National Park's Walls of China

Sparse hill top at White Cliffs above opal mines in remote Australia.

Isolated Church in Australian outback

Outback dead tree

A lost world of hundreds of dead trees in a drying lake

Endless sight of dead trees in a dying lake

Mangled dead trees in Australian outback

Sydney's mixed architecture

Chess in China's Hu Tongs

The old and the new??

Summer Palace lake and boathouse

Ducks at Play in Lake Menindi

Attention getter in Forbidden City

Exhibition Buildings using Voigtlander Prominent with Ultron 50mm f2 - illustrating exposure range.

Testing 1950s Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta III and its Tessar T lens.

Shrine of rememberence testing Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta 6x9

Shrine of Remembrance and Eternal Flame, Melbourne, Australia

Flower girl hitching a ride

Large format helper


Federation Square

My favourite flower

A bloom of many blooms

City figure... interest or disinterest?


More stairs



Snow Gums in Hunter Valley

Farmer's hut

Gloomy Newcastle Nobbies

Historic water pump station in the Hunter Valley

After the wedding

The Hunter Valley

Old Church bell

Rock-pools in Newcastle

Incoming tide

New South Wales' beautiful Hunter Valley

Approaching mist at Newcastle's Nobbies

Pink storm

Pink storm over Newcastle's Nobbies

Snow Gums in the Hunter Valley

Snow Gums in cloud

Low tide waves

Moody rock pools

The colours of seaside rocks

At play in the surf while the storm builds

Ship in stormy seas

Women's water hole at Barrington Tops

Melbourne Cup


Birches in the Hunter

Dead bird

Morning pink light at Newcastle Nobby

Moody morning sky

Milky rocks

Happy graduates


Big toy

Aussie F15

Mighty Hercules engines



Avalon at 1500 feet




Graceful fighting machine

Leura in NSW's Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls

Shipwreck at Stockton Beach NSW

A close look


Father and son

City horses

Real people?


Klein above.

Old tree

War Memorial

Wedding Shoot

The Dame


GPO Clock


Voigtlander Bessa 66 - Southbank walk-bridge

Light through the pines

Oyster farm pier

Hunter Valley

A "Streeton" view of the Hunter Valley


Lonely place

Quiet place

Peaceful place

Dark peace


One bird

Paddling gloomy lake

Pointing gum tree


Right Angles


City Bamboo

Risky Climb

Kiss Me

Risky Business

The Blue Mountains

Docklands, Melbourne, Australia.

Oyster lake, Hunter Valley, Australia.

Windows of Captain Cook's cottage; Melbourne, Australia.

Radio telescope; New South Wales, Australia.