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Hi, I'm Chris Spracklen. I live in a village called Martock, in the South of England, and I've been shooting digital pictures reasonably seriously since November 2002. My current cameras are a pair of Nikon D7000s, which I'm very pleased with! I have 50mm (1.8), 16-85mmVR and 80-400mmVR Nikon lenses, a Tokina 11-16mm, and a Tamron 90mm macro, which give me a good range! I use Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop CS5, OnOne plug-ins and Photomatix Pro for editing and manipulating my images, and I use iPhoto and Keynote to present them. I'm a Mac user, currently working on a 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBookPro that's plugged into an Apple 23" Cinema Display. I serve as a pastor at the Martock Christian Fellowship, so I have a busy and demanding job. Photography helps me to unwind, but it also flows over into my work as I tend to be very visual when I teach. I hope you enjoy looking through my various galleries ~ thanks for stopping by. Kind regards, Chris


Single Photos

The Cornish Collection

Flowery stuff!

West Bay


Church related

In or around Martock



Dartmouth and district

The Sea

Briar's Wood bluebells

Birds of prey

A touch of humour!

The Lake District




People pic's

HDR work

South-west Ontario

National Trust interiors


The sun shines on Sidmouth

Cadgwith thatch


Watching the walker

Clifftop walk

Gulls over Eype

Coming in to land!

Tulip town

Gulls by lamplight

Bridge on the exe

Dry stone wall

An image for Easter

Early morning, Dunster


New thatch


Field by Tintinhull

Arches, Lacock Abbey

House at Hinton St. George

Flying off to the sun!


Boat at Dittisham

Rising mist at Dittisham

Boats and beach, Branscombe

Snow storm at Sidmouth

Sheep walking

Ketch off Berry Head

Yacht at Tuckenhay

Railings and sunset

Sunset over the river

Seeing red!

Ketch on the horizon

Moo are you staring at?

Towards Muchelney

Drawn to the light

From Thurlstone Point

Sunset seeker

Deck chairs and dinghy, Sidmouth


Up, up and away!

Laurel flower

You're kidding, right?!

Heading south

The seat, Hardwick Hall

Autumn at Stourhead ~ stone cottage

Church corner, Martock

Cathedral reflected

Reflection of Wells Cathedral

Surf at West Bay

Sunset by Bridport

Couple in love

Waiting for summer

Cyclamen buds doing their swans neck impression!

A stormy day in Dorset!

Moo are you staring at?!

Misty morning on the A37

Seagull spat, Swanpool

Towards the harbour, Weston-super-Mare

The Gothic Cottage, Stourhead

Copse at sunrise

Home for lunch

Looking back towards the Cobb

Footbridge, Torquay Harbour

Calstock Viaduct

Moat walk, Great Chalfield Manor

Peacock resting

Walking off the pier at Weston

Four in a row

Farm lane near Dittisham

Towards Golden Cap

Branscombe Church, Devon

Lichen-covered branch

Walking up to the big house

Daffodil carpet

The Cobb again!

Nearing Heaven's Gate

Muchelney thatch

The bird

East of West Bay

Thatched cottages, Barrington

There's always one!

Welcome to my world!

The stream


The old stables

Start of the bluebells

White house and rape field

Evening glow

Towards the White Hart

Gothic cottage in springtime

Lily pads

The Black House, Budleigh

The Tuatarr

The Creek

Deep blue clematis

Flowers and rock

Looking down from Ham Hill

Hill-top chapel, St. Ives

High and dry at Newlyn

Rowing boat, Hive Beach

Mousehole harbour

On-line chat room!

Close to home

Popping peony!

Arches, Laycock

Lavender, Avebury Manor

Bridge at Muchelney

Red-roofed barn, Muchelney

Cow at rest

Coker Cottage

Muchelney Church

Peregrine falcon

Clovis takes off!

Thatched cottage, Selworthy

Leaf and shadow

Chopper over Porlock

Butterfly on lavender

Mars Hill, Lynmouth

Harbour, Lynmouth

Thatched cottage, Muchelney

Flamingo impressions

Dusk at Muchelney Abbey

Sunset thatch, Muchelney

Grass at sunset

If Kinkade was English...!!

Magnolia flower

Sunrise at Dittisham

Dittisham reflection

Sunrise at 'Ditsum'

Gull and lost bones!

Wreck on the Teign

Leaves and window

Sweet peas!

Towards Portland

Flying off to nowhere

Do the swans know it's autumn?

Looking down on Lyme harbour

Into the sunset

Robin at Stourhead


Misty morning, Martock

Row of thatch, Norton-sub-Hamdon

Furrows, South Cadbury

Sundown at Burrow Hump

Fences in the mist

Leaning fence, Eggardon

Golden sunset

Towards West Bay, Dorset

Surf watchin'

Little folly, Stourhead

Steamer quay, Ullswater

Reflection in Loch Garten

Red Admiral

Boathouse, Ullswater

Storm over Glastonbury

Coastal footpath, Hive Beach

Classic Cumbria

Golden glow, Stourhead

Learning from the pro

Surf and spray, Budleigh

Primary colours

Every cloud has a silver lining

Shower of red

Lone tree in the mist

Coastal Path, West Bay

Seagull ponders flying at 500 mph!

Frosty bales, Martock

Old friends

Marina, Weymouth

Moorhen amid the reeds

Wood and stone


Getting to the point


The moon over Lyme

A frosty Stonehenge

Path and cathedral

Burrow Hill


Look into my eyes

Red cliffs, Sidmouth

Cottage in the rain

Clouds over Norton

Blossom and tree, Stourhead

Bluebell fantasy



Shady lane

Coleton Fishacre

Purply combination

Gate, near Merriott


Spiky clematis

Sub-Hamdon thatch

Golden eagle

Bald eagle

View from Ronda

Mist over Ullswater

Tented village

Taking the bait!

Beach shop

Walking the dog

Crovie, from the pier

Station trolley, Cromdale

Reflections, Weymouth

Bald eagle

Cluster of boats

Boats and clouds, Mevagissey

Old barn, Muchelney

St. Peter & St. Paul, Muchelney

The blue mountains

Ribblehead Viaduct

Dunster thatch

View from Cotehele ~ please view large!

Cathedral Tower, Wells

Lytes Cary Manor

Staff break, Montacute

Little house, Les Diablerets

Alpine Chapel

Peace in the valley

Peregrine falcon

Dusk at Muchelney

Boat and calm, Dittisham

Tawny Owl

Ducklings, Saltram

Wells Cathedral

Bibury Cottages

Red, white and blue

Turf bridge, Stourhead


Cedar sunset, Martock


Bottom lake, Stourhead

Red acer, Montreux

Autumn light, Wells Cathedral

Lakeside, Montreux

Bridge and colours, Stourhead



Beach walk, West Bay

Takamine in the sand

Graveyard, Cromdale

Grain field, Cromdale

Swans over Windermere

In the still of the morning

House and pond, Lake District

Lone carriage, Broomhill

Stone and reflection

Archetypal England!

Sunrise over Glastonbury Tor

Reed and reflections

The Stone Pier, Weymouth

All Saints, Martock

Inside All Saints, Martock

The Stillness

Young love

Steps and magnolia

Podimore church

Rocky silhouette, West Bay

Lifeboat, West Bay

Rape field and railings

Trees at the Rec

Cottage corner, Lustleigh

Sunrise and canola field


Spiral staircase, Tibidabo

Cypress trees, Valencia

L'Hemisferic y Palau de les Arts

Peregrine falcon

Basilica ceiling, Tibidabo

Valencian gateway

Gaudi curves

Angles, Barcelona


Vulture in flight

Fence and path, The Vyne

Bald Eagle stare


Griffon head

Swan family, Chew Reservoir

Crovie, Banffshire

Minster & St. Michael's

All Saints

Golden beach, Hive

Cottages, Exmoor

Boats on the Dart

L'Hemesferic in B&W

Dorset fieldscape

Queen's View

L'Umbracle roof

All the colours of autumn

Surf and stones

Classic autumnal beauty

Lytes Cary

Acer and Pantheon

Vulture stare

Clump of trees

Blues and greens, Stourhead


Happy Valentine

Sunset stroll, The Cobb

Escalator, Holborn

Treasurer's House, Muchelney

Path and stables, Barrington

Artist's impression

Country garden

Storm clouds and grave stones

Rowing boats and winch

Beach and railings, Lyme Regis

The valley from the train!

Exeter Cathedral interior

Chalet and Wetterhorn

Climbing out of Wengen


Golden steppes eagle

Looking up Gold Hill

Sunny street, Marbella

Liquid gold!

The George at night

Red rocks, Sidmouth

Mountains from the Brienzersee

Thun and mountains (IR)

Sunset on the prom

Gary & Rhiannon

Misty sunset

Corbiere reflection

Over the hill from Odcombe

Acer and Pantheon


Acer and Pantheon 2008

Small boat, Montreux

Wheels and mill, Fiddleford

Reed bed and swan, near Shapwick

The Stour at Sturminster Mill

Pulteney Bridge

Last iron of the day

Ridge and footpath, Eggardon Hill

Fork and sheep, Eggardon

Tree and frost, Witcombe

Frosty gate and sunrise

Dragon's teeth, Abbotsbury

Sunset over the reed beds, Shapwick

Weir and pond, Cheddar Gorge

Cedar sitting in the settling snow

Forde Abbey and Gardens

Rocks and seafront, Lyme Regis

The Windsor Royal and Castle

The Anglo-Welsh at Marlow

Quiet corner near Marlow lock

Moorings and harbour, Grand Bend

Early morning walker, Niagara

Pre-dawn at Niagara

Line of boats, West Bay

Looking across to Eype

Lunch on the set of the latest Robin Hood movie

Early morning, Norton

The Atlas, Crovie

Ergo-gnomic keyboard

The River Exe at Bickleigh

The Great Orme tramway

Sunset walkers

Wall of water, Niagara Falls

Schloss Oberhofen, near Thun

Steamer quay, Ullswater

Indian eagle owl

Surf and lighthouse, La Corbiere

Little bridge, Furzey Gardens

Through the lock at Bobcaygeon

The Library, Tyntesfield

Great Hall, Montacute House

House and fountain, Montacute

Pantheon pano, Stourhead

Egret lifting off

Rocks and palms, Laguna Beach

Steinway, Stourhead

Scrapers and station, Toronto

Great grey owl

Pipes and ceiling, Winchester Cathedral

Seven windmills, Consuegra

Female kestrel

Are you trying to stare me out?!

Fistral beach sunset

Autumn mist

Sundown at Shapwick

The inner harbour, Torquay

Staircase, Glewstone Court

The nave, Exeter Cathedral

Dusk on the Cobb