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I have had a passion for photograpy for the past 35 years and have owned several 35mm SLR's and still have a Nikon F2 I also had a darkroom for about 5 years which I gave up when I got married. I had one landscape photograph published in an art periodical about 20 years ago. I intend to use my new LF (Ebony) camera for landscape and portraiture. I am hoping to find a darkroom to use and would like to develop skills in alternative printing processes. I bought a Contax T-3 recently for snapshots but have a greater interest in LF. I made the jump to digital photography this summer ans coupled with with allready present PC skills have proven to ve a natural for mw. I am using a Fuji S-2 with several Nikon lens


Folder 1

Alaska folder

Photos from 2004

Photographs from 2005


Street scene

Aaron - my son at 4 years

Mirror Building

Atigun Pass, Brooks Range, Alaska

A perfect Minnesota mid-summer night

Bridge Underpass

Refrigerator 1979



Flatiron Building


Tree on a hill

Alley (fuel tanks)

Tree and Ferns

My Sunset Picture


Roof and Sky

Dock at Puget Sound

Sky and Reflection at Sunset


Sunk Boat

Tree - Early Spring

Tree and Picket Fence


Brooks Range


Bank detail - Lake Ooluncutts

Field stone house

Trust and Confidence

Dog on a Chain

Rock and flowers R123


Roller Mill

Dregs of winter

On the Beach

Roadmap #1

River Ice

Target Parking Lot

Fence and snow

Stockland Island

Shed and tree

Autumn scene

Abandoned Abandoned space

Tree and stone

Desert lake


Trees at dusk

Tree in fog

beginning of summer

Ten minutes of portraits


Lily pads in evening

Cement flowerbed

High heels and white socks in the evening