Mihai Ciuca

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I was born in the middle of nowhere Romania during the Communist time. While in high school I received a cheap russian camera (Smena 8) that I start to use exclusively with B/W film. I enjoyed so much it that soon I arranged a small darkroom with everything I needed to develop my own films and pictures. At that time I even did not know what is a SLR but I had a great time enjoying my hobby. After Romanian bloody Revolution from december 1989, everyone switched to colour films, compact cameras and worse (for me) Kodak and Fuji labs... With this shift I completely lost my passion for photography and I simply quit the hobby. It took some time to have a comeback on digital but now I have four Nikon cameras, one full frame, one DX, two on film :) and a bunch of good glass. I am eager to learn more so I am reading almost every day new things and I also do my own experiments. I like very much street photography, travel photography and I enjoy doing event photography (not so much family events but more corporate / business...). I enjoy mostly when taking pictures of people, especially in their natural settings, without posing. My photo blog is http://www.photo.graphy.ro but I still have to work hard on this project. I don't like pictures that are too much photoshoped... in general my PP includes when necessary adjustements on contrast, WB, levels, sharpness and sometime conversions in B/W. CaptureNX2 does everything for me and I hope one day Nikon will provide a Linux version for it. :) Obviously I like very much Nikon stuff... 80% of my stuff is Nikon, but I have also some Zeiss, Tamron, Voigtlanders and as well Sigma lenses. My dream is to see soon on the market a smaller Nikon digital full frame camera, something like a FM3a... to fit better my passion for street & travel photography. On the personal plan, I have a university degree in engineering and I work as Media & Communication Coordinator for a large organization. I am married and I have a 20yrs son that's studying Computer Science at Manchester University, UK, and the most important thing for me is my Christian faith. I also like very much Nikon... Did I make clear this little point? :)

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