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Canon E1 Hand Strap



Chris, on the streets for Xmas.

Strap looped into BG-ED3 Grip loop-slot.

Side View of Strap looping configuration. Left: Neck-strap, Right: E1 Strap, centre: E1 Hand-Strap metal connector (covered with duct-tape-to prevent body scratching).

detail shot of duct-tape cover...

Skerries North County Dublin September(?) '03. It was freezing cold day on the beach I saw a guy with his kids, the dry sand was moving along the beach -I started shooting.

same as the last one!

Taken in 1997 in George St Sydney out the back window of the 79 Bus!! Probably taken on either an EOS 5 or EOS 600 with a Sigma 28-200 or 50mmf1.8mkI

Under the Cathal hwy, Circular Quay Sydney Australia 1997 or 1998