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Hi, I am a photo enthusiast who now wants to charge people for my time and skills. I am not new to self employment or getting my feelings hurt because somebody doesn't like what I think is just oh so awesome. But still, it's kind of intimidating starting all over again. My parents had a camera since I was a baby. You might think, "So?" But to my family that was huge. We were a poor Indonesian family but we had a camera. When I was 8 my dad bought a Minolta and all sorts of lens. He had a luggage full of them. We were in the U.S. then and he was working on his bachelors and later his masters (shows how volatile life is, from poor to better than average or vice versa). He never let me use the camera but on special occasions, with him supervising, he'd let me use it. Of course since it was film I could just snap away. Fast forward... I took photography when I was in college but my heart wasn't in it. I learned how to use my manual Minolta and how to process the film and negative but my images were mediocre. I loved being in the dark room but I wasn't too happy with the photos themselves. So then I focused on graphic design and started a love affair with Photoshop. Fast forward again... our daughter was born and in my eyes she's just the most beautiful thing. Like a lot of new parents with a digital camera I snapped away. This was with a little point and shoot. After awhile the p&s just wasn't good enough and for my birthday the husband got me a Canon XTi. I felt robotic using it at first but gradually I started to remember what I learned in my photography classes back in the days. Lucky for me I was able to take more photography classes through the university I worked for, digital this time. You can't beat free tuition, right? Motherhood gave me what I didn't have years ago. My daughter is my muse. Because of her I am in love with this little black box and glass. I know I have a lot to learn and I continue to do each time I pick up my baby, Nic, the D300. Although I'll take a picture with anything, even with the Droid and the different apps that I downloaded for it. Children's photography is what I love the most. Not only are they cute but once they warm up their so natural with the camera. Very fun! Besides photography I love to make cards and scrapbook (my composition for my personal photos are usually based on what kind of scrapbook layout I want to make -- it's a sick thing I know), cook (just cook, I can't bake), read, and travel. I have very expensive hobbies unfortunately. That's me :)

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