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I've been a member of for a few years now and I've enjoyed meeting and making so many new friends. My photography has improved greatly thanks to the constructive criticism of PN members. This is a great site to help improve skills. November 2014: Taking a break. Wish you all the best. February 2015: Hope to be here a little more. If nothing else I should post the same photos I post on Facebook! I am no longer submitting photos for ratings. Aloha, Dom

Country: US


Single Photos



People / Street


Impressions of Las Vegas


Maui Moments


The Puu (small cinder cone) Ka Luu O Ka '0'0 Taken from the rim of Haleakala Crater on...

Bird of Paradise 1


Jackson's Chameleon

Canefire 1

Early Light on Montana Lake

Maalaea Sunset 11








Rocky Mountain Park Trail

Girl Friends at Lahaina Banyan Tree



Water Lilies


Good Neighbors


Hawaii Island at Night

Colorado Thunderstorm

See The Chameleon? Do predators see in color or black and white?

Kahikinui: The back road to Hana

Cane Fire and Rainbow

Kahoo'lawe First Light

Bird of Paradise Redo

Sunday Sunset

A Clear Day



The Hunt

A Rainy Day in the Crater

I'Iwi 4


Fashion Able

Torch Ginger


Porsche 356

Orchid Stack


Horsing Around

It's in the Details

Protea IV (please view larger)


'AUKU'U Immature Black Crowned Heron

'AUKU'U Black Crowned Night Heron

Gelato 1

Gelato 2

A Hasty Retreat

Golden Plover - Kolea

Spring In Hawaii

Wave Action

Time For A Nap

Ring Necked Pheasant (Bigger is Better)

Surf More!

Hookipa Surf (View Large)

Just Another Rose

In Control

Finch Song

Hookipa 3-30-11 (view Large)

The Rose

Hookipa Body Boarding 4-5-11 (Bigger is Better)

Hookipa Surf (2)

Mating Monarch Butterflys

Full Moon at Sal's House-View Large


Chick? What chick? I haven't seen any..... (view large)

Hoover Dam Tunnel

Vas Vegas 011

Las Vegas 012

Las Vegas 013 (View Large)

Vas Vegas 015

I'Iwi Mating Missionary Position

Kula Farm Flowers

Tongues (view Large) or a New Fern Branch



Rocky Mountain National Park

A Little Bit Bent

bouquet de jour

Homeward Bound

The Boogeyman Orchids (view large)

Snorkeling on Maui

Cooling Off!

Dahlia From Trish's Garden (view large)

Wave Competition

"Fireworks" Protea

Summer Fun

Buggy Bow-Tie (view large)

Orchids BR

From The Garden

Cactus Waves (View Large Please)

Silversword on Ice

One of Us :- )

Dahlia Gone Wild! (view large)

Surf's Up!

Turtles Surfing

Moab Dreams-1

Fern Valley

Who, Me?

Black Pearl Dessert


Light Play

Cowboy Bokeh

Just another Hibiscus-1 (view large)

Hibiscus-2 (Best Viewed Large)

Hibiscus-Up Close and Personal

An Innocent Bystander Gets Sucked In...

Rainbow Today

Peony 3


Jaws 2(View Large to see how crazy this guy is!!)

Jaws 3 (View Large to appreciate risk to life)

Protea VII



Oh S_ _ _ _!!!!

Jaws Wipeout- View Large

Fireworks Flowers

Protea VIII

Got Fruit? (View Large)

Protea IX (Please View Large)

Haleakala 101 (Best Viewed Large)

Red Hibiscus (view Large)

Protea X (View Large)

Red Ti (view Large)

Bellagio Blooming

Sundog Maui

Sundog Maui 2

Rainbows Halemau

Halemau'u Trail (View Large to find hikers)

Above the Clouds

Tulip BL

Moonrise at Haleakala Crater - larger view OK


Bottle Brush- View Large

Party Time!

Just for the Colors (view large)


Maalaea General Store & Cafe' - Before & After

Maalaea General Store & Cafe-Rear View

Wailea Beach Maui, Hawaii (View Large)

The Wild West


The Fencepost




Italian Hoagie


Alberta Falls-Rocky Mountain National Park-Please view large

The Loch, Rocky Mountain National Park-View Large

The Road to Estes Park-Please View Large

Colorado Colors

Wild Basin,Rocky Mountain National Park-Please View Large

The Loch

Maroon Bells

Deer Mountain Trail iPhone Photo see large view

The Loch-Version 3, Please view Large

Estes Park Sunrise- Please View Large


The Loch V3- No Crop

"Bundle of Snakes" - View Large

A man and his cow

Surf's Up! Large View is Better

Protea VI

Fresh Fish on a Garden Salad

Free Fall- View Large

Rocky Mountain National Park- See Large View

Lake Helene at Notchtop, RMNP- View Large


Maui, Hawaii Night Sky (View Large)

Focus - View Large

Are you sure I'll grow into them?

Maui Sunset 21- View Large

Water Lily II

The Bird Man of Magic Island

I Like You

Surf Lessons

Kahakuloa Church- View Large

Rain = Rainbows

Lost in the Crowd- View Large

West Maui Sunset

Hidden Secrets-View Large


Ma'alaea Moonset

Kula Botanical Gardens (View Large)

"Hoover" View Large (shot at ISO 12,800)

Nap Time-View Large

Hot Lips- View Large

Garden of Eden

Magnificent Montana

Avalanche Stream-View Large

"I can feel the earth move under my feet..."

Yellowstone Sunset

Mom, what are you doing?

Lake Josephine - A boat with a view

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Duct Tape Creativity

Grinnell Point Rainbow - Large View is Better

My Hiking Buddy

Calm Before the Storm

Grinnell Point Rainbow

Let The Sun Shine In - View Large

Arches National Park

Arches National Park


Tenacious Tree

Utah Canyon - View Large

Hoover Dam Electric - View Large

The Moose-View Large

Where's Trish? View Large

Maui Rush Hour

The Wedding-more colorful in large view

The View from Home

Zion Canyon - View Large to see colors along the river

Zion- The Watchman (View Large)

Fall in Virginia - View Large

Zion-The Lodge (View Large)

Bellagio Las Vegas Fountains

Angel's Landing - Zion National Park, Utah (View Large)

The Palazzo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Early Morning at Zion Lodge

East Maui Sunrise

The King

Surf's Up! View Large

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) at JAWS - View Large

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) at JAWS - Zoomed -View Large

Montana 43 (Large View is Better)

Where Angels Fear (Please View Large)

Maalaea Maui Sunset

Patriotic Puddle (View Large)

Maui Sunset 41014 ( View Large)

Thompson Road view of West Maui

Bamboozled - Large View is Better

The Notch

Maui Hawaii Rainbow (View Large)


Stormy Rainbow

Last Weeks Storm

Trish's Dish

Capitola on Soquel

"Melts in your mouth...."

"And the Moon up above...." (View Large)

Milky Way and Distant Volcano

Lake McDonald-Glacier National Park


Wotan's Throne, Grand Canyon

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Happy Halloween!

Cane Burning and Full Moon Rising - View Large

Thompson Road Sunset II

First Light-Lanai

A Maui Hawaii Sunset

White on White