Glenn McCreery

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I am a semi-retired research scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory with an interest in photography that stretches back to approximately age 12, when I built a darkroom in my bedroom closet. Although my formal education is in science and engineering, including a PhD in chemical engineering, I have studied photography in a variety of classes and seminars, including Ansel Adams Yosemite Institute in the mid-1970’s. I work with both large-format film black and white and, more recently, with digital capture and printing. My emphasis is primarily on landscapes of the natural, and sometimes unnatural, world.

Country: US


Single Photos


Death Valley overview s

fall leafs

thunderstorm over Big Hole mountains

cormorant take off

halloween joy ride

teton canyon moonrise m

Teton Valley Thunderstorm m

Swan Valley wheat fields m

tufa, Toulon, Nevada m

beatrix running

Teton ctn. night m

Tetons reflected m

moose jumping over fence

willow tree sunset

pond ice 5

sunflower sunrise

moon halo

Menan Buttes s

icy plant s

Yellowstone arch at night s

mud lake north and clouds

robin eating berry

Squirrel Cemetary

beatrix in yard


diamond head

sunrise sunflowers s

moose eating apples s

setting moon at dawn 2

pond ice #8

arbon valley, Idaho

dune patterns and tracks

sunrise in fog, Hendry's Beach

swans taking off

storm over eastern Sierra mountains

Hendry's beach in fog

Death Valley thunderstorm

Milky Way over wheat field

Death Valley thunderstorm

windblown snow on trees

Conant valley, Idaho

cabin interior and fall colors

Driggs night with new moon

Leaf beetle on sage

dew covered moth warming in sun

lady bug

milkweed beetle eating milkweed

laminar to turbulent flow transition in small channel

Aguereberry Point, Death Valley

Death Valley dunes

Yellowstone Lake

Big Sur coast

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

fog shrouded hills

trees in overflowing stream

Nevada landscape

Sunset over Diamond Head, Oahu

Hostea plant

Last of fall apples

Joshua trees at sunrise, Mojave desert

Red Rocks State Park, California, at dusk

Oahu sunrise

old cabin in snow

kolob canyon, Zion National Park

bald eagle 1

bald eagle 2

Teton mountain range at night

Death Valley panorama from Dante's View

Death Valley thunderstorm

Teton Valley, Idaho, in fall

Fence and road

Idaho Falls foothills at night

Teton Canyon at dusk

Norris geyser basin, Yellowstone

Meeka in her element

Frozen puddle

Water drops on mirror

abandoned car, Mojave Desert

bison and calf

spider on thistle

Beatrix digging in sand

Yellowstone thermal pool

Moonset, Big Sur Coast

Rabbit and Flat Islands

Big Sur coast

Waiting for sunrise, Molokai Lookout, Oahu

Dead tree in Fox Creek, near Victor, Idaho.

pointilist sunflowers

Shellfish exposed at low tide

Canoe on Leigh Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton

Milky Way and I

Milky Way over Pinon Pines

Nevada landscape

Garapata State Park, Big Sur coast

Two shells on beach

Yellow salsify

Mamatus clouds over North Fork Pine Creek, Idaho

Old house and wheat field


Old combine in wheat field

Total eclipse of the sun

End of totality

Beginning of totality

Eclipse mosaic (read from left to right)

Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Dante's View, Death Valley, National Park

Tide Pool, Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Approaching thunderstorm, near Rexburg, Idaho


Goleta Beach at dusk


Goleta Pier at dusk

Navaho Knobs trail, Capitol Reef National Park, self portrait

Horse in and out of fog

Supermoon sunrise

Sand dune sunrise

McDermott, Nevada mountins

Icicles containing air bubbles

Dante's View, Death Valley, California

Sea Kayaking, Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Bald Eagle pair

Winter dog walk

Coopers Hawk

Wind turbines

Frosty tree

Horses in pasture

Kayaking and canoeing Kern River, 1985

Honey bee in cherry blossom

Running with dogs, Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara