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I'm just a snapshot guy.



The Aim High Series

Single Photos





Coney Island Aquarium, October 2002

Playground, Central Park

Fountain, New York City


Fire Island, New York

Fast Food Restaurant, Coney Island

Fountain, Central Park

Brothers, Wyoming

Paris, France

Fire Island, August 2002

Lexington Avenue, 2002

78th and 3rd, 2002

Aim High No. 1

Aim High No.2

Aim High No. 5

Aim High No. 8

Aim High No. 6

Street Crossers, NYC

Aim High No. 7

Aim High No. 9

Aim High No. 3

Aim High No. 4

3rd and 79th, NYC

77th and Lexington

FDR Overpass

Karl Schurz Park, NYC

Second Avenue

57th and 6th, NYC


Sunrise on Second Avenue

Sandbox, NYC

Central Park, July 2003

50th Street, NYC

First Avenue, NYC

Greenwich Village, NYC 09-03

3rd Avenue, NYC

Central Park, NYC

October 4, 2003

Madison Avenue

Little Italy, NYC

60th Street

59th and Lexington, NYC

NYC, Diana Ross Playground

60th and Lexington, NYC

3rd and 50th, NYC

Lexington and 68th

59th Street Steam

Aim High No. 10

Late, late

East 76th Street

Madison Avenue, NYC

62nd and Lex, NYC

Mr. Cab Driver

69th and Lex


East 56th Street

58th and Third

Steam Leak No. 529

West 20th Street

66th and Second, NYC

58th St., NYC

77th and Fifth

Avenue X

Back of a Taxi, NYC


Spilt Milk

Coney Island, NY September 2004

24 Hour #9


Central Park, 2004

From the desk

65th Street

York Ave, NYC

Pennsylvania no. 1

Pennsylvania no. 2

Trash Fire

West 111th Street, NYC

St. John the Divine, NYC




water balloon

Thompson's Point, VT

it was a book cover idea, actually

Plastic Cup, Private Jet

San Miguel de Allende

10th Ave., NYC

New York, NY June 06

Jones Beach, NY

how much for the doggie in the window?

Harlem Caddy

West 110th Street

Brooklyn, NY, September 2006

West 79th Street

Lex and 51

Fire Island, NY

Fire Island, NY 2009

Saddlestring, Wyoming

July 4, Saddlestring, Wyoming

Ice Hockey, NYC

Late-Night Ice Hockey, NYC

Christmas 2009

Park Avenue, NYC

Amsterdam Avenue, NYC


Ani Summer '13