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We are one of the UK's largest news and photo agencies, established way back in the sixties. We have four excellent staff photographers. Our coverage of breaking stories is delivered each day, directly into the newsrooms of media across the country and worldwide. Our customers include national and regional, daily and weekly newspapers, TV and Magazines. We have a friendly team of news reporters, feature writers and photographers working from our head office in Hampshire, UK. We will often approach individual photographers to see if they are interested in us marketing a particular image or set of images to the UK press, then, if they wish, around the world. Forgive me if that first approach is sometimes in the critique boxes. We've found it's often the best way to attract the photographer's attention! We work with hundreds of photographers from all over the world. They all retain full copyright of their work, and are all paid within about four days of us getting their work in UK publications. As soon as I agree fees with picture desks, cheques go in the post, or we pay by Paypal. The pictures you see on this page were taken by our staff photographers.

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Amur Tiger cub triplets making their first public appearance at Marwell Wildlife, in the UK, back in...

An orphaned Deer formed an amazing realtionship with a pack of Foxhounds.

Rescued owls were given a surrogate cuddly toy mother owl, so they didn't imprint with humans too...

Egyptian tortoise that is as small as a 20 pence piece at Marwell Wildlife, England.

Phantasmal poison frogs are one of the most dangerous amphibians on the planet at the Blue Reef...

Fox cub photographer

A baby ray at Blue Reef Aquarium

Meerkat at Halloween at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

Baby Humboldt penguin is weighed Paultons Park