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I have decided to take up photography again. I started in 1998 and was fairly active for about 4-5 years. Then I bought a house, got a kid, got a second kid, and so on and so forth... No time for photography. My cameras and stuff have been tucked away in an old chest for more than five years. The other day, I had a look in an old photo album with pictures from a trip to Greece. I was amazed about the good quality of the pictures. Most of our recent pictures are taken by my wife using her cellphone. They are ok but can't match the older ones taken with a "real" camera. So, I decided to take up photography again. I also realized that a lot has happened in the world of digital photography during the last years. I would really love to have a Nikon D700. I guess I'll have to stick with my F3 while I save up for that. In the meantime I'll upload a few of my older pictures. They are mostly color slides scanned with a Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II scanner. Update (2009/10) I just got back the slides from my first photo excursion for many many years. It was real nice but it took some time to remember how to handle the camera. The other photographers looked a bit strange at my F3. Some had a look of nostalgia in their eyes...

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Single Photos

Wild Borneo

Malawi - the warm heart of Africa


Papua New Guinea - the land of the unexpected



Autumn fire

Go with the flow

Keeping watch

Stones of a god

Human ants



Under cover

Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Left? Right!

Softer than soft

Rise and shine

First light

Reflections of a violet


Keep on walking

See you tomorrow

Learning Bawo

More joy

Not a rickshaw!


Preparing the meal

Repairing the nets



A pink spear

Dear daisy

Pearls of blue

Open up, buttercup!


Too many cooks spoil the broth?

A delicious meal

Please remain seated

Waking up

Strangled tree

Tent vs. tent

Walk hurry up

Timo's house

Village in the clouds


Sad man

Island in the mist

Beech bars

After the storm


Follow me

Morning calmness

Walled road

Autumn maple leaf

Red vs. green

Pink and purple


Slow motion

The beach and the cliff

The white stone

The white stone II

Man against fire

Blue tit





Tree Sparrow